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1 Year Old Suddenly Not Sleeping at All at night...teething? for a Month?

I am desperate to find out if anyone has had this problem. I have two one year olds. One is a pretty good sleeper and the other used to be a pretty good sleeper until about a month ago. It appears he has been trying to cut his two top teeth for about a month now. He's got that blister look on his upper gum and will not sleep at night for more than a couple hours at a time. When he wakes up we have to bring him into our room for fear he will wake up his sleeping twin. This cycle lasts all night and the only thing that seems to help is motrin/tylenol and orajel but I do not want him to get in the habit of being medicated so I try to avoid it sometimes and just hold him. But he won't even fall asleep, he wants me to hold him and me sit up or stand up....Has anyone had these problems before?
I did not mention that I did take him to the dr just to be sure and nothing else is wrong, no ear infections, nose and throat are fine...

What can I do next?

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Hi C.,

If you have recently (last two months or so...) introduced dairy or any other new foods, you may want to watch your son closely for additional symptoms. Night waking is an unusual, but common, symptom of food allergies in young children. My son appeared to be fine with everything he ate, including yogurt and cheese until he was about 13 months old. He stopped sleeping through the night, had a bloated belly and was constipated. It turns out he is allergicve to wheat, dairy and soy. He'll be three on August 3rd, and he is now able to eat yogurt, but no other dairy, and is still wheat-free. He is completely happy, healthy and SLEEPING again!

When he was having trouble with teething, I used to let him have a bottle with cold water in it. Even though he was never a real bottle-drinker, he would take it and the cold, along with the sucking, soothed him and he would go back to sleep. I hope this helps!


I think every parent goes through this especially when our kids are about 1 years old. I have been through this off and on for quit some time. I feel if they are nearing a new milestone it can cause sleep disturbance and others have agreed with me when it came to their kids. Teething is another, sometimes their nap schedules change which can throw off bedtimes and sleeping through the night.
If my son does not get 2 good naps a day then he will not sleep through the night. He will go right to sleep however but just won't make it through the night. I also find if I make sure he either had a good dinner or a snack with milk before bed he would sleep through the night. Just make sure if you give him milk to brush his teeth before putting him in bed. Hope I helped a little.

FYI: the homeopathic tablets that Dona is talking about are called Hyland's teething tablets you can find them any where. CVS, Stop & Shop, Shaw's, ect. They work awesome and better than tylenol or motrin!

My daughter (1 year and three days old) is going through the same thing. We have been dealing with it for almost a month also. I, too, went to the doctor, and she said that I will need to let her cry it out. She told me to do this a week ago, but I haven't tried that yet. I am going to have to resort to that soon because my daughter is just miserable right now. My doctor said that there are a few things at play here: separation anxiety, teething, and change of routine (we returned from vacation about a week ago). I have also read that babies who recently learned to walk - or are more mobile through crawing - often have trouble sleeping because they're so excited about the new possibilities in their world. Why would they want to sleep when they can get into anything and everything!? I keep in mind that each "challenge" is just a phase and it will pass...eventually. Good luck!

This happened with my daughter, I thought it was just teething but then found out she had a double ear infection - so you might want to get his ears looked at just in case. This could explain his wanting to be held upright and motrin/tylenol would cut down ear pain as well as teething pain.

For teething without medicating so much, you might try using Hyland's teething tablets, they've worked wonders with both of my kids.

Good luck, I hope your son starts sleeping again soon!

Did you ever try any of the homeopathic remedies for teething? Two of my daughters did and had very little problems with teething pain. You can get them in the health food store, Whole Foods etc.

Hi C.,

Sorry I don't have an answer for you. You mentioned "orajel" and I was just forward a horrifying story about it. If you want the info drop me an email at ____@____.com and I will forward the info to you.


PS I have twin b/g 7 month olds....no teeth yet

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