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12 Month Old Still Not Sleeping Thru Night

I have a 12 month old daughter who is not sleeping thru the night still. Once and a while we get a full nights sleep but those are few and far between. She wakes up crying which continues to hysterics. This goes on anywhere from 1-2 hours. I have tried many different methods - cry it out (which only makes her cry longer and harder) no cry - pick up put down, nothing works for her she usually falls back to sleep from exhaustion. She naps very well and can fall asleep on her own during napping. I am at a loss. Anyone have any ideas or experiencing the same?

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We don't give her a bottle anymore at night - stopped that a couple of months ago. We also have read books on sleep - I do like the no cry sleep solution but she is so inconsistent with her sleeping. Last night she sleep thru and we didn't really change anything. Thanks for all the advice!

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That's frustrating, my son is 16 months old and I feel like nothing has been as difficult as figuring out the sleep thing. Do you have Marc Weisbluth's Happy Baby Healthy Sleep Habits? I recommend that book more than anything else. If that doesn't help you, just hang in there, things do change.

Hi L.:

I found story tapes or CD or song CD for children always worked for my children. In fact, they would come to me and ask to go to bed. So I would sit for a while with a little one on one (book) and then put on the tape and say good night. Some time I would lay for a little while to listen but they would be asleep in 5 minutes. As for the crying and the "let them cry it out" it sound like you have figured that out. It only make thme agitated. Why make a child cry. I don't see any reason for children to cry unless they need to be changed or they are sick or hurt. Going to sleep calmly makes for a happy child and mom '-).But create an atmosphere of calm. You sleep better also in the same...
Be happy and pleasant dreams

"The No Cry Sleep Solution," by, Elizabeth Pantley will give you some great ideas.

This is a situation that can be addressed with homeopathy. Homeopathy is safe, effective and excellent for infants and children because of t his. If you have questions about your child and homeopathy for this problem you can e-mail me at ____@____.com. I am a practicing homepth in NYC as well as president of the national Center for Homeopathy. I am also a practicing chiropractor and am happy to be of service.

We had a similar experience with our 10 mos old son, and by accident, we ended up changing his dinner time schedule and that same night he slept through the night! I had been giving him an afternoon bottle around 5 and then giving him his regular dinner around 6, 6:30 and then putting him to bed around 7:30or 8 but a few weeks ago, he had taken a late nap and didn't wake up until 6:30 and when he did, he didn't want to eat anything but small pieces of fruit, so right before he went to bed, I gave him 8 oz of formula and that night he slept through the entire night. My husband and I recreated what we did the night before, except this time, we fed him his dinner at 5:00pm and gave him a bottle of formula right before he was put down and he fell asleep again. We have kept this pattern up for the past 3 weeks now. My husband and I think that our son was maybe waking up in the middle of the night because his stomach was working to digest his food, and he was waking up due to gas, etc. With the formula, it kept him full, but it was easier to digest. I'm not sure what your eating schedule is like with your daughter, but it could be something similar to what we experienced. Good Luck!

Wow - you sound like us - we have a 14mo and as a general rule, she wakes up once a night. Sometimes we have good weeks, but especially since her 1 year shots, she has done the same thing as your daughter - where it turns into hysterics! The last few weeks I have gone in once, held/nursed her for about 30 min, then put her back into bed where she cries until she falls asleep (often standing up!)... it is horrible - this interrupted sleep, both for her and us alike! I feel your pain, and will wait to see what others reply! Oh, and ours is a HORRIBLE napper on top of it... good luck!

Are you feeding her when she gets up? If so, over the course of 5 days reduce what you're feeding her till you eventually stop all food/milk in the middle of the night. Getting up for the food becomes a habit, not a need. Did you try the cry it out but go in every 15 min. and then leave, not hovering in the background? I also, didn't let my guys nap after 6:00 by 6 months so they would be good and tired by 8 pm. I know it sucks but she will sleep eventually.

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