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17 Month Old with Major Constipation. HELP!!

My son has always seemed to have a problem with constipation ever since I switched from the breast to the bottle. During the time he was on formula my doctor and I tried several different formulas to relieve his inability to "go". But nothing seemed to work. Now he is eating real food but it still hasn't really stopped. He "goes" about once a week if even that. I took him to a specialist and they said that nothing was physically wrong that he was just holding back. They said he would grow out of it. But it seems that he is just so scared to "go". I'm about at my wits end with this whole thing. It kills me to see him strain like he does when he's trying to "go". If you have any suggestions, PLEASE share!!

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Thanks everyone for all of the great advice. He's in the picky-eater stage and I'm sure that has a lot to do with it. I will definatley try the Miralax. Thanks again!!

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My mom always said a little Karo in his drink will help not have such a hard time and they like the sweet taste.

I have just discover blueberries. My daughter is not afraid to push any more and every stool is soft, thankfully!! Di

Have you tried giving him juice? My son had trouble going and the pediatrician told me to give him a little bit of juice and it worked for him.

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Hi J....do you live near a Trader Joe's? If so, try their prune juice. It works miracles. I suffered from severe constipation all of my life. Sometimes it really hurts. Just adding two four ounce glass a day to my diet for about two weeks totally turned me around. Then I reduced it to one four ounce glass in the morning and I'm regular. Like your son, before then I would go once every 7-10 days. If you don't live near a Trader Joes try the all natural apple juice from a health food store. That's works but just a little slower. If he has a significant amount of processed food in his diet you may want to try replacing it with whole grains, vegetables and fruit. We call our son the pooper:). He is four years old and poops about three times a day. He typically has oatmeal with different fresh fruit in it for breakfast, steam veggies and meat or fish for dinner and a vegetable, salad and meat/fish for dinner. Snacks can include fruit, whole grain crackers with hummus, cheese &whole grain crackers and sometimes cookies. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

I would check with a pediatrician but you may try changing him to soy milk. Dairy sensitivities often result in constipation. My niece had a very difficult time with going to the bathroom and after she was switched to a dairy-free diet, she has no problems anymore. My son also has a dairy allergy and had difficulties. He is breastfed and I've had to cut dairy out of my diet to keep everything "moving" along properly. It's worth the change in diet and the aggravation that comes along with that to ensure their digestive systems work smoothly. This is apparently rather common although I'm not sure how many doctors will address this as a possibility. Best wishes to you. I know it must be challenging to watch your son go through this.

try increasing his fluid and fiber intake. and avoid binding foods like babanas, applesauce, and cheese. mix a little prune juice in with his other juice or white grape and apple juice can also help get things going. also having him sit ina warm bath can help him relax his muscles enough that he'll go more easily. when my daughter was 1st switched to formula she had constipation problems too and the ped said to mix a couple of spoon fulls of dark karo syrup in her bottle...this too might help. i'd try doing some natural rememdies before resorting to something like miralax. laxitives should only be used as a last resort becasue the body can become dependant on them.

Try giving him more fiber healthy foods such as pears, apples, and more green veggies.

My suggestion is LOTS of fresh fruit! A ripe plum should do the trick. My son eats fruit every day, and has never been constipated, but fresh plums meant 4 BMs in a day instead of the usual one or two! One of his classmates took medication for constipation--I thought, why medications when fresh fruit will do the trick?

Hi there:
Sorry to hear about your son's problem. It's hard to go through that.

I have a friend whose daughter was born with a fissure (sp?), and who has to take Mirilax to help her go potty. I"m not sure if this would help in your case, but maybe talk to your pediatrician about this. If he or she is blase' about the whole situations, I'd advise talking with another doctor.

This condition can lead to problems down the road, as far as your son really, really being afraid of going to the bathroom.
Meanwhile, try all the "loosening" foods and stay away from too much fiber in his diet. The fiber is actually what allows the waste to coagulate and may end up stopping him up more. Keep with the prunes, apples, and whatever else you can learn about that will loosen his stool.

Insist on talking to someone who will acknowledge this issue -
you're a good mommy who is doing a great job!

Best of luck~

try a teaspoon or a bit less of mineral oil in his milk each morning. that worked very well for my grandson.

also try substituting a non-spillable sippy cup for the bottle (not related to constipation, but aimed at moving away from bottle)

Try giving him a spoonful or two castor oil in his juice for a day or two and that should help to release all thats clogged.

I have lived with IBS for 12 years and at 30 I had no idea what was wrong with my body, but come to find out I was constipated, now his won't measure to mine but all 3 of my children dealt with the same situation, thank God they grew out of it but thats what we did during the course of constipation.

Good LucK!

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