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10 Month Old Not Crawling

I have a 10 month old baby girl. She is not crawling but she rolls all over the place. She is also not pulling herself up yet but she will stand and hold on to something. My friends babies (who are younger) have been crawling for a while. Should I be worried??

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My daughter turned 11 months on Tuesday and that evry day she decided she was tired of "arming crawling" and rolling. She has been crawling all over the house and she is now unstoppable!! Thanks so much for all the great advice. I had stopped worring and enjoyed the last month and now it is time to start chasing her. Thanks again!

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Don't worry, every baby develops at a different rate and she may not be ready yet. If you are concerned, then get down and crawl around the house while she watches you. Don't panic though. She will learn when she is ready, but if she starts walking on her own (not holding onto things), then teach her to crawl - Crawling helps with language, I have friends who never crawled and they stutter really badly, crawling also helps with other mental development.

Give her time, she will crawl, but at her own speed, it may help to get her around more children that are crawling so she can see them do it.

No. My son didn't start crawling till he was 14 or 15 months. I was probably about that age, too, when I started crawling. Each child develops at his or her own rate.

My daughter rolled for a long time because she could get where she wanted to go. And my mother told me that I never crawled. I went from rolling to walking.

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I have a 14 month old girl who didn't crawl until 12 months. She's been pulling herself to stand since then but still isn't walking. We're not worried at all because she's moving, happy and healthy. The doctor isn't worried either. Babies do things at different times. When your daughter is ready, she'll do it. Be happy too...when she starts crawling, your life will get busier!

Don't be worried. Some babies skip the crawling stage and go directly to walking. My daughter did that. She learned to walk and nevered crawled before that.

Don't worry about it! My son didn't crawl until he was 11 months and he didn't walk until 15 months. He's 19 months now and he's doing just fine. He didn't even roll over until after he was crawling. He just had no interest in it. The doctors all said it was fine. I was worried for a while, but then one day it just happened and he hasn't stopped moving since. She might be ahead of the game with other milestones... you never know.

I wouldn't worry about it as the mother of 4 I can tell you that they all develope at there own pace. you can encourage her to crawl by crawling with her. If it really start to worry you too much talk to her doctor I am sure she will put you mind to rest. Mine all did things at different ages. Who take care of her for you?

There are tests that your pediatrician administers when babies go in for their check-ups, it basically gives them indications of their growing cycle. Unless they point out reasons of concern I would not worry about it.....All children are different.

It depends on each kid, my second one took longer than my first daughter. The second daughter crawled around 1 yr. Please try not to compare too much, because all babies can be so different. You can always encourage her to get her knees under her and let her rock on them, this can help her get comfortable with it. If you are still worried, it never hurts to ask your pediatrician about it. Work with her a little, and you might see that that was all she needed. Happy crawling!

All babies do things at different times. My first son crawled at 9 months and walked at 14 months. My second son, started army crawling at 11 months, regular crawling at almost 13 months and he took off walking 1 day before he turn 16 months. If you are really concerned, you should call your ped. Sometimes a peace of mind visit is worth the co-pay. I haev done that so many times.

I wouldn't worry, some babies don't crawl. She's motivated to move and she is pulling herself up, she'll probably skip the crawling!

My DD is just a couple weeks older than yours and just started doing the "one armed army man crawl" last week. Then a few days ago she started doing the "on all fours" crawling for a few crawls at a time. She also started clapping for herself a week ago and then a few days ago finally started to pick up her Gerber puffs and actually put them in her mouth and eat them. My DS who is now 3 started full on crawling at 6 months, feeding himself at 6 months and was fully running by 12 months.

I was also vert concerned about my DD. Other than being 5 weeks early, she is a normal healthy baby. Her ped said not to worry about her keeping up with the average developmental milestones as she should be completely caught up to her peers by age .

With that said i also know that if she didn't start crawling by 12 months, I would need to mention it to her ped. And I have been told that if kids aren't walking by 18 months or at least attempting to walk by then, some physical therapy might be ordered.

I would bet that your DD is just on the slower side like mine. Just give her a lot of tummy and floor time and in a little while she will figure out how to get her body to work correctly to start doing the army man crawl. Then you will wish that she was still immobile :D!

