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14 Year Old Teenager

I would like to now if what age do you take your 14 year old daughter to the obgyn for her first exam and no she isnt sexually active i was just curious what age you take her to the obgyn......... i posted this message just to see if i can get some ideas i even posted that i new she wasnt sexually active but everyone thought the worse i was wondering to get some ideas on when to take her

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I didn't have my first OBGYN appointment until I was pregnant at 20. I was a little nervous because I thought/had heard I should have went earlier. I talked to my OB about it ans she said it wasn't really a big deal in my case. I never had problems before.

I took my daughter at 14 to get on birth control. She wasn't sexually active but she has a lot of problems with her monthly so this regulated it.
Talk to her doctor about it and see what he thinks.
Hope this helps.

I just recently asked my OBGYN this question in regards to my daughter. She said not unless they are having problems or they are sexually active then I would need to bring her in. She said 18-20 otherwise.


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So Moms, how are YOU going to know when your daughter is sexually active? DO you think she would tell you right off? Or hopefully BEFORE? Do you think she will anounce she needs to have a pelvic exam? I would probably fall out of my chair if my 14yo said that to me!

Pediatricians don't want to deal with this issue too much - most do not offer pelvic exams and they do not evan have the right exam table in their office. In nursing school (25 years ago!) they lectured us that as "responsible young women" we needed to address this by age 18. Here I was sitting there at age 19 and yes, sexually active with my fiance. I went back to the dorm and made an appointment for my first exam.

I have twin 14 yo's. And no, they have not had a pelvic exam, but this conversation has got me thinking. So I have an appointment for myself next month and I am going to ask my nurse practioner (OB/GYN Nurse practioners and nurse-midwives are typically excellent with younger girls) about this issue and follow her recommendation. I think I will probably start them before they start high school next year just as part of the transition.

My girls are older but, I took them when they turned 18. (unless they are having problems)

I was always told that you should have your first exam when you turn 18 or when you become sexually active. I actually ended up going to my first one after i turned 18 but had become sexually active...

Hi S.,

My pediatrician told me my 14 yr old doesnt need to see a obgyn until she's sexually active or 18 years of age.

Which seems right to me....


I would say 18 or sexually active, unless she's having a health issue you're concerned about or problems with her periods.

Your daughter should see her GYN as soon after her first period as possible. It's never too early to establish a pattern of taking care of herself and her health.

Some people say to wait until she's 16 or 18 or sexually active. That would be a mistake. If she's having her period she's also having an influx of hormones that can cause future issues.

I had a friend who had cervical cancer at 15. She was never sexually active and had no family history of the disease. Her doctor said that a yearly PAP smear starting the year she started her period could have detected the problem earlier.

to my knowledge you take them once they have started their period

My daughter is 16 and hasn't been to obgyn yet. I'd been told that they don't really need to go until they are sexually active or have any other problems. I will probably take her this year just for a check up.

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