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1 y.o.'s Gums Pushed up After Falling on Face

My daughter took a really nasty fall yesterday at daycare after accidentally being knocked over and landed on her two front teeth. There was A LOT of bleeding and her gums were bruised and a little puffy. Her gums bled on and off in small doses for another 4 or so hours; luckily her teeth weren't wobbly at all. I took her to her pediatrician yesterday who examined her and said that she thought her teeth would be OK, but it would take a long time to heal. As luck (or unluck should I say) would have it, today, DD fell again on her face, this time it was on carpet, but her gumline above her 2 front teeth started bleeding a little again....ughhhh. It also looks like her gums are coming up some above her left front tooth above where her gumline should be. I don't know if that was from today or yesterday. Does anyone out there have experience dealing with something like this? Any advice would be most appreciated.

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You've received a lot of great advise, I just wanted to add that if you are worried about it take her to a pediatric dentist, just in case! (Better be safe than sorry!) most likely everything is OK and it will just take time to heal!

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The gums may move back down after some time. If it doesn't after a few years and gets worse, all is not lost.
My 17 year old had gum surgery to repair an extremely recessed gum a couple months ago. Of course, small children would not have this done....but just for you and others to keep in mind: periodontists can do a great job repairing eroding gum tissue.
They take tissue from the roof of the mouth a do a skin graft. Son was on smoothies and jello and mashed potatoes for 3 days, but the procedure was a great success!

Hi D.,

I'll share my experience with you but, as I was told, more than likely the tooth will come back down and/or her gums will return to normal. All she may need is time. And the true consequences may not show up for months, like a dead tooth. I'd take her to a pediatric dentist just to make sure you are doing all you can. We took my son (based on a strong recommendation) to Dr. Collins/Dr. Franklin on 38th. Here's the link: http://www.smilesofaustin.net (These dentists were recommended because of their excellent work with teeth replacements in children. Don't be alarmed, that probably won't apply to you, just FYI.)

My son repeatedly fell on his front teeth, starting at 2 years old. They were knocked up into his gum line and cracked. One did die and turned gray. Eventually, poor thing, he knocked it out completely falling down a few days before we were scheduled to have it removed...with lots of pain medicine...a movie...a cuddly blanket...with a wonderful dentist who prepped him for weeks. He went around for 3 years with only one front tooth. We could have had a fake tooth put in but we figured he'd knock that one out too. (He tippy-toed due to a sensory integration dysfunction and that was the root of all the falling.) This year, at six, his second tooth came out. It was a bit early as there isn't any adult tooth pushing it, but it is age appropriate at least! I'm getting lots of cute pics with his toothless grin ! After the crisis, I went to a closer dentist, but both dentists have assured me that his adult teeth are fine based on X rays.

I'm sorry you both are going through this. It is traumatic for both child and mommy!!!

Ugh, yes, unfortunately I have experience with this. Our almost 2 year old son face planted into the corner of his book shelf a few weeks ago. He cracked his gum. It was super swollen and cracked and was bleeding like crazy. Like your daughter, his tooth seemed to be fine. We called the pediatrician. She said as long as the bleeding stopped, there was nothing that she could really do. She recommended that we take him to the dentist, just as a precaution. We did. Dentist said he was fine that it would just take some time for the gum to heal. It actually healed up really quickly...about 3 or 4 days. The dentist said even if the tooth was wobbly he wouldn't do anything about it unless it was causing pain. Something about pulling a baby tooth could impact the adult tooth...IDK?

Good luck. Oh, our pedi also told us, no acidic/salty food and no crunchy food that would hurt if it hit the crack.

Oh my gosh this just happened to us about a week ago. My little one slipped and fell on my in-laws tile. I got the bleeding to stop by putting an ice crube on it (whiel I had to hold her down) but after that she wouldn't open her mouth for me to see if it was ok. I called my sister in law (Dental assistant for 20 years) and told her what happened. She told me to keep feeding her cold things to keep her gums from swelling. She said if the tooth is wobbly then it could tighten up on its own, or if it was damaged enough it might die and will turn brown. She said it could be 6 months before you find out its dead, and then of course they are stuck with a brown tooth until it falls out at 6 or 7. I asked her if there was anything we could do, and she said no. The dentist wont/can't touch it because theres nothing you can do with it. If it was an adult tooth it would be different. Hope this helps...Good Luck!

I would definitely take her to a pediatric dentist just to be sure. We go to Dr. Jenny from Little Smiles on Parmer Lane. We have had tons of tooth problems and love her!

I would take her in to the dentist. You really should make sure there isn't serious damage, now that there have been two falls. Seems like a dentist would be in a better position to evaluate things than a pediatrician.

You've received a lot of great advise, I just wanted to add that if you are worried about it take her to a pediatric dentist, just in case! (Better be safe than sorry!) most likely everything is OK and it will just take time to heal!

I would suggest taking her to the dentist. My friend daughter (3) fell and knocked her 2 front teeth back up into her gums. They waited for them to come down and she fell yet another time and had them pulled because they didn't want to risk them dying and getting infected. Could be nothing but just for peace of Mind I'd go to the dentist.

My son fell on a toy when he was a year old and bled so much. He was fine and his teeth looked fine. I took him for his first dental visit to get a check up, no cleaning and the dentist said that she noticed his gum between his two front teeth were pushed up. I mentioned the fall he had and she said the gums bleed a lot and that the gum is not a major issue. I say take your DD to a pediatric dentist and have her checked out just to be sure.

LOL I JUST posted a note asking about our daughter who fell Tuesday and actually did lose a tooth. I can tell you we used Dr. Mendoza at Kids First in RR ###-###-####. She worked us in right away and was quite lovely along with her staff. We don't have dental insurance, but she was quite reasonable as well.

Hope that helps!

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