10 Month Old Grinding Teeth

Updated on May 23, 2008
M.T. asks from Carol Stream, IL
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Hello Moms,
I was wondering if any of you have experienced your little ones grinding their teeth while teething? If you have, did you try to stop the behavior or just let them grind away? For me the sound bothers me, like nails on a chalkboard. I am guessing he is grinding to get use to the new teeth and maybe it feels good to him.
Thank you in advance.

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They call it bruxism, and it's harmless. It's generally something that a child does as their teeth come in, either to soothe teething pain, or just try out these new things in their mouth. It doesn't hurt to call the dentist, but usually they aren't concerned about it at this age.

My kids both did/do it, my son is 15 mos and still doing it. He's not wearing down his teeth, and it bothers me more than anyone, so I just let it go, as best I can.



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My son did this! ugh it was SO hard to listen to.

If it's constant, or in his sleep you may want to call your dentist and see if he should be looked at - they can cause damage to their teeth, but not so much if it's just occassional.

My boy would do this for about 2-3 minutes about 5 times a day, I would tell him 'stop that' and squeeze his cheeks a little to separate his top and bottom teeth.

he doesn't do it anymore though.

Good luck!! I hate the sound too, but for my husband he cringes and darn near crawls up the wall with disgust :)


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I had the same exact request a while back. Thank goodness the grinding stops. I think it's just because the teeth are new and they are getting used to the feeling in their mouths. It took about a month I think and eventually he stopped. When he started, he did it ALL THE TIME. I would try to distract him with a toy at times, but other than that, I did nothing. Good luck!



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Contact your dentist this can become a life long problem. Both my son and husband still grind there teeth at night and both have mouth guards for this problem



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My son did this too. It REALLY bothered my husband. It bothered my too at first, but I realized there was nothing I could do to stop him, so I just ignored it. He probably did it for about a month and doesn't do it anymore.

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