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17 Month Old with Strange Rash in the Private Area

My nearly 18 month old son has a strange looking rash around his private area. It does not look like a typical diaper rash which he has suffered with in the past. He is allergic to baby wipes so we do not use them. I use towels with plain water and have for quite some time without any problems. Over the past week or so, he's developed this rash. I'll attempt to describe it. It looks like a collection of red bumps, but almost scalely (sp?). I showed them to the doctor and he just said it was a diaper rash, but it just doesn't look like it. I've been applying medicated powder and maximum strength Desitin, but it does not seem to be helping. Which is another reason I don't believe it is a diaper rash. His previous rashes typically go away overnigt. Has anyone experience this type of rash with their child. I remember reading about someone else's son having a yeast infection. What does that look like? Thank you in advance for your responses.

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sounds like a yeast infection. feed him some yogurt with acidophillus(that might be spelled wrong) in it. My kids would develope yeast infections after they had been on antibiotics, so if he has had any lately that might be what triggered it.

Google yeast infection in infants and check out the images. Yeast is usually described as "beefy red". If your ped looked at it, hopefully he or she would know if it was yeast or not but it could have taken a turn since he was last there.

It could be excema. When my son was 13 mths old, he broke out in what I thought was diaper rash. I took him to his pedi, she thought it could be chicken pox. The rash spread from his privates to his belly and up to his cheeks. On his cheeks the rash oozed, but his belly and privates did not. We took him to Cooks Childrens and an ER doctor diagnosed him having Herpticum Excema and referred us to a pediatric dermatologist. We had to give him antibiotic meds and apply steriod cream to all affected areas. He is now 5 and has never broke out again. The pedi derm. told us he could break out at some point because this type of excema is in the blood stream.
Good luck and I hope your son gets better soon!

My doctor recommends the anti-fungal made for women's private parts instead of the foot care product.

Yep..sounds like yeast infection. Fortunately..super easy to treat! just get some antifungal creme like lotrimin (usually in the foot care section of the store) and apply. You should see improvement with in a day. Hope that helps! ~A.~

def sounds like a yeast infection.. my son had it once and the dr gave us a prescription cream for it that cleared it up within 2 days

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