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10 Month Old Not Crawling

I have a 10 month old baby girl. She is not crawling but she rolls all over the place. She is also not pulling herself up yet but she will stand and hold on to something. My friends babies (who are younger) have been crawling for a while. Should I be worried??

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My daughter turned 11 months on Tuesday and that evry day she decided she was tired of "arming crawling" and rolling. She has been crawling all over the house and she is now unstoppable!! Thanks so much for all the great advice. I had stopped worring and enjoyed the last month and now it is time to start chasing her. Thanks again!

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Don't worry, every baby develops at a different rate and she may not be ready yet. If you are concerned, then get down and crawl around the house while she watches you. Don't panic though. She will learn when she is ready, but if she starts walking on her own (not holding onto things), then teach her to crawl - Crawling helps with language, I have friends who never crawled and they stutter really badly, crawling also helps with other mental development.

Give her time, she will crawl, but at her own speed, it may help to get her around more children that are crawling so she can see them do it.

No. My son didn't start crawling till he was 14 or 15 months. I was probably about that age, too, when I started crawling. Each child develops at his or her own rate.

My daughter rolled for a long time because she could get where she wanted to go. And my mother told me that I never crawled. I went from rolling to walking.

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I have a 14 month old girl who didn't crawl until 12 months. She's been pulling herself to stand since then but still isn't walking. We're not worried at all because she's moving, happy and healthy. The doctor isn't worried either. Babies do things at different times. When your daughter is ready, she'll do it. Be happy too...when she starts crawling, your life will get busier!

Don't be worried. Some babies skip the crawling stage and go directly to walking. My daughter did that. She learned to walk and nevered crawled before that.

Don't worry about it! My son didn't crawl until he was 11 months and he didn't walk until 15 months. He's 19 months now and he's doing just fine. He didn't even roll over until after he was crawling. He just had no interest in it. The doctors all said it was fine. I was worried for a while, but then one day it just happened and he hasn't stopped moving since. She might be ahead of the game with other milestones... you never know.

I wouldn't worry about it as the mother of 4 I can tell you that they all develope at there own pace. you can encourage her to crawl by crawling with her. If it really start to worry you too much talk to her doctor I am sure she will put you mind to rest. Mine all did things at different ages. Who take care of her for you?

There are tests that your pediatrician administers when babies go in for their check-ups, it basically gives them indications of their growing cycle. Unless they point out reasons of concern I would not worry about it.....All children are different.

It depends on each kid, my second one took longer than my first daughter. The second daughter crawled around 1 yr. Please try not to compare too much, because all babies can be so different. You can always encourage her to get her knees under her and let her rock on them, this can help her get comfortable with it. If you are still worried, it never hurts to ask your pediatrician about it. Work with her a little, and you might see that that was all she needed. Happy crawling!

All babies do things at different times. My first son crawled at 9 months and walked at 14 months. My second son, started army crawling at 11 months, regular crawling at almost 13 months and he took off walking 1 day before he turn 16 months. If you are really concerned, you should call your ped. Sometimes a peace of mind visit is worth the co-pay. I haev done that so many times.

I wouldn't worry, some babies don't crawl. She's motivated to move and she is pulling herself up, she'll probably skip the crawling!

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