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10 Weeks and Spotting

I have a question for all of you who have been pregnant before. I am 10 weeks with my first, and I am just having a horrible time! At about 5 or 6 weeks, I was sent to the emergency room with spotting, and they thought it was ectopic. After many ultrasounds they found out it wasnt, but then I started bleeding like a period and having cramps! I went back to the doc and they did more research and found the baby was fine, and there was no miscarriage, and that it was developing fine. Well... several weeks have fone by and that all had gone away, however exactly at my 10 week mark, (monday) I started spotting again! It continued yesterday, and today it is even worse. The blood is always a brownish tint, never red, but it is still a litte weird for me. I know that it is not supposed to happen. Am I worried about nothing? Did this happen to anyone else? Should I go back in or just not worry about it. Anything to put my mind at east would be great. Thanks!

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Thank you all for your help and kindess. Now I know not to worry so much, and just make sure I keep checking in with my doc. Thanks again, and happy holidays!! :)

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Hi. I just had my second son. I spotted for the first 4 months of this last pregnancy. I worried like crazy but the doctor kept telling me that everything was fine. I just trusted the doc. I stopped spotting after 4 months and everything was fine. My baby is healthy. I would call your doc any and every time you think something is wrong or you feel worried. That's what they are there for...to make sure that you and baby are healthy and happy. Good luck and congrats!

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With my 1st daughter I bleed but it was brown colored. My doctor checked and found that I had a low lying placenta and that she was fine. She put me on bed rest for a week. That seemed to help. My daughter was even born 1 1/2 weeks past her due date. She is a very health 5 yr old.
Just keep going to the doctor if you don't feel well about what is going on.


A family friend of hours had periods DURING her pregnancy and has two healthy kids. The women in her family jsut had that.

I spotted through the first half of my first pregnancy and kept getting checkups and even a 3D ultrasound. All was fine and I had a wonderful baby girl.

Keep up with your checkups no matter how many times they have to do them... but believe (I mean this) that all is well. Relax (not too much driving, heavy lifting, etc) and enjoy this time. I know the stress you feel as I went through this, too. Hang in there... all WILL be fine. My daughter (almost 6) is your proof.

God bless. Happy Holidays.

I had almost the exact experience you described. I am now 32 wks pg, and boy has this been a bumpy ride. My 1st pg was textbook, and this is anything but! I spotted as big as 4" x like a 1/2" and it was sometimes mucousy and once or twice bright red. I was told by the ER that you're okay unless you're SOAKING a pad in 2 hrs and severely cramping to the point you feel like you're in labor (you wouldn't know that I guess-but VERY bad pain). I always called my dr if for nothing else my peace of mind. I'd have some spotting and then it would get better and then boom, it would be back like a week later! My dr also kept me on pelvic rest and said to take it easy!

Good luck. Feel free to email if you want. Mine subsided around 11 or 12 wks. Go to www.misdiagnosedmiscarriage.com and/or babycenter and a lot of people are experiencing this there too. It helped me!

I was 25 and healthy when I got pregnant but like you had cramping and spotting. I kept freaking out and calling my doctor. Fortunately, nothing was wrong. The spotting was also slightly brown never red. I was under a lot of stress so I don't know if that had something to do with it. I would recommend you remain calm but call your doctor. Let her be the one to decide if you need to come in or not. My doctor would ask me a couple of questions and then let me know what signs I needed to look for indicating an emergency. I can't remember when I stopped spotting but it was definitely only during the first trimester. My baby was born at 37 weeks but very healthy. She weighed 6lbs 12oz.

Hope this helps!

I would go to the dr. just to ease your mind. It might be nothing but you want to make sure.
I hope everything is ok.

