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15 Month Old Sleeping Way More than Usual

My 15 mo old daughter has just recovered from a virus, her symptoms were runny nose, fever and a rash. She was seen by the pediatrician on Monday and her symptoms had pretty much disappeard by Tuesday. Her normal afternoon nap lasts between 1 1/2 to 2 hours, Tuesday her nap was 3 hours and Wednesday she slept for 4 hours, I had to wake her up at 4:00. She went to bed at her normal 8:00 bedtime and slept until 9:15 this morning, she usually is awake by 7:15 and I had to wake her up again. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this maybe during a growth spurt or when your child was recovering from an illness. She seems fine otherwise, should I call the doc?

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Thanks for all of the quick responses! Now that I know I this isn't anything to worry about, I'm going to follow the advice and use the extra hour or so to finally finish the book I'be been reading for 2 months now. Yay for me!!!! Thanks again.

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It could be a combination of the new time change and her getting over her sickness. I know my daughter is having a tough time, because it is now getting dark before we get home.

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That sounds completely normal for her age. Sick or not sick. But since she is recovering from an illness she may need some extra sleep to help her get over it. Let her sleep as much as she needs. I have found that as adults we don"t realize how important sleep is to little ones. My 2 1/2 daughter sleeps 2 hours for a nap and then sleeps from 8:00 to 7-7:30 at night.

It could be a combination of the new time change and her getting over her sickness. I know my daughter is having a tough time, because it is now getting dark before we get home.

I think it's normal. She probably didn't rest very well while she was sick and new she's just catching up. If it continues for a really long period of time just call the ped office a nurse should be able to help you.
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My now 2 1/2 year old used to do that a lot from the time she was 7 months old til somewhere around her second birthday, usually when she had a growth spurt. There were times where she would do it for a couple of weeks. There were times where I missed her because she spent so much time sleeping. She still is a sleeper. Sometimes there little bodies just need a lot of sleep to grow and recover from being sick. I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe try to enjoy the extra hour to yourself.


Remember that they are more active during the day because they have started to walk and run. This will cause them to sleep more which is recommended for toddlers to sleep up to 15hrs a day (including naps)

I don't think that is too long. My 24mth old son, sleeps for 3hrs during the day and then sleeps from 8:30p thourgh 10am. But if you are still concerned about how much she sleeps, you might want to call the doctor.

Good Luck and Hey enjoy it you are one of the few that is able to get sleep through the night!

Hi, N.. Yes, it is common for a small child (or anyone else) to sleep more than usual after mostly getting over an illness. Even a cold virus takes a lot out of a person of any age.

BTW, what did the pediatrician give her for the illness, if anything? Cough medicines, runny nose medicines, etc., can make a person sleepy, especially a small child. Some kids get drowsy from Tylenol or Ibuprofen (fever reducers & mild pain killers), so if you've been giving her these, she may be drowsy from them.

I wouldn't worry about her sleeping a bit more than usual. If it continues for more than a week, however, I would get her checked out again because then it would sound like a generalized fatigue, which is not a good sign. But two days of extra sleep after a bad virus is not a bad thing.

I hope she feels better soon!


Yes, call the doctor. No doubt about it. it's up to him/her to see if if your daughter is just recovering from the virus or if it is something else.
My rule of thumb for my 23 month old is if he does anything (physically) that isn't his usual thing more then once, I call the doctor.

When she was sick she probably wasn't sleeping well. So now that she is better & sleeping good she is probably playing catch up. Also, when they do grow, I did notice them sleeping more. If she is doing well otherwise, I would let her sleep. I understand waking her up at a later hour when she needs to then go to sleep at night. I bet she is just fine!


I have to agree with all 3 moms so far on this one...each has a point! My son (14 months old) had had this runny nose & cough thing for a couple of weeks. And I do see he is ready a little earlier for his afternoon nap so he is now napping from 1:30ish-4:30ish where as he used to nap from 2-4. But his night sleep has been the same 8:30pm-10am. I have to say it is kinda nice to have him sleeping a bit more during the day because the last few days I have not felt so great. One thing I learnt very early on maybe our second day home is you never wake a sleeping baby...lol...let her sleep, you'll both be happier in the end. Best of luck!

Don't panic, this is okay.

Your darling is just recovering... her immune system was overwhelmed fighting a virus. Thankfully babies are blessed with all the nap time they need and she'll sleep as much as her growing body needs it. My two year old did go through a stage like this when younger. My advise, take advantage of the time and relax. There is nothing that should alarm you about this and she should be back to her old self in no time.


My son is 3 yrs old now. He has always had periods of time where he slept more than "normal". It was when he was 1 1/2 that I finally realized that these periods occured just before and/or just after he was sick or going through a growth spurt. Their bodies are so tiny and yet are having to do all this adjusting for a growth spurt and all this fighting during an illness. It just exhaust them! The sleep is important for their recovery so I wouldn't worry unless you find that after two weeks after an illness has ended and the extra sleep is still continuing.

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