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11 Month Old Gagging on Solid Foods

My 11 month old will only eat level 2 baby food. Anything thicker makes him gag and I am worried he may have a problem. I have tried jar food, home prepared food but if the consistency is too thick he begins gagging and often throws up. Has anyone had a similar problem and how long does it usually last? I know all babies develop at different times but I am worried there may be something else wrong.

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My daughter did this and I found out she had allergies and mucus was built up in the back of her throat so anytime she ate it irretated her and she would gag. I had to treat it first before feeding her. Good luck.

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when my baby started gaging on baby foods he was ready for finger foods!! but made a mistake by stopping babyfood. next time i will give him toddler food and then sit down with a small babyfood jar to feed him.

Have you TRIED regular diced foods? Some babies don't have a gagging problem, but a texture problem. He may hate the texture of stage 2. Give him cooked carrots, green beans, and diced fruits and cheerios. If he can't eat these either, then definitely talk to the dr. You might also call ECI. They can evaluate him for free and see if he has some problems (sensory or otherwise) you may not have been aware of, and help you treat him.

I would talk to your doctor for a definitive answer, but my 12 month old is gagging on the chunky stage 3. My doc said it would just take some time and to keep working at it. He's gotten better, not throwing up as much (maybe just once every couple of days), and we've been at it for two weeks. My son won't eat anything solid (none of the puffs, smooshed up banana, tiny bit of cheerio) without gagging. I've found that if he starts gagging on something and then we put a spoonful of something he doesn't gag on in his mouth, then he's able to swallow it. I'm not sure if he's learning when we do this, but at least he doesn't throw up. I'm going to give it a couple more weeks and then talk to the doctor again if he's not progressing. Good luck!

Hi C.,,,,
i think you need to take him to the DR
good luck L.

My daughter did this and I found out she had allergies and mucus was built up in the back of her throat so anytime she ate it irretated her and she would gag. I had to treat it first before feeding her. Good luck.

My story is the same as the other moms' postings. When my son was younger, we stayed on stage 2 foods as we introduced table foods (diced but not mushy) to him. His pediatrician said that it wasn't a problem since each child is different as long as he was getting the nutrician he needed for healthy growth and development. He is now 2 yrs 2 months old. He still does not like thicker consistancy foods including pudding. He loves applesauce but won't eat mac-n-cheese...loves cake but not the icing...LOL. It's really trial and error. He will eat fresh fruits and steamed veggies (nothing from a can because the texture is different) and most meats so long as I don't cut them up too small for him...he likes to pick up and take bites as opposed to just putting the whole piece in his mouth.

Just keep working with your son. He may grow out of it, he may not. You just have to find a balance of things he'll eat. Also, try eating with him...eat a banana and give him small amounts. Let him see how yummy it is and how much you enjoy it...you're son may want to eat it just because the person he loves most is eating it too. Cheerios and Kix are great little crunchy bits that kids love at that age as well :) Best of luck. :)

I don't know about the throwing up, but my daughter would not eat anything but stage 2 foods until she was about 13 months old. She just didn't like the consistency of anything else. She did like puffs and rice crispies - have you tried them?

Good luck!

My son did that too, there was nothing wrong with him he was just really grossed out by the food! He hated all the mixed baby food that was thick and lumpy (I don't blame him!!) Try feeding your baby the food you eat, just make sure to cut it in tiny pieces!

I haven't had this problem (yet, 9 month old not there yet and 7 year old never did) but my sisters have both had boys with horrible gag reflexes. Just keep offering both. If you see that he is losing weight - take him in. Both my sisters still have one kiddo a piece that gag at the slightest thing and have to be real careful to cut food up and not let them eat to quickly.

If the baby is gagging then throwing up I would attribute it more to the gagging. If the baby has not gagged and is throwing up the food - there could be a food intolerance so just pay attention to the foods you are feeding him. Maybe even keep a little food journal with what he ate, what time of day, and what the reaction was (gag, throw up, loved, or any other reaction) and then see if you can pin point anything.

The key is you don't panic and just go with the flow - it is new to both of you and it all takes time.

I wouldn't push the level 3s on him for awhile. Let him eat and advance at his own pace.

My best friends baby did that same thing. He is almost 3 and still does this....I would check with your Dr. and keep trying new foods...don't give up. For my friends son it is a texture thing. He is healthy as a horse and is doing well but some foods set him off!

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