Right now DD is picking up EVERY nook and cranny and teeny tiny piece of ANYTHING off the floor and putting in her mouth! So look forward to having to vacuum and sweep your floors EVERYDAY!


You should not worry. My 1st son did not crawl at all he went from sitting to standing to walking around the living room table by the time he was 11 months old. My 2nd son sort of crawled for about a week before he started walking, he took a little longer, he walked when he was closer to 12 months. Not all babies crawl, your baby is fine.

Don't worry - every baby is different. Some babies do the rolling thing and if that gets them to where they want to go, why bother crawling. They go from rolling straight to walking. Of course, if you are still concerned, speak with your pediatrician.

Dear D.,
What does your Doctor have to say about this?
Also, you know as a Teacher that you shouldn't be comparing your child to someone elses...each child is an individual.
IF you are worried, what steps have you already taken?? Do you have time to take her to play with other babies? Is she at a sitter all day?
Are the adults around her always carrying her??
Maybe she isn't get enough time to practice on her own...
You know by your own studies that some babies don't begin walking or crawling for a few more months.
My own daughter didn't crawl much, before she started to walk,but she walked very early. (81/2 months).
Is she top heavy? Or maybe she is a little chubby? some children need a little more motivation to move. Try some time on the floor with her. Find a favorite toy and her her play a little "hide & seek".
Sometimes, all it takes is motivation and fun!
Don't worry, check with your in-laws and your own Parents to see what you and your husband did...when did you talk, crawl, walk...MANY times its just like one of you of your sibs!
Good luck and keep me posted!

Hi D.,

I am a mom w/ twin G/G twins who are 10 1/2 months old. They were born 1 month early and are still slightly smaller than other singletons their age, but are very healthy and happy babies. I often compare them to other people's kids too their age, but every baby is diff and as moms we tend to worry way too much. Your 10 month old baby sounds perfectly normal. Some babies never crawl and just start walking b/w 7 months-14 months old. Although many babies do crawl 1st (as did mine), my friend's baby never did and started walking at 12 months. It sounds like she is testing her motor skills and balance by holding onto things and b/f you know it she will be cruising (when babies stand up and walk by holding onto things). Your Pediatrician is the best person to speak to about this, but from one mom to another, you're doing e/thing right!

Oh, you poor girl! PLEASE don't worry about your precious daughter not crawling yet. Every baby is different and she knows that her hips are not ready yet for the challenge. Be very careful letting her stand holding on to things without putting herself in the standing position, if her hips are not ready to crawl, this can put too much pressure on them and cause displasia. My dearest friend has a daughter that is now 11 years old, but she did not crawl until she was 11 months and did not walk until she was 15 months old. Today she is in the GATE program at school, but the coolest kid in school too! She is a beautful, fun, and an intelligent girl and her physical abilities as a baby did not change any of her development. Your little girl will crawl before you know it and then start running. You just want to be sure to get her crawling before walking, there is major brain development in that process and you don't want to skip that. Many Autistic kids never crawled, they went straight to walking. Not to scare you, just get on the ground and crawl around with her when she starts to show she is ready!!

Good luck and God bless you and your little one! Happy Easter :)

Some babies never crawl... they go from sitting to walking so don't be too concerned. You can run it by your pediatrician if you feel that there is something wrong.

My son didn't start crawling until around 10 months old. He was dragging himself in the floor, like a little snake, but not crawling. And then, all of a sudden, he got it, then pulled himself up, and he was walking at 13.5 months. I also have a friend whose son was still crawling at 16 months and nothing was wrong with him. I wouldn't worry, unless you notice some kind of hyptonia, which means she may not have enough tonus and strength, and you would notice that through her postures in general.
When she is ready, she will most likely start crawling and walking. And keep in mind that some kids never crawl and just go straight to walking.

Hello D..

