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10 Day Antibiotics

my son is on another 10 day antibiotic for an ear infection.
this is the second 10 day antibiotic that he has been on and it gives him diareah that he can't control (can't make it to the potty).
he has already missed so much school due to fever,ect and now he is going to miss more because i don't want to send him when he has diareah.
***my question to all moms is : do you really need to give the antibiotic for 10 days ? i have heard from some people that it works and clears out the infection after 4-5 days.
if i have to go all 10 days i will...we are useing Florastor-kids granuals to help with the diareah but it is not doing much good this time around.
thanks for any and all advice.

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ok thank you all for your replies and i will give the antibiotic for the full 10 days.
this is his first ear infection and i want to do everything i can to ensure it will not be a recurring thing.
thanks again.

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D. it seems the child may be allergic to the med.i would let the dr know that may not be good if he is allergic.if he keeps having ear infection i would change drs if necessary to get to the bottom of this.this may need more than just another antibotic.good luck for the child and you C. swanson.

YES you must do the entire 10 days. If you stop short the problem can come back even worse and be more resistent to the anti-biotics. Most people feel better after 4-5 days so they think they are done. Two weeks later they are sick they think "again", no it's still because they stopped the anti-biotics early, only the second time around the meds are less effective.

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I would follow the instructions for the antibiotics.
also: maybe try another probiotic other than floraster?
go to Whole Foods, to their refrigerated section, where they sell the flax seed oil, that is where you will find the probiotics. look for the ones for children.

what really helped my sons w/ ear infections:
saline spray. it can be store brand kind, it doesn't have to be little noses or anything, just the cheap store brand kind. squirt it up his nose through out the day. he will hate it, sorry, but try to make it a game and be silly about it. don't suction or anything, just let gravity do it's thing...the pressure from the squirting helps clear everything out...

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YES!!! You have to give the full ten days. The problem may clear in a 3 to 5 days but the bacteria could still be alive. By not giving the full dose you can be creating a stronger resistance to that antibiotic. Talk to your pediatrician about this. I am speaking from experience and my pediatrician is a member of the family, so I get a lot of good inside info. Good luck and I hope he feels better.

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Dear D.,

My best advise (having worked for Pediatricians for over 10 years) in a nutshell is...YES, absolutely Luke must finish the 10 day prescription even though he is feeling better after 5. However, by taking antibiotics you are killing ALL the bacteria that resides within. If you haven't heard we have 2 types in our bodies good bacteria (antibodies in white blood cells) and bad. It's the bad that cause all the problems (the diareah)and they are strong. An antibiotic can't tell the difference between the good and the bad and kills them all. So to restore the natural "flora" in the stomach, intestine etc you need to replenish the good bacteria so it can defend the body against the next attack of bad bacteria, and going to a day-care, he is bound to meet up with the nasty guys again and quickly. At least when he does, he will be ready for the attack and maybe able to fend off all the cold and flu bugs. The PROBIOTICS should be taken along with the antibiotic prescription only about 2 hours after. Natren is a supplement company that makes the finest probiotics out there and they make them for infants & children also. You can find them online. If time allowed I would explain in more detail, you should definately consider giving his body back the good bacteria, which is said to be "the bodies first line of defence". Take care & good luck. A.

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In the future, ask the doctor to give you a different antibiotic. My doctor gives me one that is 5 day once a day antibiotic... I love it.

As for the one you are taking know, it is good to give him the med all the way through, since the infection can come back.

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If the infections come back or he keeps getting different illnesses I would pull him from daycare. Some kids are still very susceptible at his age and not ready to be exposed to sooo many germs and illnesses yet on a regular basis. He is very young to start preschool/daycare. Unless it is absolutely necessary to send him there, I would keep him home until he is older, more developed and his immune system is more mature. These instances of infection can be quite damaging to the ears, intestines, etc for a toddler not to mention that he has now started his body off to becoming resistant to antibiotics at such a tender young age.

You will have to weigh out the risks/benefits of having others care for him now versus waiting till he is older...
Best wishes to both of you!

I'm a little late in my response, but as a little tip (and I didn't read through to see if anyone else suggested it) but my son just had an ear infection too, and his doctor told us to give him a yogurt before each dose of antibiotic to help with the diarrhea. Not only does it replace the natural intestinal flora that is being lost, but it coats the stomach and may help with the diarrhea. Good luck!

try going to a natural food store. you can get powdered probiotics to add to his drinks during the day that will help with the GI upset.

I would call the doctor! There is a chance of not fully getting rid of the infection if you don't finish the meds, but they can certainly put him on something else. Explain your concerns and they should have an alternate antibiotic to try. Good luck.

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