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12 Month Old Getting Molars?!

So, my son always has trouble getting teeth (7 so far) and his upper right gum in the back is VERY swollen. Last night he woke every 5-10 minutes for over an hour! We tried everything: Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Hyland's tablets and gel, orajel, cold, warm.... Has anyone else had this happen to their 12 month old? It seems a little early, but how do I know?
He was having a high temp but I wasn't sure if that was teeth or his shots he had a week ago. Every time I touched his gums he would scream and he wouldn't give up his paci today, not matter what! Thanks!

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He's still getting his top one year molars! Thanks for everyone's advice! He really likes the frozen juice and we do the motrin/tylenol alternating every 2 hours when he needs it! We haven't had another crazy night like the one before and no temp anymore so I think that was from his shots!
Thanks again!

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hello I don't have any real advice but I don't think he is to young to go to a dentist, just find one that takes young children. And he shouldn't get a fever from the shots if they were a week ago it is probably from the teeth. I was very lucky with my son he was so good with his teeth but he did get some fevers. Ask his pediatrician for a recommendation on a dentist. Good luck

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Welcome to the world of EARLY teethers! My little girl did the same thing with all her teeth. The molars took FOREVER to actually break all the way through the skin. (By 13 months.) It took her at least a month of teething before they were in all the way. But the first few days and the last few days were the worst. She seemed to be okay in the middle of that month. The canines (cuspids) were also VERY early, and seemed to hurt even worse. The only thing that really helped her was Motrin and very cold drinks. I even froze her first birthday cake in strips and she ate those frozen. It seemed to help.

The good news is, once all the teeth are in early, you are done! By 16 months, we were effectively done with teething. (At least 'til those 2 year/second molars come in sometime between 20 and 30 months.)

By the way, if my DD got sick while she was teething, the tooth would STOP until she was better. It seemed like her body thought getting well was more important, so it would put the tooth on the back-burner, even mid-stream.

It could be the immunizations in combination with his teething are causing the misery. Hang in there!

Wish I had more help to offer.


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My son cut his top molars (both at the same time) when he was about 12mths. He is now 15mths and has 12 teeth.

We too tried everything but nothing really worked. He was moody and fussy for a couple of days then better...then the same thing about a week later. It took him a little while to cut the molars and they were definitely the worst. The only thing that we found that helped was eating small pieces of ice. He loved ice so he would chew on that alot which I think helped him with the pain...but that was about it. You pretty much just have to comfort them and try not to go crazy with nights of no sleep. I hope you find something that works for you and that your little one feels better soon.

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We went through this with both of our kids (3 yr old girl and 16 mo old boy). It's kind of a double-whammy at 12 months. The shots they get at the one-year well baby visit can cause fever off and on for something like 10-14 days. On top of that, the one-year molars are coming in. You might check with the doc on the fever, but if it's just fever and not other symptoms (runny nose, cough, etc), the shots and teeth are likely culprits. To ease the pain you can stay on top of the tylenol/motrin by alternating them every 3 hours (tylenol at noon, motrin at 3:00, tylenol at 6:00, etc.. Check with your doc on the exact dosing. Motrin/Advil/ibuprofen works best and longest, so try to time it so the dose close to bed time is ibuprofen.

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My daughter did the same thing and all 4 came in at once. She loved popcicles during that time I noticed and eventually even pointed to the freezer requesting them when she hurt most. Maybe you could try that. We uses Dryers swirl pops. They were her favorite and 100% real fruit. Good luck!

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Babies get a set of molars at 12 months and again at 24 months. If your son is very cranky and running fever, you probably should have him see his physician.

My son was the same way at 13 months. He woke up every 20-30 mins all night long, talk about a long and hard night.. Don't wait until he is in pain give him tylenol then 2 hrs later NOT 3 give him Motrin and also give him the teething tablets like 8 of them they are all natural so they can't hurt him plus the orajel when he goes to bed. During the day rotate the motrin and tylenol and also give him cold stuff like iced bananas, popsicles, cold juice and water. The fever is definitely not from the shots he got a week ago that is from teething or something else. my son's molars were coming in at the same time he had a throat infection. He didn't want to eat anything. You might want to give him soft foods.

Good Luck, It will get better. Good thing that babies don't remember all the pain!

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hello I don't have any real advice but I don't think he is to young to go to a dentist, just find one that takes young children. And he shouldn't get a fever from the shots if they were a week ago it is probably from the teeth. I was very lucky with my son he was so good with his teeth but he did get some fevers. Ask his pediatrician for a recommendation on a dentist. Good luck

Hi A.,

I think every child and parent goes through this same thing. Teething is a very tough thing for a child to handle. Every tooth is different. The molars and the eye teeth (pointy ones) are the hardest to come in. My daughter had 2 molar by the time she was 1 yrs old and then got the other 2 with in a few weeks. She had the 2 yr molars before she was 2 yrs old. Some kids get them early other are later. Let him bite on cold teething rings and continue giving him the Tylenol. As long as you are seeing the bulging gums, give him pain reliever. Don't wait till he goes to bed to give it to him. It usually takes a good hour for meds to start working. This will help him fall asleep and stay asleep. He shouldn't have temp from a shot that is a week old. More than likely he is getting it from the teething. The molars take along time to come in because of the shape. The outside edges will break through then it could be a week before the middle starts to come in. Be patient. He may loose his appetite during the teething weeks. He will be fine. Give him lots of juice, water, and milk. He will probably drool while teething. Most kids do. Just give him extra love and comfort. The nice thing is that kids don't remember the pain. Once your over the teething it's smooth sailing.

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Hi A.. I just want to tell you this story 1st. My daughter was 10 months she was running a high fever. so i took her to the ER. before they let us leave they checked her temp. it was 103.7. so right away they gave her motrin and tylenol at the same time. the nurse said one works in the stomach and the other works on the liver. since they work on different parts of the body that it was ok to give both at the same time. and also when the tylenol wares out the motrin is still working. So my advice to you would be to give both meds(only when he has severe pain or high fever), put oral gel and give a cold wet washcloth or popcicles(maybe even the flavor ice/pop ice popcicles). I hope this works for you. Also to help her sleep through the night give her benadrly. about the shots, my son just got his shots this week and i read the sheet they gave me and it said he could have fever even after a week has past. but your son's fever could be a combo of teething, shots, and/or infection. I hope this is helpful to you. let me know if this works. ____@____.com of 3, Isabel-8, Jeremiah-5 and my husband 26.

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