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11 Yo Son Has Hard Spot Under One Nipple

Okay, my son showed me a place last night square beneath only one of his nipples that doesn't hurt, but feels like a dime-size hard spot when you push on it. It also makes that nipple kind of more flattened or cave-in slightly, rather than the other one which was poking out like little boy nipples do. My hubby said he thinks he remembers having something like that on both his nipples for like a year before he hit puberty full-force, but his almost 40 yo brain is kind of fuzzy!

At any rate, he thinks its nothing to call the doctor about (especially since we've been in there 3 times with 3 sick kids over the last 6 weeks!) but the worrywart, pessimistic side of me can't stop worrying over it! My first thought was some kind of tumor, or that he's one of these boys that develops little breasts, or something along those lines... Like I said, he says it doesn't feel tender, but just "weird" when he pushes on it or squeezes. My older son did not go through this, and even my 10 yo dtr who is starting to get a little extra padding in her shirt hasn't had this happen.

Please let me know if you/your child has been through this, or if you've even heard of it. I don't want to go researching on the internet just yet - I know I'd find more to worry about!

What can I do next?

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A., my husband has a spot under his nipple also. He was worried because it grew a little. It is still not noticeable to the eye. But he went and saw a surgeon about it, and the doctor told him that he sees it a lot and he was sure there was nothing to worry about. He said men have breast tissue just like women, and sometimes it will grow and go away. Now, I always think the best thing to do is talk to a professional to make sure there's not something else going on there.

hi, i have 5 boys and 3 of mine went through that. the dr. said it was hormones and would go away, and did. i would spend the money just to make sure it is okay. it may get tender too. good luck and blessings. R. u

This is normally a condition called gynecomastia. It is very common in young men. It is not anything that is urgent but I would just mention it at his next check up. I work for a breast surgeon and we see this quite often. It can sometimes become painful or very noticeable and then they will normal excise this area!

There is nothing too small to at least call the doctor's office about. Especially when it concerns your child. Call and speak to the nurse and see what she says.

Both my sister and I have had odd lumps in our breasts and we're distrustng of mamograms, so we had our doctor's pull a teeny tiny bit of the matter out with a tiny needle and look at it under the microscope. both turned out to be beneign. hers went away on it's own and mine disappeared with nursing. That would be the easiest way to ease your mind I think :)

Better safe than sorry go see the doctor

Your hubby is probably right, it's probably nothing to worry about...but, that being said...you will worry yourself crazy if you don't go get it checked out anyway. It can't hurt to get him checked by a doctor...except for possibly your wallet (and believe me, I know about the 3 kids seeing the doctor in a 6 week period). It will put your mind at ease and being a mom of 3 kids, I'm sure you don't need anything extra to worry about :)


I worked as a home therapist with teens many years ago. And I was responsible for taking them to doctor's appointments on occasions. I took a boy in because mom had found the same thing on him. He was 12y/o and she was worried about what the heck it was. The doctor examined it and very quickly looked at me and I will never forget what he said. "The boys is officially entering puberty." He said that it was not so uncommon in the stages of puberty and sent us out the door with a smile.


Our son had one exactly like you described. He had it for about 4-5 months. I watched it for any changes, then I forgot about it, then about 2 months ago I remembered and thought to ask him about it, and it just disappeared. With all of the hormonal changes going on around 11-13 yrs. old, it could be common for some boys to have.

My brother had a hard spot in what sounds like the same place at about the same age. My mom took him to the doctor, and he was sent to another doctor from there. The lump was just a calcium deposit type thing, but the doctor recommended it be removed because it could potentially turn into a cancer if left alone. So I'd recommend seeing a doctor, just to be on the safe side. If it's really small, it will probably go away on it's own, however, it may also continue to grow, which could cause humiliation if nothing else...

I would tell his doctor. He may just want to do an ultrasound just to be on the safe side. Any painless lumps in children, anywhere, need to be checked out. Better to be safe then sorry. You will feel better in the end. And praise your son for bringing this to your attention. That is most important!!

I would call the doctor and ask them if it is anything to worry about and if they are concerned then take him to the doctor, but let them decide, then your husband can't say your a worrywort. And I will pray that he is ok. Good luck and let me know if you don't mind how things go.

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