I had spotting at 4 weeks. I found out I was pregnant on September 9th 2005 and about 7 days later I started spotting.I called the doctor and they said it was more then likly just the egg emplanting or something like that.I went out of town and the next day I started bleeding like a period. I called my doctor because a few days before that I saw my reg. MD and she told me to go to the nearest ER. She also reviewed my lab work and she said that my progesterone levels were low and I should be taking something to help prevent a miscarriage.
I went to an Urgent Care Center and they said that I was having a miscarriage. I was so upset.
I could not understand why this was happening I was young and healthy. A few days later when I got back home I went to my Doctor and told them what they had said they did an ultrasound. They saw that the sac was still in place but they could not hear the heartbeat. They told me to come back in a week and they would do another ultrasound. In the meantime they were treating me as if I was still pregnant so they gave me a progesterone supplement to stop the bleeding. I went back in a week and they did another ultrasound and I heard the heartbeat and at that point I knew everything was ok. I stayed on those pills for about 4-6 weeks. After that I did not have anymore bleeding. On May 11th I had a beautiful 8 lbs 8oz baby girl.
I wish you and your baby the best and I hope everything gets better for you. Sorry So long.

Dear D.,
Hi! Congratulations on your baby! I know how much this is worrying you. I've been there 4 times. Yep...4 pregnancies, 4 times for spotting and 4 healthy babies. The first pregnancy I cramped just like a period. In fact, I was so sure I was miscarrying that I went ahead and took a lot of prescription cramp medicine. Well, he's 17 and doing great!! The next two pregnancies, I spotted a lot but with very little actual cramping. Still scary. They are now 15 and 11. The fourth time, I bled so much it would run down my leg in the shower. (Probably more than you wanted to know!) He is now 2 1/2 and such fun. They think I miscarried his twin on the last pregnancy. I had a gut feeling I was carrying twins and made them look all around my uterus during the first sono. They found an egg sac that they said was either behind in development or "on it's way out". So, we figure that's what happened. But, they wouldn't have looked for the second one if I hadn't insisted. So...keep the faith. Everything will probably be fine. Rest and take it easy... but realize there is really nothing you can do to affect the outcome. Just know that there are at least four happy, healthy children that all started out the way yours is!! I am sure there are more!
God Bless,

Hi D.,

I know that sometimes this happens during pregnancy and have heard it from many women. In my case I was spotting and cramping for several weeks in the beginning....of course more cramping than spotting...Thank God for my Doctor who tested me extensively(as I was a high risk pregnancy due to my age) and found that my progesterone was low..she put me on a progesterone pill, and I had no more problems from then on. I have a friend who had the same problem, and she had to be put on progesterone with both of her little darlings. We all have happy, beautiful, healthy babies now. Please check with your doctor to see if this is a possibility with you...My Doctor happened to ALWAYS be overly cautious with me...but it definitely paid off. Wishing you blessings for you, your sweet baby and your health!


At the begining of my pregnancy I had blood in my stomach and my doctor told me just to take it easy..Basically be lazy until she saw me the next time. But she said that spotting all the time in not normal, maybe you should think about seeing another OBGYN. I'm not trying to worry you. Everything will work its self out. I'm only 19 and married and on my second one. You should call you doctor when this is happening and tell him/her that this doesnt seem normal to you and your very worried and they need to test more and or better. Or maybe I'm wrong and it can happen to some people, there have been people that have had there period the entire pregnancy. So you could be one of those people, but I would want more tests just to be sure. Is there any bleeding in your stomach?

Hi D.:

I have two kids, but have never experienced the spotting. I did get severe cramps with my first, partly because of her position. Some women do still have periods during pregnancy. I would just continue to keep an eye on your condition. Keep consulting your doctor. Once you begin to feel the baby move, try to monitor how often you feel movements. Don't hesitate to call your doctor or go to the emergency room if you are afraid something is wrong. Good luck and God Bless!


I have had 3 babies and have had many friends that have done this. Only worry if the blood is bright red. I the blood is brownish it is old blood. I have known some that have bled all through their pg. Keep positive! Your body responds to your positive thoughts. Keep in touch with your doc and trust yourself you know your body the best.

I know this is an old post but hopefully you have quit spotting by now. I am 35yo and pg with my first (I am now at 17wks) and I spotted 24/7 for the first 9wks. It was bright red and contained some tissue occaisionally. I had 2 sonograms and nothing looked abnormal. I had no pain and a little bit of mild cramping. It stopped at about9-10wks and is gone! Everything is still great as far as I know. So good luck and my Dr. told me really don't worry if it is brownish. I am sure you will be fine.


I think the only thing that will put you at ease is to go back to your doctor. It never mattered how much I talked to someone else about symptoms, I always felt better after seeing the doctor. I wish you the best of luck.