I think that, for the sake of clearing your mind, you should mention this to her doctor, so he can rule out any physical problem.
But the truth is: you should not worry, many babies don't crawl, kids are different. My daughter didn't walk until she was 14 to 15 months, and neither did my nephew. They both walk and run like any other kid their age, despite the fact they started late. She wouldn't speak until around 3 yrs old; now she's the speaker of her class.
A little personal story: I NEVER crawled. I would NEVER stand up even, as a baby, my legs would just bend. My parents took me to doctors, had x-rays done, everything that was available at the time, they were very concerned. Well, I started walking one fine day, when I decided I was ready for it. No problems whatsoever, I've been running since I was 19 (I'm 41 now).
So, as a rule, talk to the doctor, but DON'T WORRY! She'll be just fine and might be winning marathons in the future.


For anyone concerned with their child's development and meeting *average* milestones, they should contact the Early Intervention (EI) office in their area. Evaluations are free, you can self-refer (don't need a doctor or anyone else to refer your child) and services are generally free (some states may have a low cost).

These services are mandated by the federal government; EI programs are sometimes called cute names in different states...or they can simply be called EI programs.

Check out the state resource guide here:

Click on your state, then check out the first link in the second column on your state page.

These programs serve ages birth to three years old. After that, Early Childhood education services are handled through the school districts, and again are mandated by federal law.

Hope that helps!

My son didn't crawl until he was 10 months (almost 11) so don't worry about it! one thing to remember is not to compare your baby. My friend delivered the exact same day as me and her daughter has always been ahead of my son, so believe me it's hard not to compare! My son would just all of a sudden put his knees up under him and then kick them out and just pull himself everywhere. then one day he just crawled. also remember that some kids never crawl at all. they just pick up and walk one day. And even if she doens't do that soon, don't worry, my son didn't walk until 14 months. She'll get there. Enjoy your little one today!

Hi D.,
I also have a 10 month old baby girl, she is just now beginning to attempt to crawl, she uses her right foot to help move her, it's still not "crawling" but I have learned from my 2 kids that they are completely different, my 21 month old son was WALKING at 9 1/2 months and here is my 10.5 month old daughter and she just WILL not crawl...I too was worried, but I am just learning each kid does things at their own speed.

I wouldn't worry at all. My son started crawling on all 4 after 10 months (when other friends babies were walking!) and he started walking shortly after. Some babies just take their time starting then they jump through everything quickly. Maybe she just wants to perfect it before she starts :)

A lot of babies never crawl and just start walking instead. If she stands holding stuff, then I would not worry. I would only worry if she is not walking by 14 months.

Being a mother of three 10, 7 and 2 I can assure you there is nothing wrong with your baby. Different children develop faster than others. My 10 yr old son crawled at 8 months but didn't walk until he was a about 1 year and 1 month. My 7yr old son never crawled he would drag his bottom on the floor and walked befor he was 1yr. My daughter who is 2 crawled when she was about 9 months and started walking right after her first birthday.

My nephew didn't walk until he was a 18 months and his dad (my brother is a Dr.) and now he is almost 4 and very smart.

So see children develop at there own pace... you can ask you pedetrician when you take your baby to her shots.

Wish you peace of mind

I wouldn't worry about it doctors don't even consider crawling a milestone anymore because some babies skip it completely. It sounds like your daughter doesn't really need to crawl since she gets around fine rolling, which is what my daughter did too. My daughter started crawling when she was a little over 11 months and then about a week after her 1st birthday she started walking and is perfectly happy and healthy. Just enjoy it while you can. =)

It's nothing to worry about. My son didn't start crawling until he was 13 months old. He started walking shortly there after. Just relax and enjoy her. Once she starts crawling, and walking, its a whole new ball game.

Mom of four here. All babies develop at their own pace, not according to a book or what other babies are doing. Don't compare her! Some babies never crawl. Some babies walk at 9 months. Some walk at 15 months. All are right on schedule. Their own schedule. Enjoy her for who she is and where she is in life!

my son went through the same thing! he seemed to like rolling over anything else. he is now 2 weeks from turning 1 and is just now crawling and starting to cruise. one day he and my husband were playing on the floor and he started to mimic my husband and the rest is history. i understand being worried, i was the same way. but all in good time. as exciting as it is that hes now a "mover" it is so much more stressful on the caregiver. its not worth worrying about...enjoy this time!

