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14 Weeks Pregnant, with Some Spotting

Hi Moms! I just need some quick reassurance from all of you. I am 14 weeks pregnant with my third child (fourth pregnancy). I had some bloody tissue discharge this morning. I have never had any blood with my full term pregnancy, I had a miscarriage in February 2006. I don't have any major cramping or discomfort. I know some blood is normal, it's just never happened to me before with a successful pregnancy. Thanks!

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I went to the doctor this afternoon and my placenta is pulling away. She could see where the tissue came off and it should heal as long as I stay in bed. The main problem is the baby is right on top of the cervix, like it is getting ready to come on down. That worried her more than the placenta. So hopefully with enough rest things will be okay. Thank you all for your advice and comforting thoughts. I think everything will work out. Thanks again!

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My 2 nd pregnancy I spotted all throughout. It is very scary, I had so many ultrasounds done, but everything was fine I delivered a health 9 lb baby girl. Just relax and don't freak out because that always makes matters worse. God bless and relax

It can be totally normal. YOu should give your ob a call for peace of mind if nothing else.

Although some spotting could be normal, I would defintely call my midwife or OB and let them know what is going on. If you have had a vaginal exam or intercourse lately that could be the cause.

Many women experience bleeding in early pregnancy, but later on it can be a little more worrisome. Good luck to you!


With my second, I had some spotting around 13 or 14 weeks. Like the other posters have mentioned, it was brown and everything turned out fine. Personally, I needed to slow down a bit and take it easy.

Brown spotting or otherwise, I would definetly call you ob/gyn and go in for an u/s, just to be sure. I am sure this is very scary and this will really be the only way you know for sure.

Just as an FYI, I will mention that even though my little boy is absolutely perfect, the late spotting did cause my AFP/triple screen test to come up abnormal and I had an amnio done. During the procedure, my ob/gyn said my fluid was darker than normal (because of the late bleeding) and he said he knew as soon as he saw it why my AFP test was off.

Hi T. - I had some spotting about that time too, and I also had a screener come back slightly off. We did some additional screenings with a specialist to make sure we were not looking at any brain or spinal problems. All of those things were fine, so the prognosis was that my placenta might weaken before my due date. Because of my one time spotting, abnormal screen, and the specialist's diagnosis of my placenta problem, my wonderful OB monitored me weekly from 32 weeks on with nonstress tests in her office and frequent ultrasounds. Good thing, because at 33 1/2 weeks my fluid was low and after 4 days in the hospital they induced. So, I would recommend following up with screeners so they can have as much info as possible. We did not need to go with the amnio route since the results from the specialist were conclusive that there was not any brain or spinal problems so it must be a placenta problem. We were nervous to do that since it is invasive. So ask lots of questions, because there are other things you can do before that that are not invasive.

Best of luck T..

As the other mothers said, I would call you OB and have them give you a check up. I had spotting at my 12th week, and was hysterical thinking I was having a miscarriage. It ended up being old blood --- the color was a brownish. My OB said to be concerned if it is bright red. I am sure everything will be ok.


I had two miscarriages prior to our son being born. Both times there were no cramping to indicate such. While carrying Jacob, I started bleeding and (obviously) was paranoid. I got in that day to see the doctor and all was fine. So, my advice to you is to call the doctor.

Good luck. :)


Hi T.,

At 6 weeks and just after finding out I was pregnant, I began spotting - nothing major, but very consistent, and continued for the next 5 to 6 weeks. I went in for an ultrasound, saw the heartbeat, and was told this may just be a normal condition in this pregnancy. Finally, around week 12, the spotting stopped and at 38 weeks I delivered a very healthy baby boy. I know the spotting can make you nervous, but just accept it and keep positive - everything will be fine. The child that resulted from that pregnancy is the happiest and most wonderful 2.5 year old boy! Congratulations on your pregnancy and keep positive!


You should always call your doctor when you have any type of bleeding.

Hi T.,

My fourth and fifth pregnancies (third pg was a m/c) were the worst as far as strange things like that happening, so don't stress yourself out... I would call your OB just for reassurance b/c some like to send you for an u/s to get checked out.

