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15Yr Old Slumber Party Ideas

Okay I need ideas for a 15yr (female) Birthday Slumber Party. We are looking for Ideas for games, food and prizes. Simple, Clean, Fun and we dont want to spend a ton of money. We have a few ideas like, poping the ballon with your but, clean truth or dare, make your own sunday etc.. Give your ideas or suggestions, we need them.

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I am a Mary Kay consultant and I love to teach the younger girls how to care for their skin, plus play a little dress up. I have done a lot of these parties and they girls have a blast. There is no charge for this service. Please let me know if you are interested.

Savenger hunt! Those are always a hit!!
Cotton ball
colored paper clip
Orange crayon
Plain white paper towel (most come with patterns so this is hard)
Popcycle stick

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Hi...we did a runway (model) and let the girls do dress up. They did their little walk down the runway (with music)...it was so much fun watchin them. Now some of the girls were relunctant at first and shy but once they started dressing up and fixing their hair they got into it. We let the girls vote on each other for best walk & best look and gave a prize for each. The prizes we used were movie tickets (2), the clean Jenga game, hula hoop (we had a contest for the tricks) and the girls got to keep the hula hoop and $5 gift cards (2) for McDonald's. I made a gift bag for each girl with a homemade book mark with their name on it and put a gingham ribbon for the tie. I found at Target's dollar spot some cute little colored pens that had feathers on the top of them ( I think 4 pens came in a pack) and added one pen to the bag. They also had a variety colored lip gloss compact with mirror and I put that in the bag too along with hersey kisses (15). The girls loved it. We had hamburgers and hot dogs for food with chips, dip, lemonade, punch, and we did brownie sundae's too. For breakfast I kept it simple and made biscuits, eggs, sausage and had cereal.

Hope this helps and good luck with the party.

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You probably can't or don't want to use all of these ideas, and you'll have to make it age appropriate, but maybe some of them will work! You could buy nail polish and such at Dollar Tree and save lots of money.

Fashion Tea Party by DreamTeamKimB

Cleaning out my closet is never a fun chore, but the growing pile of old bridesmaid's dresses was making me a bit depressed. Hundreds of dollars were spent on dresses that were worn only once, and now they were headed for the Goodwill box.
"Where did you get all these pretty clothes?" my daughter Brittany asked as she wandered into my bedroom.
"I love this one!" She grabbed a poufy fuchsia number that still makes me cringe. I don't think that dress was ever in style.
With a few strategically-placed safety pins, Brittany was soon prancing around the room in the dress and a borrowed pair of heels. Admiring her reflection in the full-length mirror, she promised with a giggle, "I'm going to the dance, Mom. Be home later!"
Brittany's delight at playing dress-up gave me a great idea for her upcoming birthday party — glamming up Brittany and her friends for a fashion-themed tea party.
After calling a few friends, I soon had a large number of old prom and bridesmaid dresses, as well as satin pumps in every size and color. To complete my supplies, I bought some boa feathers, plastic bead necklaces, nail polish, and makeup.
As the party guests arrived, each girl was asked to choose a dress and shoes before being fitted by one of the "fashion consultants" (Moms) standing by with belts and pins.
"I want the blue one," one girl shouted as another clutched a frilly yellow dress with ruffles. "These are like princess dresses."
After choosing their accessories, the girls moved to the manicure station to get their nails painted, and then sat in the makeup chair to get their faces done while their nails dried.
Once they were all glammed up, they headed to the "runway" (a paper runner stretched out on the floor) and pretended to model their clothes until it was time for lunch.
For something fancy, I served fruit punch in plastic tea cups and made PB & J Blossom Sandwiches with a daisy-shaped cookie cutter. I used celery stalks for the stems and for the center of the flower, I dyed banana slices pink with a small drop of red food coloring.
The fashion tea party was a big hit with the girls, and since then, we've passed the fashion box around the neighborhood, letting each girl have a turn hosting a party. While it's somewhat shameful to let the old '80s styles out in public again, it's great to see those expensive dreses used over again and again.

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When my daughter had her 14th birthday, we had a scavenger hunt, really scary movies, pumpkin carving contest (was done in the driveway) and charades.

You can also let the girls give each other facials. my girls loved doing that with thier friends. We also had the music on in the garage with the doors open and let them dance outside.

hope ya'll have a good time.

Scavenger hunts are always fun!!

Karaoke party- you can either rent a karaoke machine
Go to the asian music store (there are many I am sure, but I have been to the one to the east of Target at ohlen and 183)
They have DVD's for like $15 that have tons of popular songs with the words and you can play with just instrumental background music or with background singing too in case there are songs you don't really know.
They have many american music choices for karaoke at home!

My daughter (soon to be 13) and her friends are not really into "structured" games and activities. I have 2-4 girls at my house every weekend (my only child loves to socialize) for at least 1 night of sleeping over.

Things we do: They take over my upstairs (thank goodness my room is down). They love the Wii and it can be set up for up to 4 players so that is a hit. You get good exercise on the sport game as well!! It is hiliarious to see the avatars they have made of themselves on the game then watch them playing baseball, tennis, boxing, golf and bowling. We have a pool table they like, however most of the time they are on top of it doing manicures, pedicures or making some sort of craft. Love movies, music, make up and dancing.

I supply appropriate movies, nail polish accessories, beads/crafts, and snacks then let them explore and have fun having girl talk.

They loved the night they made their own personal pizzas.

Have fun!!

I LOVED slumber parties! Here's a few things we did: We had two large baskets or boxes that were filled with random things like a hat, some sort of tool, a toy, just anything! Then we would divide in to two groups and each group took a box. You had 10 or 15 min. to create a skit out of the things in the box. Then we would perform them for one another. HILARIOUS! One time we pulled taffy. Yum! We've also kidnapped each other. Instead of having the guests come to the party we nabbed them and brought them to it! The parents were all aware and involved but the girls woul dnot know we were coming and then we'd go to their house, up to their room, grab them and their bag (that their mom had already packed) and whisked them away to get more girls and to party! And they thought they were going to have a boring weekend! We also...T.P'd houses. I know it's naughty but...we did. It was an on-going battle between the gals and guys in our choir class. My dad would take us to do it. One time though, we went and t.p'd my (now brother-in-law's) house and afterward went to one of his friends to get him. When we got there about 6 guys came out (some on the roof! some form the side of the house) they had flour, eggs, and a water hose! We girls were totally caked! (I think my dad told them we were coming or something....) Talk about getting your just desserts!

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