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1 Year Old Throwing Up - Tujunga,CA

We just had our one year old at the doctor on Thursday. Everything was fine but now (Saturday Morning)she threw up three times, the last time was projectile all over the back of the car. That was at 10 am. We haven't had any further throw up sessions although I didn't give her milk all day and made sure she ate dry cherios and pedialite. At dinner time I gave her green beans with rice and I did risk giving her milk before bed. She seems restless now though..she's been in bed for about 2hours. Is there anything anyone could reccommend for nausea in a 13 month old? I'm not too worried at this point as she is not dehydrated and was happy enough throughout the day, but I would like to ease her symptoms if and when they reoccur.

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Thanks for all of the responses. She did stop throwing up but then the diarrhea started. She's still suffering so I took her to the pedi today. She said to just get some solids into her..the BRAT diet that you all had already told me about anyway and I was already doing. The pedi said it should just be a matter of time. Thanks to all.

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Was she vaccinated that day? It could be a reaction. Pay attention to see if it happens again after any subesquent vaccines.

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The old standby the doctor tells me everytime my kids throw up. Nothing for 2 hours. Then, 3 tsp. Pedialyte every 15 minutes (4 times). Increase the Pedialyte 6tsp. every 15 minutes (4 times). Increase the Pediatlyte 9 tsp. every 30 minutes (4 times). Increase the Pedialyte 1/4 cup every hour.(4 times). Then, 1/2 cup every 90 minutes (4 times). After that, juices can be drunken freely.
If the child throws up anytime, stop the process and start again with waiting the 2 hours.
After 24 hours since vomiting, give the BRAT diet. Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. (Toast can include white, dry plain wheat products -- plain pasta, Cheerios, etc.) Also, you can give them chicken broth and jello.
After 24 hours of BRAT diet, they can slowly eat what they please, but don't let them gorge.

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Well, now it's Monday and hopefully she's feeling better by now ;-) but if this happens again, I would agree with Jacy B - no dairy for ATLEAST 24 hours. We usually wait about 2 days for dairy. Here's a copy paste of a document my ped gave us in 2006 ~
Vomiting / Diarrhea
Recommendations for treatment in children

Wait until vomiting and diarrhea have stopped for at least 1 hr then begin giving 1 or 2 sips ONLY every 10 minutes of:
7UP or Sprite or Coke (or ginger ale).
Give water only as last resort

Continue fluids until vomiting abates for a full 12 hours, then begin solids ~
 banana,
 applesauce,
 rice,
 crackers,
 soup

For next 2 – 3 days give bland food like
 dry toast,
 plain pasta,
 plain rice,
 plain chicken

Symptoms may last for as long as 5 to 7 days. Contagious as soon as symptoms appear.

Call doctor immediately if:
 High fever for 3 days
 Constant vomiting for 3 to 4 hours
 Not urinating every 6 to 8 hours
 Visible dehydration (v. dry mouth, extreme lethargy, etc)

I hope this helps. Good luck!

my drs pedi. says that if she throws up to with hold milk until she goes a full day without throwing up. also a good thing to do is feed her the brat diet. (bananas, rice, apples and toast) and of course lots of fluids.

Was she vaccinated that day? It could be a reaction. Pay attention to see if it happens again after any subesquent vaccines.

try ginger tea. Avoid sweets.

I'm hoping that by now your baby girl is feeling better. If she's still throwing up I'd call the Pedi ASAP. It doesn't take much to dehydrate a little one. Also, does she have diarrhea? Hate to be gross, but does it smell really foul (like rotten eggs)? It could be rotavirus. My son got this at about 11 months and you need to see the Pedi immediately. It is also contagious. (Yes, I know they get vaccinated against this but it doesn't mean they won't get it...it just lessens the severity.) Here's hoping that my post is not needed! Best wishes.

i would call or go to Wholefoods and ask..and i would buy her water w/ electrolytes in it..pedialyte is gross and all sugar..colic tablets help soothe the belly by Hylands..but i'm sure they have something at Wholefoods..i have some stuff for my son that is a tummy ease med i got there.

Hi J.,
I have never tried this myself, but I have heard that peach juice can sometimes work. Its just the juice from canned or the snack peaches. I always remember it too late. Anyway, I hope this works.

Since she is over 1 yr. I would give her ginger and honey tonic. It works wonders! You can mix it in water or just give it to her by the teaspoon. I get it at Green Cradle in Sherman Oaks. You may be able to find it at a Whole Foods or other natural store, but the 2 Whole Foods near me (both Sherman Oaks) didn't have it.

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