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13 Year Old with Terrible Stretch Marks

My 13 year old niece has terrible purple stretch marks. She's slim and has never been overweight. Does anyone know of another young adult with this problem and was there anything done to help? Also, anyone know of a good stretch mark cream? We're baffled since the women in our family do not have this problem, even after pregnancy, nor does her mother (the other side of her family).

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Thank you all for your wonderful advice and reassurance. I've told my niece your suggestions and am hoping she's now moisturizing more and drinking more water. I know she doesn't have the best diet, so I'm hoping I can influence her a little to eat healthier. Thanks again and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Try Miracell oil you can find it on line is not very cheap, but it works wonders. You can use it for any skin problems... I love it I have old streach marks that had been less noticitable since I used the oil.

I have 2 girls and yes, they both have stretch marks worse than I do and I carried and delivered 4 babies! I am a small woman too, never weighing more than 100 lbs. in those years. I am convinced that it was their growing process. They actually grew too fast.

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If she's self concious about the stretch marks use a cream to treat them. Jafra makes Stretch Mark Corrector cream that works quite well. I have a couple of clients who purchased it for use on their pre-teen daughters to get rid of stretch marks that appeared after vigorous growth spurts. The product worked like a charm. Let me know if it's something you want to try.

I have 2 girls and yes, they both have stretch marks worse than I do and I carried and delivered 4 babies! I am a small woman too, never weighing more than 100 lbs. in those years. I am convinced that it was their growing process. They actually grew too fast.

Hi, I had the same problem when I was young and they stuck around for some time but it never really bothered me. However, I just finished my first pregnancy and given my past experience with stretch marks I was fully expecting to be covered in them. Then my cousin recommended the L'Occtaine Mom and Baby stretch mark cream and it worked wonders! I only have a few stretch marks on the sides where I did not apply the cream religiously as on the stomach.

The cream is about $40 but it is totally worth it, and there is a smaller size that is $20 if you just want to try it out. If your neice has self concious feelings about it you could gift it to her and/or buy it with her and see how it works.

I am sure it will work out regardless. Good luck!

Hi, our daughter got her first stretch marks last year when her hips filled out. It really surprised me because she was so underweight to begin with. I bought her some palmers coco butter cream/lotion to help with any further damage. She has gotten no more major marks since, and has continued on her journey to womanhood. Our oldest did the same thing, its like they all of a sudden get hips and everything all at once, and the skin can't take it. I hope this works for your neice too.
W. M.

My brother & I had this problem too at a young age. The skin just doesn't have as much elasticity as others. U can try vitamin e or some other good creams/oils, but there's really not a whole u can do for it. I know it sucks, but just encourage healthy skin practices

When I was 13, I had my last real big growth spurt. It happened over summer, and I came back to school taller than many of the boys. This growth spurt caused me to have stretch marks on my rear end. Yikes! Of course at that age who needs another thing to be self critical about. The good news--they went away without any treatment. You could try the creams, etc. that pregnant women use, but my guess is they will be gone by the time your daughter is 18. Mine were.

Around that age I got them too. I grew so fast (tall) that they just came. I never put anything on them and they started to fad over time. Now that I have had two babies, my tummy is full of them.

Hi. The only two reasons i know of this is:

First - My sister had gotten stretch marks during P.E. class and she was also very slim. Is was due to the fact she had very dry skin and the elacticity in her skin was unable to handle all the stretching and moving.

Second - As for myself, I have Exema which means i have very dry skin. With that I scratch myself like crasy. Which have lead to many scars and stretch marks.

I would tell your niece to start using lotion everyday, all the time. Keep her nails short and see her doctor. I hope this helps.

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