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1 Year Old, Very Hard Time Going to the Bathroom

Hello ~ Our 13 month old baby girl is having an extremely hard time passing her bowels for the last 3 weeks or so. I don't consider it constipation because she is pooping every day. The problem is that the poops are extremely hard, like rocks the size of an egg. She has to stand in one place and pushes for 5-10 minutes, all the while almost shaking because it's so hard and sometime crying when it does pass because it is so hard and large it hurts her rectum.
What's causing this all of a sudden? She has been eating "normal" table food for months now, nothing has changed in her diet to cause this at all. We've taken the advice of more fruits & water, did nothing. Tried sapositories, did nothing. Tried small amounts of mineral oil (was told it would loosen stools), did nothing. My poor baby is suffering every day, and having stools this hard and problems passing for a baby does not seem normal. Any advice?????

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You can give her graham crackers, prunes or prune juice,whole wheat toast, karo syrup,oarmeal, all will help. Stay away from bananas, rice, and cheese. FYI---mineral oil simply makes her GI tract slippery, it doesn't affect the stool itself.

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My daughter experienced the same thing off and on for a couple of years. Try a little epsom salt in her bath. But be prepared ...it may work faster than you think. My daughter finally outgrew it; she's 11 now

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What you describe, is constipation. The fact that she's pooping, doesn't make it something else. She is not effectively passing her bowls, they are hard and painful. That's constipation. Get her a good probiotic. I suggest going to a natural food store and getting a refrigerated one, they are much more effective. Feed her yogurt with live active cultures, like Stonyfield Yo Baby. Probiotics supply the gut with healthy bacteria and help to normalize intestinal function.

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You can give her graham crackers, prunes or prune juice,whole wheat toast, karo syrup,oarmeal, all will help. Stay away from bananas, rice, and cheese. FYI---mineral oil simply makes her GI tract slippery, it doesn't affect the stool itself.

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I agree that you are describing constipation. More fruit (bananas are okay in moderation – they help "normalize" bms that are too loose OR too hard), more whole grains, and be sure to encourage liquids. My grandson needs to be reminded many times a day to drink a little more water so his stools don't become too hard/uncomfrotable.

Liquid glycerin suppositories for babies/toddlers might be worth trying if you haven't used that type yet, but should not be used daily or a dependency might develop.

I'd sure talk to her pediatrician if I were in your shoes. There are supplemental products like Miralax that can soften hard stools, but I'm not sure if they should be used with a child so young. But if this problem goes on, it could become worse, and encopresis (bowel impaction) is difficult to deal with.

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You need to ask your Pediatrician...
because if she gets impacted or the bowels get blocked up that is not good.
They can x-ray her....

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You are indeed describing constipation - very hard stools painful to pass.

Eat Grapes, grapes, grapes, cut in 1/2 for her and lots of yogurt.

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Your daughter may be regular but she is constipated. I second the karo syrup. Avoid the BRAT (bananas, rice, apples and toast) foods. These are the foods given for diarrhea. So if you're giving her fruits from this list your making the problem worse.

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Hi M. - Try Juice Plus chewables before you resort to Miralax. I've had several customers who have had toddlers with persistent constipation problems (I think it is constipation because she's having a hard time passing the stools) who had their kids on Miralax for a long time (and to their detriment) with little results. After a about a month of taking Juice Plus fruit and vegetables chews their children became regular and normal bowel movements! If you'd like to talk with them let me know! You can get Juice Plus at WeThriveonJuicePlus.com. I hope her problem is solved soon!

Poor baby!

Talk to your daughter's pediactrician right away; the doc may recommend something like Miralax to help with this.

You said you switched to extra water and more fruits/veggies? That's good, but make sure that all the grain products you're giving are whole grain -- whole grain cereal (oatmeal is yummy), whole grain/whole wheat bread, muffins, whole wheat pasta. If you're using rice in dishes, use brown rice not white.

Try giving her prune juice, pear juice, apple juice (in order of effectiveness--prune juice is the most anti-constipating), diluted. Also, try giving her a couple of dried prunes per day, cut into very small bits, or stewed prunes mixed with applesauce, or just straight (prunes are sweet, so most kids & people will eat them.

You might cut back or cut out dairy products, particularly cheese and yogurt and maybe water down or eliminate her milk. Milk products can be very constipating.

Don't delay talking to the doctor about this problem, though, and maybe also start a food journal now, and document all her drinks, snacks, and meals, so you can see what exactly she's eating, so you can adjust it.

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