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11 Month Old with Fever

my 11 month is getting her second tooth. is it normal for her to have a temp of 101 for a couple of days?

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I have 7 children, ALL my kids ran fever. The doctor told me to rotate between tylenol and motrin for the fever. If it gets over 101 I would seek the doctor because it can et infected as it breaks the gums. Good Luck!

yes very normal.My little girl cut her front 4 at the same time.I took her to the emergency room with 103 temp.Dr.sent me home with tylonol.lol..

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many children run fever with each tooth. I was one of those as was my son. watch for pulling of the ears as this can sometimes go along with it. Don't want an ear infection. I would get some teething tablets to help and sugar free popsicles worked at our house. good luck it doesn't last forever

Hi, I agree that low grade fevers accompany teething, but I would think that 101 is a bit high just to be due to teething. I have a friend who swears that all her kids get that high during teething though, so it is possible. But just watch for other signs of illness or dehydration as even this friend found out that her child who she thought was merely teething had strep. So, don't discount it just because she's getting a tooth.

No. If the fever lasts much longer, please call your doc.

totally normal. if it goes up to the 102-103 range, call the doctor. keep a close eye on it to make sure it doesn't go up and of course make sure she's getting enough fluids.

My daughter got a runny nose and a low-grade fever with every new tooth. Children's ibuprofen will take care of the fever and help with the pain.

If she gets a high fever, or if she starts pulling at her ears, you'll want to take her to the doc - sometimes ear infections accompany new teeth.

i am one of those moms that go to the doc for everything and it saved my 11 month old baby she also had fever for maybe 2 days higher like 103 but when we got to the hospital she had a seizer and stopped breathing and they had to bring her back most scary thing i have ever gone through.(she is wonderful now.) but anyway the doc will say if it does not go down with Tylenol bring her in. do that!!! but another thing you can do is do Tylenol and ibuprofen one first and the other 4 hours later this along with a luke warm bath should break the temp. also if you have never used ibuprofen talk to your doctor.

Your child will not only run fever, but will be irritable and cranky and also have diarehera--doctors will tell you different, but it is the truth-(My best friend who is a nurse told me that when my son started teething). My son ran fever with every tooth and now runs fever with 6 year molars. When the eye teeth and molars start coming in fevers go up and stomachs go sour. Stock up on Tylenol and Motrin and alternate every 3 hours and also stock up on diapers, you will definitely need it. Also another bit of advice is when it is time to give shots/immunizations--give Tylenol or Motrin 30 minutes before to help control the fever they will get when they have shots and alternate them every 3 hours for 2 days--(My best friend who is a nurse told me that also). Good Luck!!!

Go to Dr. Mercola's website and read about baby fevers.
It will give you a wealth of knowledge.


Hope this helps!

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