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15 Month Old with Strep Throat

My 15 month old daughter was diagnosed with strep throat this past Friday. She was given a shot of antibiotic Friday afternoon. As of this morning, she is still completely miserable. I have never had strep throat before and she hasn't either so I don't know what to expect as far as how long it takes to start feeling better. Does anyone out there know about when they begin to feel better or if I should be concerned that there is still a problem?

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I would get her back in to see her pedi. I have had strep numerous times and it is very miserable!!!!! She should be feeling better (at least some) by now. Hope she gets to feeling better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Usually after being diagnosed with Strep and receiving the antibiotic shot, you are better the very next day with no more sore throat and definitely feeling better. I was also on antibiotics by mouth for a few days. It then takes about a week to be 100%. If you haven't seen a definitely improvement, I would take the child back immediately. With some illnesses, a second round of meds are needed.

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Actually, I used to believe the 24 hour thing but that's only that they are considered non-contagious after 24 hours of being on the medicine. It actually takes 72 hours for most medicine to be in full affect or at least that's what a local pediatrician told my friend recently.

As a nurse and mom of a child who has had strep alot in his childhood, I can tell you that they are miserable, their throat hurts, fever , very tired, cranky...did the Dr. give you any other antibiotics for the strep? If not I suggest you go see another Dr. Your child needs a full course of antibiotics, not just one shot. True strep infections can lead to other bad conditions. Good luck.

My daughter had strep last summer (2yrs old at the time). She started acting normally about 2 days after the shot. You might need to consult the pediatrician and see what she thinks. I hope your little one gets well soon.

Poor Baby! I know how miserable your daughter is. I would definetly call her doctor. She should be starting to feel better by now. Other than tylenol I don't really know of anything that would really take the pain away for her. You could try giving her popcicles made out of juice, that would help numb her throat. My pediatrician told me to mix equal part benedryl and mallox together when my daughter had a severe sore throat. However, she is a couple of years older than your daughter so I don't know if you could give her that. (The benedryl helps deep her sinus' from draining too much, as this can be irratating to her throat. The Mallox helps to coat her throat and somewhat numb it.) I would talk to her doctor about it. Also keep in mind that antibiotics can cause yeast infections. If you can get her to eat yogurt while she is taking antibotics, it can help keep her from getting one. I hope this helps, and your little one gets to feeling better very soon!

My 5 year old daughter is very prone to strep throat. She gets it so often that we have considered taking out her tonsils. She has had strep twice in the last 3 months. The time before last, she was treated with an injection of Bicillin (which she screamed when they injected and had a huge bruise for a week). The doctor told me that the treatment would work immediately and that it would bypass all of the oral antibiotic that most children hate to take for 10 days. Well, we didn't see any significant change for 4 days! The next time she had strep throat, she was treated with amoxicillin and on the second day, she was already feeling much better. Yucky or not, will continue with oral medication the next time she gets any sort of infections.

strep is excrutiating. i have had it several times and as an adult, i have been up all night crying because it hurt so bad. give her popsicles and lots of tlc, she should be better in 3 days or so.


The doctor did not give her any medicine just the shot? When my girls were little the doctor always give them medicine to take for about 14 days and within about 2 days they were starting to feel better, it usually takes about 24 hour to get in the blood stream. Hope this helps.

I have been told that there should always be an improvement within 24-48 hrs of starting the antibiotic. If she is not doing any better then I think that it could mean they need to try a different antibiotic or something. If she is still not feeling better then you might want to call your pediatrician or just take her in. Good Luck it is always rough to have a sick little one.


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