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16 Month Old Not Talking Yet...

I have a 16 month old son. I recently took him to the doc and he said that my son should be saying 20 words or so by now. My son does not. He does more pointing and saying "uh, uh" than anything. However, he understands what I tell him. He will throw things in the garbage when asked, get his shoes and socks and put things away. I can ask him where his nose is and he will point to his nose and say "na". He understands what no means. He knows what his cup and blanket are. We talk to him all of the time. For example, when getting dressed I will point out his socks, shoes, pants, shirt and so on. I have two older children who are 10 and 8. They were little soooo long ago I just can't remember how it was when they started talking. Is this something that I should be worried about? Are there other creative ideas that I could do to help him to talk?

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I went through pretty much the same thing. It wasn't just my third child though. All of my children have been late talkers and early walkers. All of my sisters kids were the opposite. Who knows. Some times family can inhibit the development through making things to easy for the child. I don't mean that in a bad way though. Sometimes a child wont crawl because the family always gets things for them and never makes them reach. And sometimes we know what they mean or want with their grunts. So, They learn that it's okay to not use word. They all catchup to one another eventually so good luck and don't' let the doctor scare you. Not all kids fit in the cookie cutter mold.

Doctors are ridiculous -- they of all people should know that kids all have different levels of doing things. She's probably really good at something else that some kids are not. If she's 3 and not talking yet, then I would think about speech therapy. My daughter was the same way.

I personally feel that he will in his own time. You might need to be worried if he still isn't talking at all in a year or so. If he is making progress he is probably fine. Every kid learns things differenly and has different priorities.

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When my son was about this age, he wasn't talking yet at all. (Your son actually sounds miles ahead of where mine was.) Our pedictrician suggested we wait until he was two to determine if we should intervene. So we waited and it became apparent that he would need intervention. So we had his hearing tested - which took a month or so. Then we applied to the Health and Welfare Infant Toddler program that tests and supplies therapy for underdeveloped children. It took about 6 months before we finally received help for our son. But the program phases the kids into the school districts at 3 years old, so he was only in the toddler program for 6 months. Now he is 3 1/2 and in preschool and starting to talk and catch up with his development. He has had about 8 months of intervention since we determined he needed help 18 months ago.
Anyway, my suggestion is if your pediatrician feels it may be necessary, start the process of testing and analysis now. You can always quit if he is fine or just starts talking. But you can't get the time back if you wait. The therapists that test will also have great ideas on how to encourage his speech and other development. I wish we had the opportunity to start earlier since there is a long waiting list for testing and therapy. Getting help with your child doesn't mean there is something wrong with him; it just means you want to give him the best start to his life.

This is totally normal for a third child. Usually the baby of the family is listening and understanding more than you know!! It is very common for the youngest child to not talk at all and then — one day — start talking like they knew it all along. Be patient, I bet your little one will surprise you soon. ;o)

I have a friend that her daughter had the same problem. She is almost two also and doesn't talk at all. What her problem was is she had a pacifier for so long that is hurt her speech. So I don't know if you use a pacifier if so I would start to encourage it to be going "bye bye." Also, in my opinion maybe he isn't ready to talk. I teach two and three year olds and some of them when they come to my class, they cannot speak. They do understand though. I would give it some more time.

Also just a thought. I don't know if you do this but, when you talk to him, talk to him like a grown up. Do not use baby talk. Studies show that that can impair speech. Yes, I know there are people that have spoke baby talk to their child and they spoke fine, I am just stating studies. These are just some ideas. I don't know if you already to these.

Your child sounds obedient and a very sweet child. It is probably he is not ready.



My little guy didn't say a word until 19 months. Nothing. Now he's talking nonstop. Don't worry. Give it more time and keep talking to him a lot.

Have your Pediatrician recommend you to Developmental Pathways a/k/a Child Find. Our son wasn't really speaking at all by 18 months old, therefore we had him evaluated for speech therapy. He was given speech therapy and it was the best decision we could have ever made for him. That's where I would start! Good luck! K.

Child Find is great. We have worked with Clarisse Simonini ###-###-#### as well. She will at least give you an idea of if you need to be concerned. She has helped our older son, but she did refer our younger one to Children's. We found her name was helpful getting in there. I love her, and so do both my boys!! She is at the Colorado Center for Speech and Hearing or something like that. We really liked the care we got with Child Find, but I never followed through with the therapist since we got in at Children's First. A key we found to getting in at Children's is taking the temporary spots move you up on the waiting list. GL! The only goal I remember is 50 words by 18 months and a lot (150 or 200) by around 2. We're maybe there. I may be off on my numbers, though. We didn't make the goals, so I tried not to stress about them. Clarisse knows the numbers off the top of her head. She's in the office Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you leave her a message before then, she'll call you Tuesday.

Call Child Find. Its a program thats paid for by the State of Colorado, Developemental Disabilities. Your child qualifies based on their needs. It doesn't matter if you make millions and have the best insurance, if your child needs speech therapy they will provide it to you.

Their # is 1-888-777-4041. They will evalute your child in their office. If you qualify they will send a speech therapist to your home. Probably will be once a week. Its an awesome program. My son and I have been part of it since January 2008. Let me know if you have more questions about the program.

Also, heres their website

You are doing the right thing by being proactive and doing something about it now!

He may just be a late bloomer but get his hearing tested. I thought my son was a late talker and it turned out he was functionally deaf. He had intermittant hearging loss due to a dairy sensitivity. We ended up dealing with 2 1/2 years of speach therapy and it was frustrating for him, we could have avoide a lot of that if his hearing had been tested earlier.

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