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10 Month Old Won't Eat Baby Food, What Can I Feed Her?

My daughter has stopped eating baby food or food that looks like baby food and I don't know what to feed her, she will eat bread but she can't always just eat bread. I need help ladies thanks.

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Switch to the Gerber Graduates. Thats what I did for my son. He won't eat anything that's mushy except potatoes. Also try overcooked small pasta or Spagetti O's

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There is a great website that tells you which table foods to introduce and when and also gives some really good recipes as well. The website is www.wholesomebabyfoods.com

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It depends on how many teeth she has. My son had almost all his teeth by 10 months and basically was eating whatever we ate -just cut into very small pieces and with some exceptions like no nuts or other hard things that could easily choke him. Any slightly mashed or cubed soft fruit, vegetables and meats that are cut in very small pieces (IF she has a bunch of teeth) are great -so are whole grain cereals in milk, oatmeal, etc. Avocados are fantastic, and if she doesn't like them plain, try mixing with different salad dressings or seasoning blends. My son has always loved spicy foods and LOVES the milder Cajun blend seasoning on everything! Just watch the sodium in seasonings.

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Assuming no allergies: try yogurt (YoBaby is yummy), cooked whole wheat macaroni, ham or turkey torn into tiny bites, meatloaf, chicken cut tiny, cheerios, kix, scrambled eggs, cooked peas, carrots, a banana, peaches, soft and ripe pears, melon. Does she have any teeth?

BTW, babies don't need "baby food." I mean what did moms do before blenders? They mashed up table food so it was small enough to gum and swallow. Just feed her regular food by small.

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you can mash up bannanas and peaches. also, my daughter likes the mott's natural applesauce, it is so much tastier than baby food. she is probably just ready to transition to table foods. also, you can melt cheese slices on bread, and overcook the mac and cheese, and she will like that too. canned green beans are soft and cream of corn in the can is very yummy. is she eating any puffs or anything to learn how to chew?

hope this helps!!
S. m

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You could feed her potatoes, bananas, rice, cheese, apple sauce, fruite and vegetables, etc Maybe she is trying to let you know she is almos ready for the grown up foods

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She can eat anything you don't have to chew a lot. Stay away from steak, nuts, and anything that runs as an allergy in your family. Don't do too much dairy, but some cheese is fine unless your pediatrician says otherwise. My daughter would do little bites of lasagne; little pieces of chicken, rice grains, and lima beans or green beans cut up; little bits of avocado, ground turkey, and shredded cheese when we had tacos, etc, etc. The fall season coming up is a great time to look into different types of hard squashes that you can cook and cube, cooked/cubed sweet potatoes are super. This is a fantastic time to expose her to lots of different foods, and it will help to delay that inevitable picky stage they all go through. Don't be afraid to feed her anything your common sense says is okay. If you have a question, just call your pediatrician's office and ask a nurse.

Here are some foods we did:
cubed rotisserie chicken
cubed deli turkey (only a high-end brand with no preservatives)
pulled pork (bbq without sauce)
rice, brown and white (stay away from corn - it's a little hard on tummies)
pasta (mac n cheese, lasagne, rotini)
soft fruits cubed (grapes quartered, blueberries/cherries halved)
cubed cucumber, peeled
cooked carrots, sliced and halved
cubed oven "fried" sweet or white potatoes
cubed tofu
apples cooked in the microwave then cubed, allowed to cool

and so many more! this is a great time for you! :)

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By 10 months if she has teeth she should be able to eat "adult" foods. Try cooking veggies until they are soft and cutting them into small pieces. Don't season them and stay away from salt. My kids love Ms. Dash seasonings! According to my DR adding butter at that age was fine because they still need extra fat for their growing brain but don't over do it. Fruits (fresh or canned) cut into bite size pieces are a great snack or side dish but make sure you cut them small enough as they are more slippery if canned and aer much easier swallowed without chewing which is a choking hazard. Make sure you cut everything into baby bite size pieces for her and avoid foods that are most likely to be allergens (eggs, peanuts, peanut butter, etc.). Try making the food look fun. Another Mom gave me a great tip when my daughter was around 1, she said to get small cookie cutters and cut sandwiches or other foods into shapes. My daughter loved it and I still use that trick and she's almost 4! Try cutting cooked baby carrots so that they are round disks and call them carrot candy or call brocolli trees or drop a dab of food coloring or beet juice into mashed potatoes to give it a fun color. Hopefully something will help encourage her to eat and you will feel better knowing she is still eating healthy foods. Good luck!

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Apologies if you got these suggestions already -- didn't have time to read through all the responses. I posted similar info a while back to a feeding question here on Mamasource (you might want to check it out for more ideas -- http://www.mamasource.com/request/12602129287517044737 ), so I am copying/pasting here:

We skipped stage 3 foods and moved on to "real" food around 10-11 months as well. We started with regular applesauce, mac & cheese (cut up tiny), potatoes (inside of a baked potato, or mashed potatoes), soft green beans, peas, Gerber fruit puffs (they dissolve), cheerios, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, breads, etc. Basically most side dishes or veggies you'd have with a regular meal can be used if they are soft enough or small enough.

I must confess we also eat out a lot, so in those cases, she loved rice and sweet carrots (think of the kind you typically get with Chinese food, but you might want to pick out the eggs), plus stuff at the pizza/salad buffet like the little ham chunks, pineapples, peaches, shredded cheese or chunks of cheese, cottage cheese....

Also helpful for fruits is a mesh feeder (like this http://www.munchkin.com/products/detail.html?pID=37) Baby can chew on it and get the juices and pulp but you don't have to worry about choking. I guess you could put other stuff in it too. Our daughter loves strawberries, apples, blueberries and those little mandarin oranges. And bananas.

We also gave her yogurt starting around 11 months, when we started the transition from breast milk to regular milk.

Hope that's helpful.

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There is a great website that tells you which table foods to introduce and when and also gives some really good recipes as well. The website is www.wholesomebabyfoods.com

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my dd stopped eating baby food at 8 months and she also stopped letting me feed her, so finding stuff was hard. some things tried and true, chicken nuggets
grilled cheese
chicken (any kind)
hotdogs (yes!)
all the veggies, esp broccoli
all the fruits only recently apple

she is 11 months now and we pretty well feed her from the table and she only just now has 4 teeth, we just cut everything up, especially the hotdog into small pieces.

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