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14 Days Late on Period...

hi ladies! My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for baby #3. I am now 14 days late for my period and am testing negative on the home preg. tests. Is it that I am testing too early or what's the deal? I did not have an experience like this with my first two...very confused and frustrated. Any advice?.

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not to be negative but also possible miscarriage. Go to doc and have them test.

good luck

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Definitely put a call in to your Dr. Maybe they can do a blood test.....to be sure. I have had "false" negative results on the home test, when my blood test was positive. I have four children.....so I'd stick with the blood test results. Good luck!

I would call your OB/GYN. It is possible that you are pregnant, but something else could be going on as well like a horomone imbalance or thyroid condition. A HPT should definately give you a positive by this point, but maybe you ovulated late. Good luck :)

sometimes if you do not have enough pregnancy hormone in the body it will come up negative. i tested for example on october 31st and it was negative and then november 5th and it was positive when we were trying for my son. good luck.

I would think it would show positive by now IF you are. Maybe you're just stressed out? Call your OB/GYN and see what she/he says.

not to be negative but also possible miscarriage. Go to doc and have them test.

good luck

You are probably late due to stress from trying. Sometimes you can even not get your period from being convinced that you are pregnant when you really aren't.
I would just keep waiting and test maybe every other day. This same thing has happened to me before twice when I was pregnant. The first time I was only 1 week late when the test showed a very faint line. I actually thought that I was just seeing things. Plus I had waited like 10-15 minutes to look.
The same thing happened a time before that when I to was 2 weeks late. Same very faint line. I called the doctor and they called me in for a blood test. I ended up being 2 or 3 days pregnant according to their test. Maybe my cycle was off, who knows. Only time will tell, be patient I know it's tough.
Good Luck!!

You should be able to find an accurate result after 2 weeks. It could be stress. Your best bet is to go to the doctor and get blood drawn. They will be able to detect the pregnancy hormone, if it's there, and what the level is.

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I would call the dr if I was you. The stress of trying to get pregnant could be disrupting your period, or something else could be going on. I hope everything goes well, good luck!

I would think after 14 days there would be plenty of hormone to detect if you were PG, but you may want to try a different brand of test. When I was PG with my 2nd I got some tests that were on sale. Turns out they were expired. I tested negative one morning, later that day I got another, not on sale test, and there was that line! Plain as day!

With Two different pregnancies I tested negative with a home pregnancy test and I was pregnant. Wait a few more days and then test again. Good Luck!

18 years ago i took a pregnancy test when i was ONE day late and it was positive. if you're 14 days late and have been trying, i'd go get a quick check up, maybe an internal, possibly check for ectopic. breast tenderness? or maybe the stress of trying has you late. but if you feel like something's up, trust your instincts and go to the dr.

It should have absolutley shown up by now. I have had the tests say positive a couple days BEFORE it was due. I really would talk to your doctor incase something else is going on. Best of luck.

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