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12 Yr Old with Anal Pain

After a hard bowel movement on Monday my son has complained about his butt hurting. In thinking he had not properly wiped I suggested that he take a bath and soak a bit. We have had bleeding before due to hard stools and with a modified diet it has resolved itself. But this time he says it hurts to sit and move his leg. So after a bit of persuasion he allowed me to look at it. I am no expert but don’t consider the swollen area to be a hemorrhoid. It is not something protruding, it is just swollen and inflamed anal ring. We put heat a heating pad on it last night and this morning to ease the pain. I have insisted that he eat applesauce with at least 2 of his daily meals and at least one salad or veggie a day. If any of you moms could assist in what to do and when should he see a doctor!?

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Make a doctor appointment. It may be constipation or hemorrhoids (they can be inside and not show). In the meantime, insist on more fiber and LIQUIDS!! Best wishes.

Just take him to the doc. I had a bad case of Hemoroids last year and it was horrible. They perscribed me a suppositry and it was awesome. If he's already let you look at it, a doc will be no big deal. Get it done before he starts school. It may only get worse. Over the counter stuff won't work as well. The perscription will work fast, believe me. He'll be feeling a difference ina few days.

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Heat will increase inflamation...try a Tucks medicated pad to ease the pain.

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M. J.,

I would recommend calling your son's doctor's office and state the problem and ask if there is something you can do, or if he needs to be brought in to see the doctor before a treatment can be reached to ease the pain. Be sure to tell them how long this has been going on, what you have tried so far, and the results observed from what you have tried so far, whether it was successful or not.

It is very possible he may have to go in and see the doctor to get a correct diagnosis, and it is probably a good idea since you said he is in pain.

Good luck!

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DO you know if there was any blood in his stool when he had the bowel movement? That is something that I would definitely be on the look out for.
Could I suggest that you look into putting him on a daily Docusate Sodium Pill?? (DOS) Check at your local pharmacy, they should have a generic form of the pill that sells for about $2 for 100 capsules...a LOT cheaper than the name brand stuff!!! I would also add some fiber to his diet...high fiber cereal...fibe bars...fresh fruits and veggies. This is possibly going to be a life long issue for him so he needs to learn how to deal with it effectively now.
R. Ann

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Make an appt. to his dr in the morning he has anal pain has had blood in stools constpation and passes large bowels.He needs to eat more fiber variety of fruits and veggies ask your dr if he approves mineral oil in his juice I had to do this with my son when he was 2 because he was afarid to use the potty chair and it helped so much with constipation.

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Yes he should see the Dr straight away. Anytime an area is inflamed it is either extremely irritated or has an infection. He could also have internal hemmoriods you can't see. Anytime an orfice is infected, especially one that is full of natural bacterias, you need to addresss it quickly. I hope that your son feels better very soon. God bless you.

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My 12 yr old son has had problems with bowels since day 1... he holds it so long that by the time he finally goes we have to call a plumber... I have no doubt it hurts! Definitely call the doc, but for future purposes get some miralax from walmart - my dr prescribed it years ago but it is now available over the counter. Use it per the label *daily* and he should become much more regular. You can play with the dose to get it to where he goes regularly (not necessarily daily) and it is normal size and consistency. We also use milk of magnesia the same way, but like the miralax better. There is actually a name for this whole syndrome of holding and extra large poops, just cant remember offhand (google would find I am sure). Good luck and please post what the docs says!

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Do you think he could have a little tear there. If you think it is a tear I would take him to the doctor and they can give him a little medicine to heal that up. I have a little tear and the doctor suggested for me to take Miralax to soften things up and he also gave me Nitro cream which is for the heart but it is supposed to be the best thing for a anal tear, and it does clear it right up in about 48 hours or less. Best of luck!!

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I would take him to see his pediatrician, hard stools can sometimes cause fissures ( like litte cuts) I would try to get him to eat more fiber and maybe some prunes or even a little prune juice, I was always told apples were for firming stools. Sometimes they put them on a medication to help soften the stools to get the body back to being regular and also so he can heal. My daughter was on a liquid prescription medicine for a long time that I was told was non habit forming and was basically a simple sugar that her body couldn't break down so it just "passed through" it basically helped to soften stools...I feel for your son it is not a pleasent situation to be in, I am glad you have such open communication = ) It would take some serious pain for my oldest son to let mom have a look! Please at the minimum call his doctors nurse and ask if she thinks he needs to be seen.

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