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11 Weeks Pregnant with Terrible Headaches

I am 11 weeks preg and I have had a headache for almost an entire week. Twice I have had blurred vision. I have never had headaches before now. I went to the doctor friday he said I just needed rest. That doesnt seem to help either. Im just curious has anyone else done this?

What can I do next?

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I had a few really bad headaches with my second pregnancy, my doctor suggested I eat more protein when I get the headaches. It helped me, maybe it would help you.- A.

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Hello and congratulations! I am sorry to hear about the headaches but it is pretty common. I have always had a history of migrains but they were much more severe and often when I was pregnant. It has a lot to do with hormones and stress. I don't know your situation but if there is anything at all that might be stressing you....try to deal with it or let it go. It made a world of difference for me. The severe migrains is actually how I knew that I was pregnant the second time. Hopefully this will be of some help.

I will also pray for your relief from this pain.

I know how you feel and I'm sorry. I had horrible headaches with both of my children. In fact the headaches were how I knew I was pregnant the second time. The blurry vision came along with them.

Like you I never had headaches before I got pregnant.

My doctor told me they were due to the increased blood flow and production. He recommened taking Tylonol PM at night. I slept alot better and they got better after about the 20 week of pregnancy. The Tylonol PM just helps you sleep and you can't get addicted to it and it wont hurt the baby.

In a pregnancy it is hard to tell what causes the headaches. As you can tell from the many responses there are different remedies for the headaches. With my second child I had severe headaches that put me in bed for several days at a time. It hurt to move. I was really stressed out and ended up having to get on an anti-depression medication that worked wonders. With my third child I had the blurred vision. At first I didn't know what was going on, I would get dizzy and my vision would get blurry and then go black. Someone told me when that happens to eat a banana. It really helped, from that point on I made sure to eat at least one banana a day and the blurred visions stopped. Also for both of those pregnancies I had gestational diabetes. This may have had something to do with the headaches and blurred vision, but I am not sure. There are so many things that have headaches and blurred vision as symptoms, so it can be hard to diagnose. My suggestion is to tell your doctor that you want to be tested for everything that can cause those problems. Sometimes the doctors just don't want to go through all the testing so you might have to be persuasive. I hope this helps and I wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy.

I have two children and another on the way. Instead of morning sickness, I get headaches. The headaches can be so bad, but unfortunately, I am only allowed Tylenol. My doctor said I could take Ibuprofen up until 20 weeks (Tylenol doesn't work all that well for me). Just take what your doctor says you can and try to get some rest - try to take a nap when you have a headache - if you can. The washclothe on your forehead could help too. Just keep your doctor informed. For me, it took about 3 months before they went away, but I am 25 weeks and I still get them. Hang in there!

It sounds more serious to me than just take some tylenol and get some rest. I would be concerned. Your blood pressure could be high. You could have low blood sugar or it may just be that your body hasn't adjusted to the hormone level. I had a headache once or twice while I was pregnant but I did take tylenol and it went away but you had one for a whole week and your vision is blurred. I would keep a check on your blood pressure and have your blood sugar tested. Could be nothing but then it might be something. I wouldn't take a chance. I found this on the internet....

Potential Ways to Treat Your Headaches

* Some headaches are triggered by low blood sugar. You can prevent any bouts of decreased blood sugar by not missing meals and carrying high-energy snacks with you.
* Drink plenty of water - dehydration can cause headaches.
* Whenever possible, avoid loud music, noisy restaurants, packed parties and crowded department stores.
* Ensure your environment is healthy. An overheated, smoke-filled unventilated room can trigger some people's headaches. Also, make sure that your home and workspace have adequate natural lighting.
* Try going out for a brisk walk.
* Rest (but not too much, sometimes too much rest can worsen your overall symptoms)!
* Meditation and yoga are two ways to help you relax and decrease the effects of tension headaches.
* Try lying down in a dark quiet room with your feet up for ten to 15 minutes.
* Acupuncture, biofeedback and massage have been show to bring some relief from a headache.
* Alternating hot and cold compresses to the aching area for ten minutes can alleviate some of your pain.
* Cut a lemon into wedges and suck the juice out of the wedges.
* It's a good idea to avoid taking any kind of drugs while pregnant. However, if your practitioner recommends it, a paracetemol is OK but limit the number you take.

