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10 Month Old Coughing.

Hi Moms,

For about 3 weeks now my 10.5 month old has been coughing. It started out as a cough only at night and sometimes in the morning. I thought it was actually subsiding the last week and then on Sunday it really started kicking in. It is sometimes wet and sometimes dry. I have brought him to the pediatrician several times and he says it is possibly one of two things; allergies (not asthma because it never progresses to wheezing/hard to breathe) or acid reflux. I think it MAY be acid reflux because he has been fussing during meal times and I couldn't figure out why. Has anyone else had a child with acid reflux who's only ongoing symptom is coughing?? Yesterday he prescribed Zantac to try for two weeks to see if it helps (I just hate giving medication when I am not even sure if that is what the problem is). I hate to see my little guy couging to the point of a gag sometimes... Any advice??

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I would eliminate dairy. Many children have an allergy to it and allergies can cause GERD as well. It's very scary giving a child medications like that and I know they hand it out like candy but there is a reason his body is responding the way it is so you need to find the basis of it, not cover it up. This is on the opposite side of the age spectrum but my grandmother had GERD and was coughing horribly. I had her cut gluten out of her diet and she hasn't had a problem since unless she eats something with gluten.

Try infant's probiotics and immune boosting supplements - it doesn't sound like acid reflux but I would recommend light eating for a while (mother's milk, fruits and veggies) to help clear mucus and allow his system to get back in balance so the coughing goes away. Avoid cow's milk dairy until he recovers since dairy causes mucus buildup. I wouldn't give a kid that reflux medicine, doctors are trained to drug people and often do so without really finding what's wrong or considering ways to help the body heal and balance itself.

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one way to find out what the problem is, is to do exactly what your doctor tells you: give the medication a try, and if it helps, problem solved! It puzzles me why people (not just you) go to their doctor for advice, and then refuse to follow his/her recommendations. Doctors go thru 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, at least 3 years of residency training and then gain even more experience as they continue to practice medicine.... they are the experts here, not us!

Coughing can be caused by sinus. The Mayo Clinic announced in 1999 that 95% of sinus is caused by fungus! The best way to fight fungus is to starve it by omitting sugar and processed carbohydrates from the diet. (cereal,crackers, bread, etc.) Also if you empty a few capsules of probiotics (acidophilus, bifidophilus, etc.)into his bottle will help crowd fungus out of the intestines. He will need that for a couple months. Also try chewable probiotics. GNC has a very good one. I use it myself as I am diabetic and diabetics are prone to fungus infections.
Good Luck and God Bless.

Hi- My daughter is four, and has had this with the same two answers- i recently took her for allergy testing and found out she has many food allergies, including wheat, once you rid them of the allergens, the night time coughing goes away.

I am the mother of a six year old son and a two year old daughter. A few years ago my son started coughing during the nights and mornings for no apparent reason. I took him to the doctor a number of times for this and eventually he was diagnosed with cough variant asthma. Cough variant asthma is different from the ordinary asthma mainly because of the consistent cough with the absence (most times) of wheezing. Recently my daughter has been diagnosed with the same thing. They both use an inhaler that helps tremendously and also have liquid meds that help them. It would be a good idea to research this type of asthma and if it seems worthwhile, take them back to the pediatrician and suggest that they check themm for this illness.

you might also try a humidufier. the air in your house might be dry for him. More so at night. and if you would like something natural for his stomach Papaya is very good for taking care of too much stomach acid.

contact the INternational Chiropractic Pediatric Association for a referral in your area- acid reflux in children is usually a corrected by a gentle adjustment-k

reflux is my business:

I would look at diet, too. cut out ALL milk protein (this is NOT lactose! lactose is milk sugar) and soy protein for a good 2 or even 3 weeks and see if the cough improves...if you're breastfeeding you cut it out of your diet. if you give formula, try neocate, slowly switch to it...

could he be teething? Sometimes they cough from the extra spit. Fussiness at meal time can be from tteth and gum pain of teething.
Or could he be allergic/sensitive to dairy, if you are giving him formula, or allergic/sensitive to something like dairy in your diet if you nurse. Cow's milk is mucus causing for many people. Another possible food sensitivity would be wheat.

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