My youngest, now 3, also took his time learning to crawl. Not only that, but he rolled. He got wherever he wanted to go and in time, learned to crawl, then walk, just like his brother and sister. I wouldn't worry too much. Try to not compare your daughter to other babies. Every baby progresses at his or her own rate, which is usually just right for that baby.

Could be something or it could be nothing. Odds are, it's nothing.

Son #1 started crawling at 7 months and then started to walk at 13 monts. Crawling is extremely important for neurological pathways to form in the brain for motor development, including reading, etc. - called cross crawl patterning. (He didn't start to climb on things until he was almost 3 years old - and is still very cautious.)

Son #2 (even though he had an older brother to watch) didn't crawl until he was almost 10 months old and then wanted to walk within a few weeks. We encouraged games that including crawling and chasing him on our knees. (This one started to climb on things before he could walk and though his balance is very good, he climbs and falls frequently - and runs into walls, since he is so in his head, he never looks where he is going.)

Parents are always comparing their kids to other's kids - the truth of the matter, they are developing at different rates and excel at different things...you know that, beign a full-time teacher.

If your daughter is not crawling it is because her upper body muscles are not strong enough. This is an important developmental stage, babies develop cephalo-caudal (head to tail). With many children that skip crawling it is due to not enough "tummy time" or too much time in a jumper in which they devlop their leg muscles but not upper body. I am not a physical therapist but I would recommend activities that would force her to use her upper body in order to develop those muscles.

believe it or not, crawling is NOT a milestone all banies reach and is therefore not even measured by pediatricians as anything to do with development. Some babies never crawl and many babies don't walk until well after their first birthday. Hang in there...she is clearly a "mover" just in her own way!

I wouldn't be worried at all...check with your ped. however, my daughter didn't walk until she was 15 months old..now she won't sit still ..she is 2..and RUNS..enjoy her..it goes so fast.

Consider yourself lucky. Watch for the developmental milestones consult with your Dr. but all in good time. It is hard not to compare but try not to compare.

Do not worry at ALL!!! Every infant grows and develops at his/her own pace and her little arms may just be stronger than her legs. She may be focusing more on what she's looking at and hearing than at moving. Let her be, and just enjoy what she's experiencing. She'll be walking and talking like every other child in her own due time. Not to mention, 10 months is still VERY early. She'll crawl when she wants to.

One thing I've learned as a parent is that we can never expect things to fall on schedule.

I wouldn't worry at all since your baby does get around and can stand. All babies are unique individuals. My oldest crawled for one month, then went straight to walking. She is our fastidiously clean baby and didn't like to get her hands dirty and didn't like the feeling of carpet on her knees. Our next little girl loved rolling, scooting and crawling and did all movements to get around, no matter how dirty she got.

Your baby just finds it easier to roll than to crawl at this point in her life. I also have seen a lot of other babies (friends & relatives)and noticed that the chubbier babies tend to stand and walk a little later than slimmer babies. After all, they have to develop stronger leg muscles to carry more weight on the same sized bones. I hope this helps.

No. My son didn't start crawling till he was 14 or 15 months. I was probably about that age, too, when I started crawling. Each child develops at his or her own rate.

No... don't worry. Some babies just do things at different times. Some start out slower and then grow faster. She will crawl when she is ready. Or she may just get up and walk when she wants to - you never know.

My son walked before he crawled. He walk at nine months old. Which was not the best thing, ran into a lot of things. My doctor told us they should really walk aroung the one year mark and if it takes a bit longer that is oK too.Then one day my son Geoffrey deceided to crawl.I was very shocked because I never thought he would crawl. I think you might want to make a bit of time each day and put a blanket on the floor and let your daugther prctice her movements. Learning the movements really does
help them with building muscles we do not even know they have(arms, shoulders,chest and neck area's of the body). These are every important muscles that they need to us not only at a young age, but for the rest for their lifes too. As the strength in their bodies can hanhle it better.
and your next posting will be "hoe fd iget her to slow down" :-) Just enjoy all the tie you can get, as they grow whay fast. C.-Lou ____@____.com

Hi D., at 9 mo, my daughter was not crawling or scooting yet so the pediatrician referred me to the regional center, it's a county funded Early Start program. Within 2 weeks, we had a child dev specialist and a teacher come to the house for 2 hours and do physical and cognitive tests and ask several questions. She tested 3-5 mo behind physically so the county enrolled her in the program and the therapist is coming once a week (started today) to work with her and show us what we can do to help her. We helped her to pull herself up on he knees today and she kept going and stood up with just one try. All babies are different but it wouldn't hurt to get yours tested for peace of mind. My daughter is now 11 mo old and is not fully crawling and just learned today to pull herself up. Good luck! Don't worry too much, they all go at their own pace.

