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16 And Pregnant,getting a GED??

hello,im S.. i am 16 and 3 months. i am also 4 months pregnant. i was wondering,can i have a GED and go to collage and be a therapist? or would i deffinatly need a diploma? i need help. this is my dream,and i cant give my baby away or anything of that sort. this was and is my fault so i have to find a way to deal,help?

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thanks for all the support and tips and what not. just for everyones info, i am staying in school as my boyfriends mother and my mother watch for the baby whike im in school and why hes at work. This is going to workout,we have it all planned out! so perfect!! im ready for my lil baby to come into this beautiful world!!! ((:
and in 30 years when shes prego ima recommend this website,lol

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sweetie, I just got my GED and i have a 9 month old, granted i am 20 but ive been trying to get my GED for a long time (unfortunately moving and pregnancy complications prevented me from getting it sooner) i'm enrolled in college for Forensic science. You can do whatever you set your mind to, colleges accept GEDs as well as diplomas. figure out whats best for you and your baby and go with it. Its not easy but i promise you can do it, you just have to stand strong and not give up.

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I just googled it & it appears you can get into college with a GED.
I applaud you reaching out for help in this instance. You are already a good mom for having this baby. Stay strong & be sure to ask family & friends for help if your situation allows. I wish you & your baby the best!

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Talk to your local community college counselors. A lot of them offer high school courses and can get you the GED test. You can go to a community college with a GED without having a high school diploma. The thing is, most universities require the ACT or SAT to get in, which you would typically take in high school, but if you get your GED and get an associates degree in a community college, you will save time, money and can get into a university as well. Just make sure that the University accepts the classes you take at a community college, not all transfer, but most should and if you go over your schedule with your school counselor, they can help you figure out which ones will.

good luck!

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Talk to your high school guidance counselor.
They can help you by explaining the details.

Best of wishes to you.

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A GED is just as good as a diploma unless you want to get into a prestigious ivy league college. As a matter of fact, both my daughters and I finished high school early with a GED and started college. We all have graduate degrees now. Their Ohio GED certificates say DIPLOMA on them and the letter from the Ohio GED office says this is your DIPLOMA.

Don't let people tell you a GED is not as good. Good luck! It's going to be very hard and take a long time, but it will be worth it. Do you have a parent or relative that can help you get started?

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So I know a lot of people on here are talking about speaking to your guidance counselor at school about everything. You can get into college with a GED. My brother went to a 4 year university with one, so it is very possible. I would also talk to your guidance counselor about options in the school district also that would allow you to take care of your child and continue going to high school if you want. The school district that I work in has childcare available and the one that I went to school in had an alternative program for mothers. Also, you might be able to get some state assistance to pay for childcare (something you could qualify for even as a college student, although several college campuses now are providing childcare for students). There are LOTS of opportunities that your guidance counselor and school social worker (if you have one) can help point you in the direction of so that you can fulfill your dream and have the best outcomes for you and your baby. Congrats too! I know you will be great even with all the changes.

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You've had a lot of support so far but really I just wanted to say how wonderful it is that at your age you sought help and are accepting responsibility for your situation. It's hard, and I was 17 when I got pregnant, and a senior, so I didn't have graduation to worry about. Find a college that you like and start asking questions. Do you want to be able to take some classes online? Part time or full time? how flexible is the schedule? do they have on site child care? what does it cost? what financial aid options are available, and does a GED versus a diploma have any affect on that? I'm just now finishing my degree (11 years later, married and expecting baby number 4) and it's certainly worth it. A good school in going to be able to answer your questions and get you started on the process of enrolling and making a life for yourself and your baby.

Congrats, you may be young and it may be hard but enjoy this, you'll only be pregnant with this child once.

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Yes you can get into your local community collge with a GED. Make an appointment to talk to someone in admissions and they will tell you what you will need to be accepted, programs that are available, and things like grants and childcare.

Do it soon and then you will have a plan in motion already, and steps accomplished before the baby comes.

Though sometimes it will be hard there will be an end in sight with a fullfilling future. Becoming a mother gives you an inner strength like you can not even imagine that will get you through those difficult times.

This will be the best thing you could possibly ever do for yourself and child!

PS. I just saw you are in Indy, I live in Kokomo and am going back to school at IUK, I got in with a GED.

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