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1 Year Old - Yogurt Type?

My little girl loves yogurt and now that we are on people food, I want to switch her to regular yogurt vs Gerber or YoBaby. I normally purchase light and fit for myself. My question - does she need regular yogurt? Mine is low fat, low cal, etc.... I assume she needs all the vitamins/fat she can get (she is 3% weight). Or can she eat what I buy? Thoughts/suggestions please.....
BTW - yes she is petite, but very healthy...she eats all the time, the ped is not worried about weight....

Edit - getting tons of responses - please keep them coming. My worry about Gerber - it doesn't need refridgeration which makes me wonder how many preservatives are really in it.

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My son is 13 months and he loves Yoplait I buy him the red kind because it doesn't have aspartame like the blue kind does. He's been eating these for quite sometime.

I give my kids store brand full fat plain and add fruit. My ped. said that b/c babies are still growing so quickly and need fat and protien for brain development until age two that they should have full fat dairy products. After age two switch to low fat. I think that YoBaby has a YoKids version for older children, I don't know if it is lower in fat but since you already use that brand it may be worth looking into.

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You will save yourself money by not buying Gerber or the smaller packaged yogurts. I buy Dannon Plain whole milk yogurt 32 oz or Stonyfield Organic Plain whole milk, and you can just dole out what you need. Its also great for making fruit smoothies for the kids. Beware though, because even some of the organic yogurts that are flavored and sweetened w/out using aspartame, etc., have so much sugar per serving. My son was hyper after having the Banilla Stonyfield, so I quit buying it. He will eat his yogurt plain, w/out sweetener so I figure why give him the extra sugar. And I've even grown accustomed to having plain yogurt w/honey in it (so good!). You might try that for your daughter, and yes, I think they need whole milk too. But, more than the whole milk, beware of the stuff like Dannonino, and Gogurt, etc. as they have food coloring and I believe all the stuff can really affect children. PS. Another benefit of plain yogurt is that you can add mix-ins, like any of the pureed jarred baby fruits to make your own flavor, or if she's doing more solid fruits, you can just smoosh up some fresh and put it in.

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Up till age 2 babies need full fat everything-yogurt, cheese, milk, cottage cheese, etc. I love Stoneyfield organic yogurt.

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Get her the plain (or vanilla) full-fat variety in the large tub (I think it's 32 oz- we buy the Dannon or sometimes Stonyfield). She needs the extra fat for her growing body. Read the label for the one(s) with the simplest & easiest to read ingredients (would your grandma, assuming she ate yogurt, recognize all the ingredients?).

If you want to, you can dole out smaller amounts into snack containers for travel/daycare.

Get the light & fit for yourself. :)

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yes, she should be having full fat yogurt, just like how she has whole milk. We buy Stoneyfield Farm plain whole fat yogurt and add fruit to it - my son loves it. I tried several other brands before this one but the quality of the Stoneyfield I felt was much better than the others.
Good luck!

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I would keep her away from light and fit or low/no fat as they have Aspartame which is not good for little kids. I give my daughter Stonyfield, Horizon Organic, or Yoplait Greek Yogurt with he fruit on the bottom as they have far less sugar and are organic.

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I would give her regular yogurt if she were my child. You can actually buy the Danimals (there's one in a small orange container) that are fortified with some of the nutrients kids need vs. adults.

I have never purchased YoBaby or Gerber for my kids (now 2 and 4), but at that age, we went through YoPlait Custard Style like crazy.

The fat is really critical to her brain development.

YoBaby or Yoplait custard style...your little one still needs all the fat she can get! And those 2 brands have a nice, thick consistency which is easier (and less messy!) for her to eat. :)

My son is almost 2 and still eats YoBaby; he loves it:)

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