Well I have a 7 month old girl that just stared crawling and she in to everything. You may want to thing about three differt thing. 1# how much floor time dose you girl get? 2# How much do you hold her? 3#How much weight is she carrying because the heavyer she is the harder for her to pick up her body and move I hope this can help you try not to take this the wrong way. I hope this help

Don't be worried at all. My son didn't walk until exactly 11 months old. He's now 7 1/2, plays baseball, basketball, rides a bike, and loves to do all the things most little boys like to do. Everybody develops differently... my daughter crawled at 8 months and her twin brother rolled like a tumbleweed everywhere in the house, until he was over a year (yes, with him there were many delays, which I won't get in to). My point, however, is he is doing EVERYTHING his older brother is doing. Good luck!

First of all, it doesn't help anything or anyone to worry. Secondly, babies do do things in their own time. I have three children (my oldest was my girl and then two boys) and each one of them took their time to crawl and walk. They all waiting until after a year to walk. My boys were big but my daughter was not. I think they have their personalities and desires and crawling and walking weren't among their desires. I wouldn't concern yourself unless a year passes and still nothing. Everything seems fine though. Hope you have a wonderful Easter and in a couple of months, a great #1 bday party! It is always the best!!! God Bless You!

My children crawled and walked very early....my first started walking at 9 months and my second is 8 months and will be walking soon! But my best friends son didn't crawl ever and just started walking at 12 months! He is excelling in everything and is a very happy and smart little boy! Both our kids are different but they have all caught up to each other now! So.....I don't think it matters! Kids will do stuff at their own rate!

D. - don't worry about a thing. My daughter did the same thing, she rolled but never did crawl. She started rolling at nine months, and kept rolling until one week before her first birthday. Every child is different. Enjoy your daughter rolling...once she is walking, it's harder to keep up with her! :)

Don't worry about it, if she is rolling around that shows that she has the motivation and coordination to get where she wants to go - you'd be surprized how wide the age range is for physical development in babies... (it is considered normal for a baby not to walk until 18mo even though it seems like all babies are walking by 13mo). I had a 10mo old in my care who only rolled at 10mo but lo and behold by the time she was two she was doing everything all the other two year olds were doing physically and no one knew the difference :) I know it's nearly impossible not to compare your child with others (every mom does it whether she admits it or not) and to worry if yours doesn't seem "caught up," but she will be... just give it time.

I have heard of kids that skip crawling altogether and go straight to walking, so I wouldn't worry yet. In general, my advice to new mothers is try to keep the worrying down as much as possible and the enjoyment factor up as high as possible.

My daughter is 2 1/2 now and never did crawl. She was not pulling herself up either when they thought she should have been. We were sent to orthopedic surgeons and had her checked out by physical therapists and she was completely normal. It just wasn't in her schedule. She eventually started scooting around, a very little bit and went straight to walking. She will crawl now, so it is a skill she did learn. My daughter is also very verbal, so her focus was on that and not the physical. Do not let people scare you into believing certain things like, she will not read well if she doesn't crawl. I heard some ridiculous things. Let her be and she will do it on her time. If you do suspect something more physically wrong, by all means get her checked for piece of mind. Hope this helps. Take care, from another Teacher.

NO DO NOT WORRY. She will crawl or not and when she is ready she will begin to walk. I never crawled as a child, I scooted on my rear. Be thankful that she does not crawl or want to walk yet, it is really a god send. Now if she didn't want to put any weight on her legs at all then I would worry but if she holds on to you and stands I believe there is no worry. My son was running at the age of 9 months old. Don't guage everything on what other children are doing. There are certain things to look for that should happen at a certain age but crawling and walking I believe are individual traits. Sitting up and rolling over are pretty much a timed event. I would however, tell my pediatrition at the next visit just to see if they have any real concerns but my guess is that they will tell you as I have. Good Luck.