Just like the others, I did actually more than spott around the same time, I was on vacation and went to the ER just to get a ultrasound and make sure the baby was fine.... my daughter (2) is perfect, everything was fine.. if you have been intimate, it could cause you to spot too... so keep that in mind.. to ease your mind.. just go see your doc and ask to do a quick ultrasound (if you can)..

Good luck.

First off...I'm very sorry to hear about your miscarriage...I've been there twice, with no successful pregnancy since. You said you had some tissue discharge...and that seems unusual. I had soptting around that time with my first baby (I have 3) and everything was fine, but it was pink to brown. You didn't mention if it was bright red. Bright red would be a reason to call the doctor right away, in my opinion. A call to the doc would just give you tons of peace of mind...regardless of the color...

RELAX!!!!! This is not abnormal so do not get all stressed out about it. If you are really worried about it and cannot even see straight, go to the E.R. and let them check you out. They will be able to tell you what is going on. If you are feeling emotionally ok, then call the doctor tomorrow and let them know what happened. Whatever you do, RELAX!! IT IS WHAT IT IS.
Just do not work yourself into a tizzy.

T. - you need to call your doctor ASAP. I had a miscarriage last year and the bleeding progressed very quickly from light spotting to heavy bleeding.

Turns out that I had low progesterone levels so to ensure no miscarriages in the future, as soon as I became pregnant the 2nd time around, I took progesterone supplements for the first 3 months.

good luck

Hi T.,

When I was pregnant with my twins, I had alot of spotting and I also passed a large clot. I went in for many exams and had a few extra ultrasounds. I had a successful pregnancy. It can be scary when you have never spotted before. Did you talk with your doctor?

Hi Trisha, I also have had 3 girls with a miscarriage.. I also had pinkish bleeding during my 4th pregnancy. They said it was normal but you know from prior experiances like me that it does not matter what anyone says, you truely will not feel right about the bleeding until you call and see your doctor..I called about ever single thing after my miscarriage, I was a nervous reck..I got pg 5 months after my miscarrage and they said that could also be a reason (getting pg again so soon..) They recomended that I wait 1 year.Let us know what happens...Good Luck...

Hi T.,

My name is B. and I had a similar situation as you at 14 weeks pregnant. I developed a small hematoma on my placenta and had to be on bed rest for 2 weeks so it could heal. I was told I got from over doing something or my body just developed it from growing. They told me that it is not an uncommon thing and it won't happen with every pregnancy. Everything turned out fine, I have a healthy baby boy now. You should definitely call your doctor though, just to put your mind at ease. There is a number of things it could be. I hope this helps a little. Good luck and try not to worry to much.

I had this with my 3rd child too when I was pregnant with him and he is 3 now. It all turned out ok. It was just a little at first and then started to be alot like I was getting my period. We were sure I was losing him, but I did not. I hope it is all ok with you. Please let us know.

S. Bailey CLD

Hi T. - I would call my doctor to be on the safe side though i'm sure if you're not cramping all is fine.

Also, I belong to a bulletin board on babycenter.com that is wonderful. I've seen many women with the same concerns as you be comforted by other's similar stories/experiences.

Babycenter.com has "Birth Clubs" where you can post with other mom's who are in the same stage of pregnancy as you are. I'm currently 21 weeks along with my 2nd daughter and have found my Birth Club to be a wonderful support and just plain fun!

Best of luck,

Hi T.,

First off, I am glad that you went to your doctor & all was ultimately ok. I am 13 weeks along, so your message was scary yet helpful. In case it happens to me, I won't be totally freaked out (I hope) & just call my doc. I think we forget we are pregnant sometimes & think we can do all our usual activities & feel useless when we can't or are told we can't. All pregnant women (including myself) need to be reminded to take it easy. Right now, I am still too tired to do much & passing out at 8:30 each night. I can't wait until the 2nd trimester kicks in & I can get some energy back. I wish you a safe & healthy pregnancy. Good luck!

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