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15 Month Old with Sulfur Burps, Diarrhea, and vomit.....help!

My little girl has had 1-2 diarrheas per day since wednesday night, she has terrible smelling stools 2xs today and then had rotten egg smelling burps all day and then puked. She has eaten the same things as us, I am fine, my husband says he has a headache and a little tummy upset. She acts like she feels ok, not terrible and has no fever. She doesn't want to drink anything, all though I am getting her to take sips off and on and she doesn't want to eat. She is still breast feed. Any advise!!!???? Thanks, guys!

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Even if she is not sick, which is possible. In chinese medicine these are signs that food inside her is not moving through the digestive system well at this time. It is actually okay if she doesn't eat right now, that is usually what is recommended in this case. Drinking water and breast milk to keep getting fluids is good though. And it is important that if you are breast feeding that for a few days you don't eat any greasy/fatty foods, a lot of milk and dairy, sugars or spicy foods, these might make her symptoms worse.
You might try giving her a little bit of powdered baby probiotic in her water.
Hope this helps.

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From a natural perspective (which I am guessing you may be interested in because of your profession) your daughter has classic signs of an upset gall bladder/liver. At her age the cause would be one of three things. She could simply have a stomach bug that her body is processing and working on eliminating. Another cause could be if you are having emotional upset and she is picking up on it and it is manifesting physically,.....or she is eating something she is allergic to and it is putting stress on her liver and therefore her gall bladder (which was the case with my son). Other signs of food allergy include dark and/or puffy circles under the eyes, a "target" rash around her anus (just red around the anus), rashes, exzema, ADHD like behavior after eating certain foods, a constant cough or runny/stuffy nose, etc. If this is the case there are some simple things you can do to get her back in balance. First you can get allergy tested--I went an alternative route and got EDS (electral dermal screening). It is a non-invasive test that will take about an hour and leave you with no questions. Then you make sure you don't eat those foods and neither does she. Also, with a gall bladder, anything with a high level of fat will stress the gall bladder and make the problems worse. We did allergy elimination treatments on both my sons and did some natural remedies to get them back in balance.

In any case, some foods that are good for balancing the gall bladder are beets, carrots, artichoke, dandelion greens, olive oil, garlic and high fiber foods. There are also some homeopathics that might help. I'm happy to go into this with you further if you feel it is something you want to pursue.
Good luck!

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There is a virus going around right now, and those are the symptoms. It usually takes close to two weeks for a younger toddler to get over it, but she'll be fine. Best thing to do is keep her hydrated and don't worry if she doesn't feel like eating for now. If she does, try to follow the BRAT diet.
The breast milk will do more wonders for her than anything else. Great job on extended nursing!!

Try to think back and write down everything that your daughter ate before this happened to try and find the trigger. Perhaps she tried someting new that did not agree with her. It took me a long time to figure out that I can not eat beef except in very small amounts or I get sick from it. So it is not nessesarily something that would make your whole family sick. Since seh has been sick for several days I would take her in to see the doctor just in case. YOu can nurse her more often and feed her less regular food until she feels better too, breastmilk is so much eaiser to digest it will help to give her tummy a break. Good luck!

Those are the symptoms I have when I have the flu. I usually don't feel like eating anything when I have it. Let her rest as much as possible and see if she will eat some Saltine crackers (it calms the stomach) and some sips of soda pop (my mom gave us Sprite). You could also try webmd and see what they say about treating the flu.

She is sick with something. We call that smell "sick breath". It is a tell-tale sign of someone being sick. There is a homeopathic remedy mercurius solubilis & mercurius vivus you can pick it up at whole foods, sunflower, etc. try a 30C in a clean mouth (no food/drink 30 min before & after taking remedy) do not use menthol, eucalyptus, etc. as these can void the remedy. Hope this helps,G.

Maybe there is a touch of the stomach flu going around your house. And maybe you ate something that didn't agree with her. Anything at all can cause those intolerable burps. It usually means I ate something that had turned a little or was the wrong combination of foods. The last time was with a Mickey D's hamburger and pork fried wantons. They didn't mix and I was burpy all the rest of the day. Good luck and I hope it goes away soon.

Hi L. - there is a nasty gastroenteritis bug going around with exactly those symptoms. Biggest problem is dehyrdration - one way to help it is to give her liquids like pedialyte from a syringe every 15min.

Call your doc's after hours line for direction. They can tell you if she is exhibiting any of the signs of dehyrdation which might necessitate a trip to the ER

I hope she feels better.

You might try a good infant or children's probiotic. They make powdered ones to add to baby food, or any soft textured food. You can get them at any health food store.

Good luck!

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