Hope it helps. I would find another doctor if the one you have is not doing all they can. And it just my opinion but a female doctor is much better than a male doctor. It's a long story but I've been through about 6 male doctors before I found the one that I go to now. She is wonderful.

Good Morning D.~

I had never had a headache really until I got pregnant. Then I got migrains, and they actually gave me migrain medicine. I ended up with pre-eclampsia (I don't think I spelled it right), where I had to have ultra sounds done three times a week. The stress of my headache caused stress to my baby. So if your headaches are bothering you, you definitly need to have it checked out...naturpaths are great when it comes to being pregnant...they can help you with all natural cures instead of putting medications into your body, which I didn't know about until after the fact. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thanks and good luck sweetie.

I never had headaches. In fact I felt better pregnant than I have ever felt in my life. But.... I have heard of people doing things like that and end up having a stroke because their blood pressure is so high. If it continues, keep calling or go to his office and get them to check your BP. Stay on them until they listen. In the mean time, drink lots of water and lay down and rest as much as possible.
Just don't let it go on too terribly long. It could be other things too.....as simple as hormone release and your body isn't use to it so you get a little head ache until your body adjusts.

I know when i was pregnant this was the first thing i noticed. My headaches wouldnt go away and i never got them before either. I would just get a cold cloth and put over my head, and i know i did alot of resting and it did help some but not all the way. I feel for ya its hard to rest especially when you have an older child. Hopefully they will end soon. Best wishes.

I had headaches also. I realized it was because I stopped caffeine. Everyone tells you your not supposed to have it. My doctor said it wasn't as bad as people thought. It doesn't hurt your baby unless you ingest unreal amounts. I started having my daily pepsi agian and the headaches were not so bad.

Did your doctor take your blood pressure? What was it? Headaches and blurred vision can happen with high blood pressure. Pregnant women are at high risk for hypertension during pregnancy. If you are not sure about your B/P, then go to a pharmacy and use their automated machine to find out what it is. Even better, if you know of anyone in the health care profession who would have a blood pressure cuff, have them take it. Definitely, try to stay off your feet as much as possible and get some rest. Try to cut down on extra salt in your diet too. That may help with the headaches. I hope you get to feeling better. Congratulations on being a mommy!

I had bad headaches while pregnant, many times with blurred vision and lightheadedness, almost passing out a few times. I was anemic. Has your doctor checked your iron count? Try eating some food that is high in iron and see if you feel any better. My doctor ended up putting me on some prescription iron pills, it helped me alot!

I did have really excruciating headaches during my first tri-mester of pregnancy, and I mean like all day every day. I was prone to having headaches a lot anyway, but by the second tri-mester they completely stopped. I guess my hormones were just going nuts those first few months and after they leveled off the headaches stopped. My doctor also suggested drinking a ton of water. I would usually fill up a liter bottle twice a day. She said that helped because your blood volume doubles (?I think) during pregnancy and the water just helps thin it out a little or something. Hope that helps. It's rough I know.

Have you ever had trouble with high blood pressure? I was on bed rest for the last week of my pregnancy due to high blood pressure. Also, if you're wearing contact lenses, you may want to try wearing glasses during the pregnancy. I was getting severe eye pains, and both my family doctor & eye doctor recommended I just wear the glasses the rest of my pregnancy. It got rid of the eye pain.

i had terrible headaches with my first child. and ended up with pregnancy induced hypertension. you should check your blood pressure often, especially if you're having blurred or spotted vision. and take note to your BP when you go for your checkups! if you're seeing a slight rise every time point it out to him....and watch for pitting edema too. (swelling that indents when you press on it) keep salt out of your diet, and rest up! Congrats on the pregnancy, we'll be having one ourselves in a few weeks!

I had a few really bad headaches with my second pregnancy, my doctor suggested I eat more protein when I get the headaches. It helped me, maybe it would help you.- A.

