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11 Months Old and No Teeth

My soon to be 11 month old has no teeth and no signs of teeth coming in. He is on 4-6oz. bottles a day and not only do I want to switch him to a sippy but more solid foods. He will sometimes take about 3 stage 3 jars of baby food but how can I incoporate more solid foods in his diet without any teeth? I'm really worried about him choking.

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Thanks for all the information, I'll not worry so much about the teeth not coming in and work on small bites of different foods that he can gum. Also I have tried the net thing and that is a great invention and has worked great. Thanks again for the help I really appreciate it! =)

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my daughter didn't cut any teeth until after her first birthday. One thing you could try is those net looking things that you put fresh fruit in and they chew on it, it has a ring at the end for easy grasping too. Believe they are at Walmart and Target.

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My son is 12 months old and only has 2 teeth, he eats table food just fine (he refuses jarred baby food). We just make sure we cut the food in small pieces and we have never had a problem.

Hi. My son was almost 14 months old before he got his first tooth. You would be surprised at what they can " gum" and be able to safely eat. He was eating stage 3 foods with no problems. You should try different foods and just watch him as he eats it. My son ate pancakes, bananas, and occasional french fries. Good luck!

2 things...Gums are very good at destroying food...and don't worry bout his teeth...have you ever seen a 16 year old without any teeth? of course not...they will come!

Put your finger in his mouth and let him bite it and you'll feel that even without teeth, his gums are hard! He'll be able to gum a lot of solid foods!

gums are tough and he can eat anything a baby with just 4 teeth could eat. its the back teeth that chew. besides even if he had a head full, babies basically just swallow not chew properly. just dont give meat that isnt small enough to swallow. but if you give like boiled or steamed carrots for example he can still gum them just as well as we can chew them. bitter buiscuts are good too. the more he gums them the faster his teeth may come in also. fruit puffs disolve in their mouths. just stay close either way when he eats and dont let him eat too much at once til he gets the hang of it.

OK, this is one I know lots about. One of my sons did not get his first tooth until he was 15 months old! I had the same concerns about food but ultimately it came down to just giving him the food you would normally introduce (including meat) and he'll gum it. My guy was gumming steak (little bits of course) and having no trouble at all. The Pediatrician kept saying getting teeth late was normally no big deal, but I wanted to know when it would be considered a problem. She said that if he hadn't gotten his first tooth by 15 months, then they do a head xray to see if the teeth are there. So, we reached 15 months and I said to the hubby that I was going to call the pediatrician the next morning to schedule the xray and sure enough, we woke the next morning and there was the first tooth!! The rest came very quickly and luckily he had almost no pain - he's a trooper - and all was well. Just give little bites and he'll be fine.

You would be amazed at what kids can do without teeth. My daughter did not get her first tooth until she was 19 months old and I did not really hold back on too much. Just make sure you are cutting the food smaller then normal.

My neice just got her first tooth at 13 mo. I know her pediatrician told her mom that she should be able to "gum" any food you would give a child that age who had teeth (they're very hard). My sis-in-law gave her table food (in very small pieces of course) from 9/10 months on. She's done great with it!

Hi A.! I wouldn't be too concerned with the teeth issue. My 14 month old has only one tooth and she is able to eat a lot of finger foods/solids. She can eat small pieces of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches even! I would just stay away from really hard/crunchy foods. My pediatrician told me that they can eat just fine without teeth because their gums are very hard.

Good luck!

My oldest son who is now 3 was a late teether as well. He got his one year molars the week of his 2nd birthday. I've heard the longer it takes to come in the better they are spaced in the mouth (not sure about that though). Anyways, there are tons of things you can start feeding him now, and the sooner the better. The longer you wait for table food the harder it will be to transition.

Canned vegatable and noodle soup (Progresso is wonderful) All the veggies are so soft they mash well.

Tofu - I don't eat it myself by Jack loved it and it helped get him some protein

Canned veggies

Canned pears, and peaches


dry cereal


Oscar Mayer shaved turkey - my 1 year old eats half a turkey and cheese sandwhich as long as it's proccessed cheese and not real cheddar. I just cut it up really small.

Basically anything you can put in your mouth and smash on the roof of you mouth with you tounge is fine. You will be surprised how much they can eat!

Good Luck!

my daughter didn't cut any teeth until after her first birthday. One thing you could try is those net looking things that you put fresh fruit in and they chew on it, it has a ring at the end for easy grasping too. Believe they are at Walmart and Target.

My boys did not get teeth until 11-12 months... Many perks to this-don't stress. The teething seemed easier on them, the doctor said it was actually a benifit in that later teeth equals less trouble with cavities- because the teeth aren't there and therefore just keep cleaning the gums. (My boys each had a tooth brush that they loved even without teeth) When the teeth came it made it really easy to transition to teeth brushing. Biting didn't really happen in our case either.

I also found that with my boys it was easier to switch to a silcone top tippy (nuby makes one) and it was a really easy switch because it was soft like a bottle and they learned quickly to take a hard tip sippy one they figured the soft tip tippy out.

On the food- We just feed them small portions and they gummed them and loved them. cheerios-meat-pasta-fruit-lots of stuff... Plus if you don't want to buy the baby food mush any more use a little hand food chopper/blender thing, it cost less then $20.(stage three baby food is solids in a blender basically) so next time you do pasta(that is an easy one in a hand blender put it in. try it- You can save so much by having one of these little choppers/blender- Mine is a -black in decker handy chopper plus- we love it for the baby food. I actually did almost anything we ate in it and it was great. You can then freeze left overs for later too. I used icecube tray and then once frozen place them in zipplocks then I could feem him however many ice cubes later using a silcon cupcake pan would work also- It is just nice to ba able to not have to thaw everything just to get a kids size portion.

Good luck and don't strees over the teeth-they will be healthy and strong when they come in...

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