No you shouldnt. Some babies are late bloomers and no baby is the same. When I had my son, 3 years ago my sister who had a daughter 8 months before me, kept comparing the two and still does. She compares both her kids with mine... its annoying. Some babies dont even bother with crawling and they go straight to walking. My daughter wouldnt crawl..she'd just pull herself along the floor, but she'd roll all over the place. She didnt start crawling till she was 11 months old. She's 14 months old now. Give it time, she'll do it on her own. If you're truly worried about it, take her to her pediatrician and see what he says. Hope this helps.

Some children do not crawl. However, crawling does help with coordination, connecting right and left brain. I would do a lot of tummy time every day and really encourage...Talk to your doctor. A friend of mine is doing physical therapy with her son who is 10 months and not crawling because her older son is now having learning problems and he did not crawl either. I dont want to scare you as this is rare but crawling is good for them. I have 4 kids and 2 did not show interest but I kept them on their tummies...played a lot of games to get them to get a toy etc. and it worked. Mine all crawled eventually for a little while. Good luck!

My son (now 29) did not crawl nearly at all. I too was worried! He loved his walker and he too rolled everywhere. He always did very well in school, played varsity football and is now a successful engineer. Just keep playing with her and enjoy her - don't compare!You'll sleep better!

My children did not walk until they were 12 months old. My daughter and son are excellent athletes. My daughter played 3 sports (basketball, volleyball, and softball)Also privately, gymnastics. My son played tennis, track & field, and backpacks cross country sometimes 50 mile trips. So, don't worry about her not doing what the other babies are doing. She is right on schedule for herself. Plus, you will keep your sanity longer than your friends will, they will be chasing those babies around a lot sooner than you will be doing. Enjoy the time with your little one now, it will change soon enough.


Hello D.!!
This is something Ihave had experience with!!
My son, also did not crawl, and too, my friends had babies of very close ages--that crawled. On one of my sons regular pediatrician appointments, I brought this matter to the attention of the Doctor.
I was told that my babies arms were just not strong enough to lift his weight!! And, just as the good Doctor had said, my son, got up and walked!! He was right around the same age as
your baby. The rolling will be gone-all to soon!!Enjoy it!
So, I say--Do not worry too much, your wonderful baby is probably just fine!
My beautiful son is now 25, 6'3" slender and, I am proud to addf just as beautiful as ever!!!
Have Fun, It(the time) goes soooo fast!!
C. S.

Dear D.,

(I don't remember ages, sorry! My son is a college freshman this year, so it has been a while)

I was afraid my son would never crawl - I didn't think he would NEED to crawl - he could roll so far, so fast - why would he? Crawling is an important developmental stage (it aids in reading later), so many times it is important to go back and teach kids that don't crawl how to crawl. I would not worry at this point - all of a sudden my steam roller baby started crawling - I was shocked! I would only worry if she starts to walk without the crawling stage. Remember, there is a range of ages for milestones, and it is a guideline, not something etched in stone - we all develop different skills in our own time.

Good luck!

She is just fine. My first child was like that, he didn't walk either till he was over one. Sounds like to me , you have a very happy, content baby. Don't worry, she will crawl before you know it. If you want throw out a blanket in the floor and lay her on her tummy with all her toys out of reach. Good Luck , your doing a great job.
Grandma with good old common sense

Some are just not interested in walking as soon as others! My son "rolled" for a long time, had a very short crawling stint and didn't walk until 14 months. The worst thing you can do is compare with what others are doing. You'll torture yourself :)

Don't worry. Babies do things in their own time - and they all even out in the end. My son never crawled and we watched all of his (younger) friends crawling circles around him and cruising away. At about 10 1/2 months he began doing a little combat crawl. It was awkward and didn't get him anywhere too fast. At about a year, he simply got up and walked. The interesting thing was that he never pulled himself up before then either, so AFTER he learned to walk, he had to learn to pull himself up (which was hysterical). Also, my husband and I joke that a few months later, he taught himself to crawl (and we were just as proud as if he'd done it first). Now, at 20 months, he's a little budding soccer star and runs like crazy. I just think he's a little individual who likes to do things his own way.

