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12 Year Old and Makeup

My daughter is turning 12 this next week. At what age would you recommend her wearing makeup. She has a beautiful face with freckles, but she has always wanted to wear makeup. She does have a slight acne problem that I have started her on facial cleaner that is helping the problem. But at what age do I start giving her makeup? I thought of just starting her off with "eye" makeup and lip gloss, but I would love any advice you can give me. I don't have any emotional or "teenage" problems with her, she is a great kid.

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Thanks to every one and the great advice. Her birthday was this past weekend. I showed her how to put her makeup on. And let her know that she needed to practice at home. She had a hard time with the eye liner, but I let her know that she needed to learn to put it on herself. She was glad to except the basic makeup to practice with, but I think she is happy with the lip gloss and will let the rest wait. My own mom did not introduce makeup to me and I wanted to make sure that communication was open with my daughter and she knew that it was open. It went very well.

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I think 12 is a little young to wear full makeup, but certainly not too young to start off with a clear or lightly tinted lip gloss. I think it's important for young girls to be just what they are, young girls :) Point out to her that face makeup may just aggravate her acne worse. Instead, start teaching her about good skin care.
For a treat buy her assorted flavors of the lip glosses and let her have fun.

When I was 12 my mom gave me a certificate for a professional make over with one of her cosmotologist friends. It was great. She showed me how to use makeup without over doing it and what colors looked best one me. I still use the tips I learned then and I am almost thirty.

I have 3 girls and I did this with all of them. When they finished 7th grade I gave them a make up party and had someone show them how to put make-up on property. I did it in the end of May 1st part of June so they could take the whole summer to learn not to wear too much make-up and that way when the went into Jr. High they would not feel out of place. I believe I started with mascara and foundation and rouge. Not too much too fast. I also allowed them to shave their legs and underarms around that time so they wouldn't be teased in gym classes. Such impressionable ages.
I hope this helps.

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Make up in Jr High seems appropriate - though maybe only lip gloss now. Start with teaching her about skin care, then worry about makeup next year. I'd also suggest taking her to the Bobbie Brown counter at Neiman for a demo on putting on makeup when you decide she's ready. They do a great job of natural colors for a clean look. Make it a big event - have lunch together after or go window shopping. It's a great mom-daughter day, make the most of it.

I personally think twelve is too young for makeup. Why is she wanting to wear it? Is it because she thinks it will make her more beautiful? Is it because she likes how it looks? Is she trying to impress someone or wanting to fit in?
I ask these questions because most of the time the reasons for girls wanting to wear makeup are not for good reasons. If you are going to decide on beginning to let her wear makeup, I suggest you teach her that wearing makeup does not make you more beautiful, it just brings out the already beautiful you. Most of the time girls want to "Cover" something and then they look like clowns later on. The more natural look is the way to go.

If I were to pick makeup for younger girls, I would go with clear lip gloss with some sparkles and a cream to powder eyeshadow.

Also, something my mom did with me (I was a freshman in high school before I started wearing makeup) we called our local Mary Kay consultant and they came over and taught me and some of my friends and their moms good skin care and proper makeup. It was fun! You can also go to the mall and go to cosmetic counters and pick a good one that has natural makeup. However, most of the time you are required to buy something. Mary Kay and other companies like them, Arbonne, Avon, ect. usually do them for free.

I would also talk this over with dad and see what he has to say, it is always nice to get a man's opinion.

Have fun with this!

If she is expressing an interest in make-up then take the time to show her how to use it correctly and emphasize that it should high-light her natural beauty, not be something that "hides" her flaws. If it isn't something that is "forbidden" or "allowed" to her, the more likely course is that she will learn that at this young age it is more trouble than it is worth to wear every day. But it will give her confidence to have the knowledge and skill to use correctly and know she is beautiful with or with out it. I really like the ladies that suggested making it a coming of age celebration with her. I was the one to do this with a little sister (she is 9 years younger than me) and it was a really fun memory for both of us, picking out the brushes and colors and then playing "beauty parlor" while she learned how to apply it. The girls that looked overdone and trashy at my school were the ones who weren't "allowed" to wear make-up and snuck it out of the house and put it on later with no really understanding of how to do it correctly.

I think 12 is a little young to wear full makeup, but certainly not too young to start off with a clear or lightly tinted lip gloss. I think it's important for young girls to be just what they are, young girls :) Point out to her that face makeup may just aggravate her acne worse. Instead, start teaching her about good skin care.
For a treat buy her assorted flavors of the lip glosses and let her have fun.

I am a master esthetician, and I would recommend taking her to one of those for her acne. They can work wonders and any face powder she gets will only exacerbate the acne...it's really important to nip it in the bud, teach her how to eliminate zits properly to avoid scarring, and not clog up already clogged pores. (though I have been very guilty my self of using concealer in a pinch!)
If you can afford it get some microdermabrasion or a chemical peel, as well as some good medical grade cleanser like biomedic... her hormones are raging and they reek havoc on skin! It is important for regular skin analysis,as skin types can change easily over these years.
At the very least, make sure her cleanser has 4 things in the regiment- cleanser, toner, exfoliation and MOISTURIZER!
This would also be a great time to start her in the habit of using sun block.
I would basically say that when a girl hits her period she should start a normal skin care regimen.

When I was 12 my parents started letting me use minimal make up. I think it's a sign of trust for her. If it's something she thinks would be fun, it would be better to show her that you trust her with it now, than to wait till she's 14-16, when everyone else has been wearing make up for a while etc then letting her wear it. If she is a great kid then how does a small pinch of mascara hurt things?
I know that of course she is beautiful, and really if taught how to wear it properly, makeup can and should enhance your natural beauty.
Also it's important that she learn that this privilege come with any other, responsibility for cleaning the brushes, more regular face washing, and practice!
Perhaps setting up a system were she can wear it on special occasions might be fun for her.
Jr. High is hard enough with out lip gloss, because it's just so darn fun!
I think mostly if make up isn't controlled too heavily in the beginning and taught to be used as a tool it can be a great rite of passage for a young woman into womanhood.
All in all you can help grow slowly and with good habits in both skin care and self esteem over time.

I was 12 when i first received my first thing of makeup, It was one of those sets from Walmart, That is out around christmas, It contained, Mostly eyeshadows and a little lipstick that i never wore, and i beleive a little blush, I never receieved Foundation or eye liner till my 13 birthday, my parents didnt think i was ready for eye liners or foundation just yet, they wanted to start in incraments, And it worked, I learned how to apply eye shadow and lipglosses and and blushes when needed, and then from there as te year went on i got new things. I wish you the best of luck. Shes officially a teenager! I am here if you need anymore advice! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

I think that 12 is a good age for her to wear make-up.

My mom would always let me put on a little blush, when I looked a little pale. There was never a set "make up" age. My daughter is almost 12 as well, and she got lip gloss, mascara and blush in her stocking this year. All items in very light, natural colors. She happily came bounding out of her room, wearing her new make up and if she hadn't told me, I don't think I would have noticed. My suggestion would be to buy her a little makeup in the colors you think would work best. They grow up too fast!

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