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11 Year Old Daughter Is Getting Acne

My daughter has begun to get little bumps on her face. A few blackheads and some pimples, as well. I'm wondering about what products might be best for her young skin. I want something that will work, but that won't be too harsh for her. The bigger pimples have been popping up on her cheeks right in front for the whole world to see, and some of the smaller ones are in clusters on her forehead near and in the hairline.

What can I do next?

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B. we had the same problem with my daughter and we tried all the over the counter remedies that you could think of and then overheard someone say they found excellent results through a dermatologist. Well, let me tell you, he was able to clear up her acne so well that I wish I had thought of that route so much sooner. Best of luck. M.

My husband has very sensitive skin, but also gets acne, and he's had good luck with Zap-It. It doesn't dry his skin out the ways some peroxide washes do, but it does fight off the acne well. We order it online. Let me know if you need a link!

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Hi B.,

Most likely this is hormonal changes bringing the pimples to your beautiful girl's face! What's her diet like? Avoiding refined foods is a good start and eating plenty of fresh, whole foods like fruits, veggies, whole grains and water!!
A gentle sugar scrub may be nice for her. I happen to make these for my organic herbal business. My sugar scrubs consist of organic sugars, organic castile soap, vegan oils, honey and org. essential oils an herbs.
Or you can try making your own gentle scrub with finely ground oatmeal (in the blender) mixed with some nourishing clay like bentonite or kaolin white clay. Add several drops of lavender and tea tree oil, mix well. Store in an airtight jar and when ready to use, mix about 1 tsp of mixture with a small amount of water and honey and have her massage her face, rinse and pat dry!
There are many options for her other than store bought, chemical laden washes! She can do facial steams to open and cleanse pores. Just boil some water, pour in a large bowl and have her put her face over the bowl with her head covered by a towel and let the steam do it's job. If you have any fresh or dried herbs to throw in, that would be nice too. Rosemary, mint, lavender...

Handcrafted Herbal Organics

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My daughter, who just turned 12, has the same problem. We have been using a Burt Bees product - I can't remember the exact name, but it is a roll-on (no bees wax) that you just use where you are having problems. I got it at Wal-mart for about $7.00 and it has lasted several months. It has a strong smell but she got used to it pretty quickly. It dries up pimples almost overnight, and she has started using it around her hairline as well for prevention.

Also, as many others mentioned, make sure she washed her face morning and night. I have my daughter use a washcloth which gives a little bit of exfoliation but nothing too harsh.

Good Luck!


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Hi B.,

I agree with Amy that the Zap-it is great. Both of my teenage girls use it (and me occasionally). Other than that, watch her diet closely. Her hormones are beginning to kick in but with good nutrition, NO sodas or those "healthy" fruit drinks with 70+ grams of sugar, arrrgggh, and with good fats instead of bad ones, the outbreaks should be mild and less frequent.

God bless and like my mom said "this too shall pass" :)


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I would try proactive, before ever going to a dermatoligist. It is hormones and they take there course. Lots of time they'll give you a med and this made my skin like alligator skin. Proactive is a 3 step program, cleanse, tone and then the 3rd step is what really works. They also have a mask that you can dab on the breakouts and leave it overnight and lots of time it'll clear up. Just give it a week or so to start seeing results.
Best of luch.

Hi B.,

Good for you Girls is a mild, natural product that is specifically made for teenage girls. If you're looking for something that is not harsh and good for the skin as well, I would suggest trying it. Please let me know if you need any more info. Best of luck!

Arbonne has really great Acne products and I swear by the stuff. It improved a good friend's teenage daughter to the point where no one knew she ever had acne. You can go on their website or I can put you in touch with my consultant to learn more. The great thing is they use no rendering products in their line, no cancerous materials like some other companies. I'm not a consultant for them, have nothing to gain by sharing but no other product line touches my six-year-olds but Arbonne.

Great day!! I suggest Mary Kay Classic basic Formula 3 products for acne-prone skin. They are hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic and safe for sensitive skin. They are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you are not pleased, and they can be customized if anything seems to be too strong for her. If she does not like separate steps, then I suggest the Velocity skin-care (It is a 3-in-1 cleanser/toner/gentle exfoliator and moisturizer), which is also for people with acne. Velocity is why I fell in love with Mary Kay products at 19 when I was about to graduate from the College of Charleston!!