I know many babies who didn't walk until they were 16 months and are doing just as well as their friends today. The same can be said for other slow (or never) crawlers. Just hang in there and wait to see what she chooses to do...

My daughter rolled for a long time because she could get where she wanted to go. And my mother told me that I never crawled. I went from rolling to walking.

Don't worry, every baby develops at a different rate and she may not be ready yet. If you are concerned, then get down and crawl around the house while she watches you. Don't panic though. She will learn when she is ready, but if she starts walking on her own (not holding onto things), then teach her to crawl - Crawling helps with language, I have friends who never crawled and they stutter really badly, crawling also helps with other mental development.

Give her time, she will crawl, but at her own speed, it may help to get her around more children that are crawling so she can see them do it.

I notice you are teaching full time.. have you talked to her daycare provider about this. Sometimes when I child is easy going the daycare provider will forget to give tummy time or just let the baby stay in the crib. This may not be the reason but I just thought it might give you something to think about.

I really wouldnt be too concerned yet. My daughter crawled and sat up at 6 months, and walked at 8 but my son crawled at 10 months and walked at 13 months. All children are different. Just be patient. I am sure she will be fine.

not to worry mamma.....my granddaughter crawled for about 2 weeks before she started walking!!!!!...she actually got around everywhere by placing her head and hands on the ground and standing on her feet and just kept turning around and plopping down on her butt until she got to where she wanted to go......she's three now, but her birthday is in january, and she crawled for only about the first two weeks of december and then she figured out how to step away from things after pulling herself up....it was the absolute craziest damn thing i ever saw.......but anyway, babies do things in their own time, their own way.....and as long as she's off exploring there's nothing to worry about, except maybe what she'll get into!!!!!!!

I know it is hard not to worry especially when we know not to compare our children to others...but we do, your daughter will just get up and crawl one day, my son did, he is ten months now and was dragging his legs around FOREVER...all his grandparents were even concerned and making me a wreck...then one day up on his knees he went and now I am LONGING for the days he was NOT so mobile...hahaha your daughter is fine.

Lots of good advice here. I don't have much more to add, except to tell you that my baby was a late bloomer too (he started crawling around 10-11 months and walked at 14 months). I was a little worried also, especially because all his other baby buddies seemed to be developing faster than him. But he's absolutely fine. And the silver lining is that he's never done anything sooner than I've wanted him to. A lot of moms of the babies who crawled/walked sooner told me that it happened too fast for them.

Enjoy your baby while she's still a baby. Toddlerhood comes all too quickly.

Do not be worried. My son skipped crawling completely. I had all kids of people telling me crazy things like his hand eye coordination would be bad and lots of I now know nonsense. We even all my daughter who was ten at the time, hubby and myself crawled all over the house trying to get him to copy us. He wanted no part of it and went straight to walking. He is now 11 and pitches, catches, ski's, rides a dirt bike and is just fine!! All children develop on their own little path.

I agree with all the other moms who said not to worry! All babies are different. I have three and not one of them made milestones at the same time! Baby one crawled early yet did not walk until she was 16 months old, baby two never "crawled" he did some army stomach crawl at like 4 months - he nevered crawled on all fours, but he started walking at 10 months. Baby three crawled late (11 months) and then just started walking within a month and a half of crawling! So she will decide what is best for her and do not push it, she do it when she is ready! Good luck and enjoy watching her grow!

I would not worry, all babies develop at there own speed, if by 12 months she is still not crawling talk to your dr at her 1 year appt. If it makes you feel any better I have a 14 month that refuses to walk, he only wants to crawl!

My two children were walking by 9.5 months, but my mom said my older brother didn't walk until 15 months, every child is different.
I would definitely let your pediatric dr know when you go for the 12 month check up.
good luck

Don't worry. Not all babies crawl like you imagine crawling should be. Some do the army crawl ( like my son does) some sit on their butts and scoot with one leg , and some roll like your daughter.

