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1 Year Old Vomiting but No Fever, Runny Nose or Coughing...

I recently started work again after bieng home with my 1 year old for his first year. i started on wednesday. he stayed with dada all day.when i got home he started vomiting and in a 3 hour span it was 5 times, after he was fine all day. then thursday i was home with him and there was no vomiting. so we thought he was fine. then i worked on friday and the vomiting happened again. and also on saturday after i left in the morning. so there is no fever, or stuffy nose or diarreah, just the vomiting, very cranky and clingy to his dad during the day and very fatigued. called doc and she said it might just be a bug, but he has no other common flu symptoms. Any ideas?

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thank you everyone for your wonderful responses!! I did end up taking him to the doc today and they checked him out and he is perfectly fine. they said it may have been a touch of the flu. and his age is why he is clingy and cranky. i still think the anxiety of me bieng away was something to do with it, but it has been 3 days and no vomiting, so he seems to be doing better. we thought he may have developed and allergy to milk cuz we thought he drank it each time before vomiting, but took him off it for the weekend and he continued to throw up. and now today wed we started him back on milk and he has been fine.

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My 11 yr old daughter woke up last night in the middle of the night, popped out of bed and sleeped walk yelling out no, no, no... I asked her what's wrong and she was shaking her hands and then grabbed her mouth. By then I could tell that she was going to toss her cookies and took her to the toilet. She was fine after and this morning, doesn't look like she has any problem whatsoever. I kept her home thinking she was sick, but no fever, diarrhea, body achiness, or any other flu-like symptom.

Could it be anxiety? Is his dad feeding him anything weird while you are away? Poor you. Hope you get to the bottom of it soon. Good luck!

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I see a glaring pattern is his vomiting - when you're away from him.

If you have been a SAHM for his whole life so far, it is normal for him to feel anxiety if you're suddenly away for a long period of time. He doesn't understand where you are or if you're coming back. He may be vomiting when you show up as either a release of the anxiety he'd been holding or as a way to get you to stick around. Don't underestimate kids - they are incredibly smart.

When my sister was 1, she started vomiting at bed time. My mom got really worried until she put my sister to bed one night and then watched her through the crack in the door. She was sticking her finger down her throat to make herself throw up! She knew this would get my mom back in the room. Once my mom realized the game my sister was playing, she would just go in her room, clean her up and put right back to bed. My sister quit the act a couple of days later when she realized my mom wasn't falling for it anymore.

Give your son lots of attention when you're home and after some time he will realize that you always come back. And just to be on the safe side, I agree with the other posters that you should double check what your husband is feeding him, just in case.

Good luck to you and your precious little boy!

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Hi J., my son did the same thing. He had no fever or any other systoms just vomiting. It turned out that he just had a bug but I would take him in and have the Dr. check him. He could have allergies to something or it could be that he is doing that cause he is away from you. Better to be safe than sorry! Good luck! I know how hard it is when they are sick! God Bless you and your family! I hope your little guy feels better!

Hi J.,

He may have a stomac bug which if he does, it will just have to work itself out. Begin giving him a bland diet right away. No milk, no dairy of any kind (accept yougurt that has the live cultures in it such as Activia). No fruits except for bananas. Feed him plan things like pasta, rice, broth, Pedialyte, plan waffle, soup, etc. If he throws up again, give him only a couple of ounces of water. Make aure he can hold this down firt before giving him a whole cup of something. His stomach needs to settle first.

If you have any questions, please send me a message. I've gone through this with my daughter a couple of times. No fun! I hope your little son gets to feeling better very soon!


My 9 month old daughter went through unexplained projectile vomiting as well. First time was right after she woke from afternoon nap when she vomited like "The Exorcist" 5 times in 2 hours. We took her to the emergency room, and dr said it was something that didn't agree with her because she had no other symptoms. Her demeaner was normal and she was her self besides the vomiting. The dr gave some medicine that we opted not to give, skipped her dinner, and the next day was fine. About a week later, she threw up all over her bed at night again, but was fine otherwise. We checked her meals and right before each of her episodes, she had a combination of broccoli and egg yolk. Since then, we haven't given her that combination, and she hasn't done it again.

Basically, maybe it's something your husband is feeding him that he's allergic to, or just doesn't sit well with him? Should definitely still go to the dr and see what he says.

sorry to hear your little guy is uncomfortable! if he is also having any difficulting pooping or eating you may want to ask your pediatrician to consider looking at his intestines. there is a a condition that can develop (most commonly in infant boys) called pyloric stenosis. check out this link and you can maybe see if the symptoms are the same: http://kidshealth.org/parent/medical/digestive/pyloric_st... - can't hurt to just rule it out.
good luck and i hope your little one feels better soon.

It sounds as if your husband is feeding him something that disagrees with him. I would find out what is going on when you are not there.

My older daughter barfed her way through her early years. Every outfit I owned was stained. The amount of time I spent washing sheets and scrubbing carpets was astounding. She is now 17 and even now occasionally excuses herself from classes and vomits in the bathroom at school. Perfectly healthy, just sensitive stomach, I guess. It happens.

I do question your doctor making a diagnosis without checking the kid out, however. There are plenty of stomach ailments that don't generate flu symptoms. My other daughter had to be treated for gastric reflux when she was 5, and the only symptom was gasping for breath! I would definitely take the kid in to be seen. This has gone on too long without putting your mind to rest.

Hi J.,
How are his bowel movements? Sometimes, constipation can cause nausea/vomiting. Or, like the others have mentioned, it may be something your husband is giving him that he may be allergic to. I hope your little one feels better soon. He's obviously not feeling well if he's very cranky and clingy. Remember to rehydrate him w/water and/or diluted apple juice (not OJ - too acidic) after he vomits. Hope this helps.
Take care, B.

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