Check it out (and the video for part-time self-employment):
###-###-####-7230 or toll-free 866-536-1899

E. Vance-Brown,
Ind. Mary Kay Sales Director
America's #1 Selling Brand of Skincare and Color Cosmetics

I usually recommend to my clients to use tea tree oil.You can apply it topically or mix it with aloe vera gel for a calming effect to the skin. Also colloidal silver is excellent for acne issues, you can get silver gel at Nature's Sunshine (http://www.mynsp.com/mapothecary)

Bad Acne tends to run in my family. I have finally got my Niece and Nephew on the Velocity system by Mary Kay and I am a Consultant. They both Love it!! It took my niece about a year to finally give it a try and she is so happy. She has actually gotten a lot of comments about how good her face looks. She uses the clenser and Moisturizer which is $22 about every three months. She also uses the Acne treament gel only when she has a pimple, which is not expensive either and lasts a while. I have my nephew using the same and he also uses the Blemish Control Toner as is face was pretty bad when he started. If you want to see the products you can go to my website.... www.marykay.com/dstorman
Feel free to email me with any questions!! Good Luck.

Both of my teenagers used the Pro-active products. This is something you have to help her get a handle on. Bare minimum is she needs some type of astringent to keep her face oil free and clean.

My husband has very sensitive skin, but also gets acne, and he's had good luck with Zap-It. It doesn't dry his skin out the ways some peroxide washes do, but it does fight off the acne well. We order it online. Let me know if you need a link!

My daughter had the same problem at the same age but she tried every thing accept nuetragena and proactive because those are to harsh for 11 yearolds and Clearasil didn't work that good and clean n clear broke her out one day i was looking threw walmart when i saw dial cranberry & antioxidant bar soap and this worker was talking to this one lady about it and said his daughter was curious and used it on her face so of course i picked that up and it worked! but 3 days later, mom my friends have skin moisturizer stuff i want some so i got this Avon magazine and i found a Hannah Montana hand and body lotion of course she starts whining mom get it for me even tho it was not for her face im a sucker for a puppy dog face so i got her it she applied it after she scrubbed her face with the dial then rinsed and pat dried she applied a small amount and voila! her skin has never looked better hope it helps!! love,J.

Have her wash her face each night before going to bed and moisturize too. (Some people think that the moisturizer might make more pimples but actually, not moisturizing tells your skin it's too dry so it turns oil production on overdrive.) I would take her to a dermatologist and have someone take a look. I'm sure the acne has her spirits down and it might be something easily handled.

When I was that age my family didn't have the money for me to see the dermatologist or buy expensive products. I've used nothing but Dial bar soap (white bar, varying fragrances) on my face since I was 12. It's not perfect, there will still be the occasional bump, but if price is a concern it can't be beat. In high school, my skin looked way better than those my same age who used Proactiv... that being said, everybody's skin is different. I would do trial-and-error with inexpensive products until you find something that works for her.

I started using pro-active in my twenties and it worked really well for me.

My daughter is 12 and has been having break outs for a couple of years now. I tried pro-active on her just yesterday and it made the affected area inflamed and red. We had to wash it off immediately. So be careful.

We both are going to the dermatolgist next week.


Try proactive solution I use it on my 9 year old .Who has the same issues it works great

Arbonne's Clear Advantage! My daughter used it and loved it! Pure Safe and Benificial!
Let me know and I can get you a 20% discount!

B. we had the same problem with my daughter and we tried all the over the counter remedies that you could think of and then overheard someone say they found excellent results through a dermatologist. Well, let me tell you, he was able to clear up her acne so well that I wish I had thought of that route so much sooner. Best of luck. M.

Last year we my 7 year old got a light blackhead on her nose, then a pimple ... she love noxzema, actually it's the store brand version. It's inexpensive, and she loves the way it feels and smells... She doesn't use it everyday.

I have had all my pre teens and teens use the Enfuselle skin car line by Shaklee. It is natural, has nothing that can hurt my children, is economical since it is really concentrated and works well. There were times that some of them needed the acne treatment but for the most part it wasn't nessesary since we tried to be pro-active. I also try to give them supplements that support healthy skin. Most of the time just a good multi worked well. We have used Shaklee products for almost 25 years. I started a business about 12 years ago since I was telling everyone about the products anyway. Let me know if you would like any additional info.


K. B


Mary Kay has a great product for teens. It's call Velocity. The cleanser is only $10 and the moisturizer is only $12. You can add other products to your regimine if need. There is a blemish control toner or purifying freshner (astringent) that can be added (I'm told it is the same as what's in Proactive). We also have an acne treatment gel ($7) that is good. My 14 year old has been using it for several years. It works when she uses it. I can send you a sample of the Velocity for her to try if you are interested. Just visit my website and I would be glad to send you some samples. www.marykay.com/fnelson1.
Good Luck

I had great results with Proactive although I was in my 30's when I used it. You can either order it online or there is a kiosk at Discover Mill Mall in Duluth.

Try Mary Kay Velocity cleanser and moisturizer. Try that before adding the Blemish Control Toner because it is strong.
but no matter what you try, you have to get her to wash her face morning and night. Also try to cut back on soda and drink more water. hopefully she's not a junk food addict, because that can also affect skin.

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