D., my daughter was living at home when she was pregnant.She had headaches she took tylenol. It has no aspirin in it. Her doctor told her it was ok. Maybe you could try this. My daughter had a beautiful baby boy. He is now 15 months old and healthy. So you might want to try it.You could check with your doctor first. I'm surprised he didn't recommend it. When I was pregnant way back when my doctor also told me it was ok. My daughter is now 26 will be 27 in December. My son is 25. Take care I hope for the best.L.

As you see there are many reasons why you can have a migraine while you are pregnant. Hopefully your OB has checked for Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. If these are Ok and your headaches continue, especially with any type of visual disturbance, you may ask your OB if you should see a Neurologist. I started having daily migraines with my second pregnancy, right at the beginning of my 2nd trimester(about 13 weeks. Within a week, I had blurred vision and then I lost my peripheral vision and had floaters in the sides of my eyes. I had no blood pressure or blood sugar disorders. My OB sent me to a neurologist, and it ended up being vascular changes, he told me sometimes can be brought on by the changes in hormones during pregnancy. It can be dangerous if untreated, so keep a close eye on this. Hopefully yours is just normal headaches during pregnancy.

Hi D.!
I just went through the same thing. I stressed to my OB that i was miserable and he offered safe medicines during my pregnancy. He offered Ezol and Midrin. They both work pretty well. I can say that I feel your pain and to take it easy. I had the headaches until I was almost halfway through my second trimester then they just vanished. I can say that it was horrible and i feel so much better now. The headaches would even wake me up at night and last for a week at a time. So I would suggest talk to your doctor and see what he/she can do for you!
Take it easy and hope you feel better soon!!!

Hi, D.. My name is M.. I have 2 boys and another baby due January. With my first child I had something called pre-eclampsia. I didn't show any signs of having it until I actaully went in to deliver my son, but some of the sign of having it are high blood pressure, headaches, problems seeing and other symptoms. I'm pretty sure that typically pre-eclampsia doesn't show up until the 3rd trimester, but just thought I would let you know about it so you could research it and become more familiar with it. I'm not a doctor, so your headaches and blurred vision could be due to other reason...like maybe hormones and your body getting use to the baby. Good luck!


Hi D..

When I was pregnant with my last child (my son Bronsyn) I was having horrible headaches. Because I was worried about what medications I should and shouldn't take while pregnant I decided to research natural cures. Believe it or not, GATORADE worked for me. I chose the RAIN flavored (it is purplish/pink in color). I would put about 2 cups in a glass of ice and drink it slowly and sure enough my headache would go away. Now I have heard some people say GATORADE is not the healthiest drink but for me it was better than drugs and most of all....IT WORKED!!!!

THIS may be A CHOICE IF YOUR HEALTH IS COMPLETELY IN CHECK...blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. If all of that looks good when u go to the doctor and he/she cannot seem to find anything wrong then of course, stay hydrated with water, milk, juice, etc. but for headaches you just cannot seem to get rid of you may want to choose GATORADE.

Best of luck to you and best wishes for a happy healthy new addition to your family!!!

R....mother of 2 beautiful, happy children. Maegan (age 14) and Bronsyn (13 months)!


First I would like to say congratulations. But if you keep the headache all the time, have you had your blood pressure really checked? Keep a log of your blood pressure through out the day. I am no doctor but my niece did this and it turned out to be gestation type diebeties. I know this isn't spelled right. So please keep it monitored. Please let me know how you are doing and I will keep you and the baby in my prayers. Oh, by the way my name is J. and I am from Oklahoma. My e-mail address is ____@____.com.

With bith if my precnancies I have had horrible headaches. BUT I have a history of migraines. They mainly bothered me in my 1st and 3rd trimesters due to the changes in my hormones according to my dr. Try a warm bath, or cup of coffee, sometimes the caffine will help. If that doesn't help try this it works- I've done it for years. Take a dap of icy hot (or any muscle rub) any apply it across your temples and forehead. It will burn a little of course but just a secrd and it will relax the pain pretty quickly. Also if possible laying down in a dark, quiet place will help. Hope something here will help you! B.

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