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16 Month Old W/ a cold...what Can I Do?

My 16 month old has a small cold, his nose is running and he is sneezing. He sounds really stuffy. What can I do to make him feel better? We didn't get much sleep last night and I want tonight to go better. He did just cut the second half of a molar and an eye tooth yesterday...poor baby! I am not big on giving him medicine but have been giving him Tylenol and Orajel fairly often the past few days for his tooth pain. I know there are no cold meds for little ones under two so what can I give him (or do for him)?

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Thank you for all of your suggestions!
I am going to have to get some of the Vick's products to have on hand for the next cold...and a humidifier.
Luke seems to be feeling better today. His nose is not running and he slept well. Last night I gave him a nice long steamy bath as many of you suggested. Also he already sleeps with a pillow so I made sure it was under his head last night...usually he just hugs it :)

Thank you all!!

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what you have been doing is great....put baby ambesol on the tooth that is coming in...sorry if I spelled that wrong. :-) and tylenol about 30 minutes prior to bedtime. Also try freezie pops that cools and helps numb the gums... :-) good luck!!!

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When my baby got a cold, I put a little Vic Vapo Rub on the inside of his shirt, and if he was totally asleep, I'd dab a tiny bit right under his nose.

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Since the whole cold medicine issue, I've been putting Vick's Vaporub on the soles of my little ones' feet when they get sick. It calms a cough, but just makes them feel better all over.

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When our son is stuffy, we put a humidifier/vaporizer with a little Vicks in his room and it seems to help him sleep better. Good luck!

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I also have a 16 month old. I hope he's feeling better. I echo what others have said - my mom used to put Vicks on the bottoms of our feet and I swear it worked every time - under socks! Good luck.

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Try some saline spray for his nose before bed. It will help with the stuffy nose.

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Run a humidifier in his room, and clean his nose frequently with saline drops and the bulb syringe. If he is having a lot of tooth pain try advil or motrin for the gum pain, it lasts longer and it helps with the swelling. Good luck!

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We always ran a hot steam vaporizer and put the Vick's vaporub for babies on our son's chest. It seemed to help with the coughing at night... Good luck!

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How about a warm bath, and some vicks on the chest to ease his stuffy nose. I'd also keep a pocket of tissues at hand for the runny nose and sneezing. Rest, rest, rest. At night, I'd prop up the head end of the crib on some books to keep his head elevated so that his nose can drain at night. Put a humidifier in his room to liquify the blockage and that may help. Hope this helps.

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Vitamin C for the cold...there are a couple options at the co-ops. Camilia for the teething. If you are not familiar it is a homeopathic from Boiron. It works wonders. Also at the co-op.

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I am not big on giving my son medicine either so when he has a cold I put Baby Vicks on his back, chest,and on the sides of his neck, and also on the bottoms of his feet with a pair of socks. I also swear by Little Noses Saline spray for his nose - about 5 times a day, especially before bed. He is usually able to kick a cold within 2-3 days doing this every night.

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