As far as pulling up , try to put something interesting on the couch or another safe high spot. Place some pillows in piles round her so she can work her way up to standing and holding on to the couch. I think that at 10 months she's not really behind . My son does stand up at 9 months but he wen,t in one day, from no standing at all to standing up . It all seems to come together in an instant.

Good luck :)

Hi D.,
Don't panic or be worried. She is still very young. My grandson didn't crawl unil he was 13 months old and is now 19 months and not walking yet. Does she get plenty of floor time? I know that my grandson didn't at first, he was held too much. Your daughter is fine. Every child is different. If you can't stop worrying, take her to the doctor.

If your baby seems otherwise normal developmentally I wouldn't worry a bit. Some babies are late bloomers. Be sure she has plenty of floor and tummy time. Also place a favorite toy just out of reach to encourage her. My son didn't really ever crawl much. He was cruising on furniture and standing on his own though. He got up on his first birthday party and walked across the room. How's that for a baby who doesn't crawl. He then spranh his first tooth a few days after that. My point being. No two children grow up the same, they all progress at their own level. :) Good luck.

Babies grow up at their own pace. Don't rush her because when that time comes, she will be all over the place. There could be many different reasons to why your daughter is not crawling yet.
-You said this is your first...........maybe she's being carried more than needed........not by one person but from this person to the next and so forth.
-Is she overweight? If she is then maybe she grew too fast and her mind could not catch up with her body.
-It could be just something simple......she's not ready to crawl. Some babies would not rush into new things because they're satisfied with the environment they're in.
-There is a negative side to this. I have a niece whom after 2yrs of not walking....finally gets the help she needs. When going in voicing your concern to a doctor, they'll be like "nothing to worry about.....give her time....don't worry it's normal" Go with your instinct.
Examine your daughter.....lay her down and watch her closely.........play with her and observe......If she rolls over using her upper arm and legs, that's a good sign. Do leg push-ups with her. While shes on her back, sit in front of her and grab her feet. Extend it towards you keeping it straight then push it towards her. If you don't have a hard time with this excersize then she's good. Do this exercise with her daily. It will help her muscles get stronger......
Now anytime you feel that part of her body rejects the other (for instance, shes rolling over but her legs stays put/doesn't move at all) voice it to the doctor. If you have to threaten him/her about getting a lawyer then do it. Don't wait like my niece did. Oh by the way, her baby has neurological disorder something to do with her bone........all I really know is that she can't bend her legs.
Remember when you do any kind of exercise with your baby and it hurts her. STOP! write down what makes her cry (if any) and go in to see the doctor. Go in with all the information about her not being able to crawl concluded possibilities.
Hope this helps. Wish you the best with your new baby girl. I pray that all this is just her taking her time. God Bless you n your daughter.
Sincerely Mom of Seven, Honolulu HI.

Hello D.,
I am a mother of a 15 month old little boy. My son did not crawl at all. Like your Little Girl he would stand and hold on to things but never did he crawl. My entire family reassured me it was ok. According to them some babies go straight to walking . . . sure enough that is what he did. By about 10 1/2 months he was walking on his own. I would say no worries . . . not all babies crawl.

My daughter didn't crawl until 10 months and she didn't walk until after 14 months. I wouldn't be worried - ever child develops at a different pace. She talked complete sentences before all those early walkers! If your doctor isn't worried than I wouldn't be. :-) Enjoy it now - when mine started walking at 14 mos she never stopped! She just runs and runs and runs... :-)

Hi D.,
I would tell you what the Dr's told me. Do not worry! All children develop at different stages. I too had the similar issues with my daughter not crawling and my friends that have children within days or weeks appart theirs were crawling and walking way before my daughter. In fact, my daugther never crawled. She was a bit over 1 yr. old and started walking on her own. Now she is going to be two and she is all over the place. Be thankful, in a way it is a blessing in diguise. I was still concerned that my daughter was not developing, so I took her to a developmental specialist. Everything turned out fine. I suggest if you are very still concerned, ease your mind and take your child to the Developmental specialist to get checked out. I am sure it is nothing. I too teach full-time and thought that my sitter was not teaching her to walk or she wasn't spending enough time with my daughter. Being a first time parent, you tend to worry much more I am told. Good luck to you and your child.

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