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10 Month Old Screaming! HELP!

I have wrote before about this subject and here I am again for your help. My 10 month old daughter has acid reflux, when she was 8 weeks old I took her to the hospital to be checked for pyloric stenosis and it was negative. Doctors put her on prevacid, at 6 months they tried to pull her off the meds and ended right back on them because of her crying and screaming, now here we are at 10 months and the doc switched her acid reflux meds to AXID and upped the dose, this is not working either. She barely eats anything besides her bottle so I decided to put her back on baby food so she was getting some nutrition but she seems to trow up more with the baby food. She cries all the time and at night she is completly inconsolabe. I took her back to the doctor and she suggested her to see a GI specialist but I can't get in her in until sometime next month and she keeps me up ALL night crying, sleeping just an hour at a time. The doctor only suggested her meds to me until I see the GI, does anyone else have any other suggestions or if you have dealt with this before or should I switch doctors because this has been going on since she was born. I need SLEEP!

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Well she ended up seeing the specialist and they placed her in the childrens hospital to have an endoscopy done and a PH probe which was why she had to stay overnite. She pulled the PH probe out twice and I refused to have it replaced after that. The doctors were upset but I refused to see my daughter in anymore pain. Come to find out that she has food allergies and has been allergic to her formula that she has been on for 11 months, well doctors did not give me any discharge information and I took matters into my own hands and placed her on lactose free milk, she is doing so much better without the milk based formula and we have actually cut bottles and NO more screaming, life is great, thank you to all you wonderful mothers for your advice!

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You did not mention if you laid her in her crib @ night... My son had acid reflux when he was born and the doctor suggested i keep him upright while sleeping. He ended up sleeping in his car seat for at least three months but it worked. I was able to sleep after that. I had tried everything else b4 then. I kept his car seat right next to my bed. He is now almost 6 yrs old but I was @ my wits end @ the time.Hope it helps.

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Hi C.,

This made me so angry when I read it. As a mother of a reflux baby, I can sympathize with what you are going through. My daughter was not properly diagnosed and treated until she was ten months old. I know how difficult it is to live with the constant screaming and spitting and watching your child in pain.

In my opinion, your daughter needs to be seen immediately. If she is not keeping down baby food at her age, that is a problem. The same thing happened with my daughter. The more we fed her, the more she spit up. She gained only four ounces between months six and nine. We never saw a GI specialist, but she did have an upper GI study done to evaluate her anatomy. Fortunately for us, she had only reflux, and a switch from Zantac to Prilosec worked wonders for us. The Zantac took away the pain but not the spitting. The Prilosec is a stronger drug that is usually offered after others have failed. Our daughter is gaining weight like crazy (now, I'm worried that she is too chubby!), and she rarely spits up or cries with pain.

Sometimes with GERD, there is trial and error before the child is properly diagnosed and treated. Obviously, your daughter's current treatment is not working, and something needs to change. I would get recommendations for other GI specialists and see if someone else can see her sooner. Maybe if you call your doctor again and reiterate the severity of the situation, he/she can get you in with a GI specialist faster than you calling on your own. If nothing else works, I would see another pediatrician who will take you seriously. If she is not keeping food down and crying all night, this is not a "wait-and-see" situation. Good luck to you--I was once in your boat and know how hard it is.

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My son too has suffered since birth with GERD. He is now 20mths old. In my opinion this has gone on long enough and I wouldn't tolerate doctors procrastinating anymore. They are with your child for a few minutes and think they see how she is 24 hrs a day. Not the case, only you know how much your daughter is suffering. So, you are her best and only advocate for her care. Demand what needs to be done if you have to. Believe me I've done it. Also, with the GI thing. If you are not able to get into the GI doctors for a while, then call around. Get online, get in the phone book, or call your insurance to find other GI doctors in your area and call them all to find the soonest appt. Then call everyday and ask if there are any cancellations. If you do that, you will see a doctor before you know it. People cancel daily and there are plenty of other doctors out there. Do what you think is best for your child. They call it practicing medicine for a reason, they don't know EVERYTHING. My son has alot of medical problems, so I deal with different doctors on a very regular basis. If you have any questions or need anything don't hesitate to ask. Good Luck. T.

I feel for you. My nephew suffers from acid reflux, and my SIL was in the same situation as you. One thing she did was have him sleep in his bouncy chair-she used the Fisher-Price Baby Papasan Infant Seat. He was in this all the time(even at night)-when he wasn't being held of course. I am sorry I wish I had more info for you.
Heop this helps.

You did not mention if you laid her in her crib @ night... My son had acid reflux when he was born and the doctor suggested i keep him upright while sleeping. He ended up sleeping in his car seat for at least three months but it worked. I was able to sleep after that. I had tried everything else b4 then. I kept his car seat right next to my bed. He is now almost 6 yrs old but I was @ my wits end @ the time.Hope it helps.

I know where you are coming from. My daughter is 9-months, but when she was a baby she had the same problem. I took her to Dr. Casper and Dr. Backus. They are located in Market Ave near the Rt. 62 Alliance on ramp is. The figured it out fast and treated her. I was able to get sleep within 5 days. Try to call them and get her in. The are good at getting patients in fast.

Hope this helps.

It sounds like it may be time to switch doctors. There is nothing wrong with doing that, I have done it myself. To help you get some sleep, see if she will sleep in the swing or bouncy seat, sitting upright often helps. You can also try raising the head of the bed with blocks, or even a sleeping wedge designed for cribs. In the meantime, it may be worth it to get a sitter for a few hours so you can sleep!
Good luck!

Hi C.,
I feel your pain My son who is now 12 went through the same thing. and we are now having some problems and are ped who is not the doctor who was treating him as an infent keeps telling us he is just consipated and treating the acid reflux. but back to your daughters issue do you have her materess set on an incline it will help if not just do not use a pillow actually raise the materess at one end we used wood, My son did up with not pyloric stenosis but he did have plyloric spasims but only after we saw the GI specialist did we find this out! Don't go switching doctors unless you feel like your doctor has put your child in grave danger remember that they are general practitioners and she seems to be trying to do what she knows best the Specialist is really that they deal with this all the time and know the little tricks and they truely will be able to help the only other thing is to call your peds office and see if they can call and set up an appointment for you sometimes if the office calls they will give it a higher priority. Hope my little bit helps but just know that you are not alone and good luck. Keep in touch!

A couple of suggestions. My son has acid reflux, amoung other things. He was on prevacid and it worked wonders for him. After she eats, keep her sitting upright for at least 20 mins, in her high chair or hold her up, whatever it takes. Also, maybe try baby oatmeal, plain without fruit in it, if you want to put something in it to give it flavor, I would suggest mixing it with formula or a veggie, she has no idea what it is supposed totaste like so it won't be gross to her. I even had to switch to Soy formula, it is gross but it worked. And finally, try having her sleep upright, a lot of drs. will recommend elevating one side of the crib, although, a lot of people find it easier to have the child sleep in a carseat or bouncy chair. GOOD LUCK!!!!! You should see if your childs pediatrician will call the GI's office, sometimes they will squeeze in an emergency appt.

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