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101 Fever for a Week

My daughter has had a low (100-101) fever since Saturday. We were just going to wait it out. She didn't appear "sick." No cough, phlegm, vomiting, diahrea, or anything. The only symptoms were slightly decreased appetite (which came back when we put her favorite food in front of her) and a little sleepier during her naps. She is almost 3 years old. (3 in November). The fever responds to medicine but then spikes up again when the medication wears off. Off the meds, she is low on energy and wants to lay and watch TV. On meds (fever is down), she is happy, and playful as always. She says that nothing hurts. We took her to the doctor on Wednesday and of course, they just sent her back home. Her ears, lungs, and throat (including strep test) are fine. Today, she woke up with a 101 fever. What could this be? My colleagues at work are telling me to take her to the emergency room, but I sort of feel like that is too much and it will be a waste of time - not that my child's health is not worth every precaution, but we have a 9 month old at home too and time is not a luxury we always have. What could it be, how serious is it, and what should we do? Thanks in advance!!

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Two things, two more possiblilities:
My 7 yr old went through this a few months ago. The dr. finally decided that he had been exposed to Mono at some point and that it was related to that.

My 20m old had this, and we finally decided that she was having an allergic reaction to something. After about a week, the fever broke and she was fine.


Maybe have her tested for lyme. My sister had lyme for years and if they could have caught it when she first started having fevers it would have been so much easier to treat.

Fever usually indicates an infection some where. Emergency room visit may help or ask pediatrician to run more test.Don't just over look. It could be serious.

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I can't say for sure. But a little girl in my daughters class was out of school for about 2 weeks with the same problem. She felt fine but just had the constant fever. her doctor said she had a virus and would just have to wait it out. It sounds like that. My suggestion would be to keep distance between her and your 9 month old so he doesn't catch it but it sounds like maybe you just have to wait it out. However, if the fever persist and she develops any other symptoms I would take her back to the doctor. And more than anything I have found that a mothers instict can be very helpful. If you "feel" like it's something more serious follow that and go back to the doctor. If you "feel" ok but are just worried you are missing something, relax and see how things go. good luck!!

I would got back to the Dr. Do you know if she has been bitten by any deer ticks? The symptoms include a fever for a week. 50% of all cases DO NO get the bull-eye. ANother symptom is a rash. It wont hurt to have her tested.

I am guessing hat her body is fighting some kind of bug. She will probably be better soon. A fever is not dangerous until it reaches 105. Fever is the body's natural way of killing germs. Try giving her extra Vitamin C to strengthen her immune system. Did the doctor check for appenicitis? I have also known people having fever from insect bites. AF

Take her to the doctor for a urine test!!! She probably has a urinary tract infection! I can't believe your doctor didn't check for this! My daughter had the same symptoms, but my doctor suspected what it was right away! Mine ended up having a a condition called bladder reflux, very important to get treated! Please update us!

The only time my son had a fever for almost a week and no other symptoms he had Roseola. If she gets a rash as soon as the fever breaks then that is probably what she has.
Check out this link for some more info....


I wouldn't worry about it. She might be fighting off something but it's minor. Does she have all her teeth. She could be getting her molars in late. That would cause that. My Dr. always said if you child doesn't act sick don't treat them sick. they will just send you home from the emergency room it's not an emergency. I would just wait it out until she's Acting sick or her temp gets really high over 102. is what my Dr. said.

My son and me and my daughter just got over this about a week ago. Some kind of freak bug got us, the neighbors kid spread it to Xavier, to me, then my baby girl. Xavier had fever vomiting and I had no symptoms except a sore throat and fever. I was a horrible couple of days the doc gave us tylenol, motrin, cepacol and sent us home. It's up to you if you go to the doc, it definitely gave me peace of mind. I went to a Navy doc and I went to Patient First because I over reacted.

My daughter around that age had Roseola(sp?)and she also ran a fever for a long time but it spiked at one point. Is there any kind of rash? It can be very faint and lacy looking.

I'm assuming she goes to daycare, ask them if there's been anything going around. I don't think I'd go to the emergency but I'd call the doctor back and follow up.

Did they do a quick strep test (in the office) if so ask for a culture instead. My daughter passes a quick test every time and 5days later we're back at the doctors, we don't even bother doing those anymore.

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