I don't want to scare you, but being worried is a good thing! I lost my first baby at 34 weeks for no medical reason...I went in on a monday for a check-up and he was fine, then the following monday there was no heartbeat. And with my second son (who is healthy now amen) I started bleeding at about 12 weeks and they told me that I WOULD miscarry the baby. Luckily I didn't but they did do extra tests on me much more regularly, and even delivered me early. Don't worry about being overly cautious because if something does happen you will constanty ask yourself "what if..."
All the best

It is more common then you think. I noticed that you said this dosen't happen. I did basiccly the same with my first. To put your mind at ease call your doctor. that's what htere here for. The last thing you want to do is put your stress level up. Hope this helped.

Girl, you are not crazy. It is normal and natural to worry when you see spotting. I had brown spotting with both of my girls through 15 and 13 weeks, respectively. I say, call your nurse/doctor, but no need for the ER. I'm sure your doctor is just trying to be causious (not trying to worry you). Congratulations on your first child!

Hi D.,

I am so sorry to hear that you are spotting. I know how scared you must be. I was pregnant last year at this time and I started spotting from week 6 until week 12, it wasn't constant, but when it happened I bled a brownish color and never red. Every time I did spot, I went to my doctor and they did a sonogram every time. If you are still spotting, go see your doctor. That is what they are here...and get paid for. My doctor said it was common in women, but it wasn't supposed to happen...encouraging, right? But, I stopped spotting at the end of my first trimester and I have a perfect six month old baby girl. Just try to relax and do what your doctor tells you to. I was paranoid and even stayed home from work a few days until the bleeding stopped...my doctor said I didn't have to do that. I will keep you and your baby in my prayers. Good luck.

I would certainly get it checked out. When I was exactlt 12 weeks pregnant with my first child I began bleeding. I went to the ER and they did the ultrasounds etc and everything was OK. I bled on and off for the next couple of months but had a healthy baby boy. Like you it was dark brown and not 'blood red' - which I understand is a good thing. You'd be surprised to know that I think this happens to quite a few women.
Good luck with your pregnancy.

With my second son, I had spotting until about week 12 - about once every three days. We finally found out that it was due to placenta previa. I now have a totally healthy one-month-old. That bleeding is a real rollercoaster ride, but try to keep your chin up and think positive! I have heard it from lots of moms of healthy babies.

Good Morning!!

My name is S. and I just had my first baby (a boy). I had a similar experience, although it wasn't as severe as yours. At about my 6th week I started bleeding one night but the next day it went away. Needless to say, I was freaked out and decided to call my Dr. Everything was fine.

This may seem like a personal question...but have you had intercourse lately? The reason I ask is because my Dr. said that the uterus is sensetive at this stage and sex can sometimes stimulate bleeding.

Please don't take this as gospel. As my mother told me "you are employing your Dr. Don't be afraid to call them everyday if you feel that is what is in the best interest of you and your child."

Hope this at least helps to calm your nerves. I would probably call the Dr if I were you. Just to put my mind at ease. Otherwise you are just going to continue to think about it and I know that isn't good.

Hope I helped!

I had the same thing too and went to the ER, and everything turned out to be fine. It could be implantation bleeding, which happens when the fertized egg implants in the uterus, although I would think it would have done that by 10 weeks already. You aren't worrying for nothing (that's impossible when you're pregnant!) but listen to what the docs say and try not to worry too much.

I guess its been a few days since you wrote, but I wanted to let you know that my mom told me she spotted through out her whole pregnancy with me, and went to full term and it was just something that happens to some people. Don't stress and believe whatever happens, happens for a reason. Best Wishes to you and your family. Let me know how everything turns out.

First Congrats on the baby and marriage!

I have 2 boys ages 19 months, and 3. When I was pregnant with my first, from 6 weeks until 14 weeks I had spotting. I wouldn't go to the ER, but call your Dr. when it happens to make sure they don't want to take a sonogram. I only had one extra sonogram, and everything was totally fine. He was born at 10 lbs and has been healthy as can be.

I know it can be scary! I wouldn't worry about it, and I really wouldn't read the internet or the back of the "What to expect when you are expecting" book. That will just make you crazy. That is what it did to me.

Take Care!!

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