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1 Year Old with Red Eye

My son has had a red eye for a few weeks now. When he's at home on the weekends it starts clearing up, but when he goes back to my mom's for daycare no Mondays it will be red again when we pick him up. It doesn't seem to bother him any, he doesn't rub it or fuss about it. My mom's house has cats, dogs and a bird and it's in the country. I'm thinking it's an allergy thing, but haven't dealt with allergies in either of my other children. We're trying to get him into the Dr. today for his 1 year check-up and a look at his eye, but I'm wondering if there's something I can do over the weekend if he can't get in until next week. It seemed redder yesterday afternoon and there was a little crust on his lashes this morning when he got up. Thanks for any advice.

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Thank you all for the advice. Turns out it is allergies. His eyes stopped being as red, but he also started having a runny (clear) nose. The Dr. told me to start giving him Benadryl in small doses as needed and it is helping. Thanks again.

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You're right is does sound like an allergic reaction. I know my kids are highly allergic to pet dander, especially with cats. One thing you could do, if you can't get him into the dr. as soon as you need, is give him some Benadryl or some other children's allergy medicine. That seems to work with my oldest son. Good luck.

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Because it comes and goes I agree with you and I think it's just allergies. Try cold, wet washrags or cucumber slices. My eyes would swell shut from the cat we had when i was little. My mom wanted to get rid of it, but I refused! Chances are your little guy will grow out of it if it is allergies. I'm still technically allergic to cats, but I have 4 and they don't bother me. Good luck!

I know that with my kids the doctor said that if it is just one eye it won't be an allergy...And allergy would affect both eyes.

(Although I wouldn't completely rule it out ---say if he touched something he was allergic too and then rubbed an eye - well it might affect just that eye)

If no one else has had a similar symptom it probably isn't pink eye either---pink eye is highly contagious.

The other possibility is that he might have a blocked or partially blocked tear duct. BUt I think you would notice fluid building up.

You might call one of of the ask a nurse lines over the weekend. THey can run through a bunch of questions to narrow down what it might be. And they can sometimes help get into the doctor faster - depending on if you doc is part of that practice.

If it were my kiddo I would likely take him to urgent care- our doc has an office open on Sat. and Sun that charges the regular co-pay......(I had one kiddo who had a blocked tear duct and pretty regularly had pink eye her entire first year of life-- she had her first infection before we left the hospital!)

It sounds like allergies. Use a cool compress and artificial tears- 4 times per day.

with the crust in his eye it sounds like he has pink eye. Allergies usually have runny noses with watery eyes and sometimes itchy eyes as well but usually will be both and not just one. You can get pink-eye in one eye and may transfer to the other one if your son rubs the infected one then touches his other eye. You do need to take him to see a doctor before it gets too bad, plus it is very contagious so make sure you wipe down the door handles on all of the doors and wash his toys and anything else he tends to touch and wash his hands often.

Since your son has a different father than your other two, he could have allergies. Have him checked. Probably the pets she has, since he probably doesn't play outside much yet. Use some allergy drops in his eyes and if that is to much trouble then get some infant allergy medication or talk to the pharmacist about what would help until you see the doctor. I hope all turns out well. Good luck and God Bless.


You're right is does sound like an allergic reaction. I know my kids are highly allergic to pet dander, especially with cats. One thing you could do, if you can't get him into the dr. as soon as you need, is give him some Benadryl or some other children's allergy medicine. That seems to work with my oldest son. Good luck.

Both of my boys have had pink eye, but the redness & oozy eye crustyness did not go away (or the redness clear up) until I got them medication. Plus any rubbing pink eye into the other eye would cause it to spread. My husband & I never got pink eye from out boys. It sounds more like an allergy, but have his dr. check him out!

God Bless!

If it bothers him (itching and such) put a cool wet washcloth over his eye. Also you might want to try some saline drops until you can get him to the doctor. My kids all have allergies and their eyes do that from time to time, but if your mother watches other kids it could be that he is catching it over and over again from children there or that there are germs on something that hasn't been disinfected yet.

Perhaps it is allergitis, which is a allergy that only bothers the eye. One of my children has this and has special drops for it. I think your child is too young for an allergy test but if you do go that way, it is simple. My daughter had one tube of blood taken and then they watch how it reacted with each allergent. Most doctors want to do the horrible allergy test where they poke you many, many times, I think this is unacceptable. So research if they decide on that path.

Good luck,

My son has horrible allergies - even in his eyes. I took him to an allergist when he was about 14 months old. They did some testing and we found out he was alleric to some foods and our cat that we had. They put him on some meds and also gave me one for his eyes called Patanol - 1 drop in each eye 1 time per day. They do work really well and for the most part his allergies are under control. If the doc suspects allergies I would definantly take him to an allergist. Not sure where you are located. Therer is an excellent Doc in Leawood - his name is James Nieburger ###-###-#### he was my sons first allergist and I loved him, due to insurance issues I had to switch him to Childrens Mercy with Dr Miller who is also awesome. Anyway Good Luck to you with your kiddo. E.

If it is crusty... it might be pink eye?? You will need to get medication in the eyes right away... I speak from experience just this past week...

You might just try giving him a dose of benedryl before he goes to her house and see if that helps clear it up. Warn her though since it might make him a little sleepy. If you have never given him this medicine before, check with your doctor to see how much he can have.

It sounds like his is alergic to the animal dander. if he touches the animals such as cat or dog he may rub is eye right after. the dander aggravates the eyes and turns them red. Have him wash his hands after he pets the dog or cat before he does anything else. see if this helps. My daughter is alergic to cats. so she pets my cat with her foot. she loves animals,but cats she has a reaction. good luck!


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