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11Month Old Rash

my 11 month old has a diaper rash but i dont understnad why she has it if ive always change her diaper as soon as she uses number 1 or 2 the longest shes wated is probably 1 minute ive beeen using vaseline and diaper rash creams anyone hav n e idea on how to get rid of it

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It might be the diapers. My sister-in-law's daughter had the same problem with White Cloud diapers. It could also be something you fed her that she may be alergic or sensitive skin. My baby can't eat prunes or sweet potato it leaves a rash almost immediately after #2. Just try Desitin or Buttpaste. If it does not work then you might need a prescription from you pedi.

antifungal with aquaphor on top

Aquaphor is a little pricy, but as you can see from the recommendations on here, it is worth it.

My son had a similar issue around the same age...I went to the pediatrician and after I tried Budreau's Buttpaste (decent, but didn't do the trick), I still had issues. The Dr.prescribed an anti-fungal cream. That worked a little, but did not get rid of it.
Here's what worked:
I went back and they prescribed a stronger antifungal cream (Mupirocin 2%)and a powder (Nystatin Topical Powder USP 100,000 USP Units per gram) to sprinkle on after I put on the cream (both were done after each diaper change). I had to do this for about 1-2 weeks. The problem did come back about 3 times over a 1yr period(each time, I resolved it with the same method as above). I hope that helps!

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My guess would be yeast. Have your pediatrician check it out. If it's from yeast in his/her body, then the doc will prescribe something.

When my daughter was younger she got a diaper rash and desitin was not working. Her doctor recommened something called corona(yes like the beer)utter butter. It is used on livestock and bought from a feed store but it worked for her.

When my daughter used to get diaper rash our doc told me not to use wipes. He always suggested to use cetaphil soap, water, and a cloth. It always worked for us. Supposedly the wipes just push the poop back into the broken skin and doesn't clean their bottom properly. Give that a try!

She may have gotten allergic to the diapers she is wearing. My daugther was allergic to everything except Pampers swaddlers and Pampers Cruisers. no cheap brands for us or even just buying what was on sale or had a coupon. If we didn't use those two kinds she would have a rash.

If you've been using a diaper rash cream for over a week and it's not better, I'd bed it's a yeast infection. Looks like a diaper rash, but is really not. You need to head to the pedi to get a perscription cream to make it go away.

My two cents: I would suggest you stop using diaper wipes, at least at home. There are so many chemicals on them, and maybe your child is reacting to them. Use good oldfashioned water & Ivory soap (for poops). Buy Bounty paper towels (they are the best) and warm one up at the sink prior to changing your child. I also don't think you should be using vaseline - that holds any moisture on the skin in and the skin can't breathe.

Bag Balm (in a green tin) is good too. I used it on my children every time I changed their diapers and it prevented any rash from occuring.

what kind of creams have you used? i love that Butt Paste stuff. a little more expensive than Desitin, but works wonders. if that doesnt work, then i agree - might be an allergic reaction.

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