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1 Year Old Spiking Fevers on and off for Days-normal in Between Times

my 1 year old has had this on and off fever for days. At first I thought it was teething because she was having mouth pain and some back teeth coming in. But her Daddy is sick with a bad chest cold so now I don't know if this is what she has. It will completely go away for hours and then come back again. She has a snotty nose but no cough. She eats and drinks and sleeps well still, just gets uncomfortable when she has the fever. I will just take her in but thought i would see if anyone else has this bug right now?
any ideas? fever between 101-103.

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Thanks for all the advice! She has a bad chest cold that is going around. The Dr. said it lasts about 1 1/2 weeks! As long as she is eating and drinking and playing do not worry about the fever. If it gets up to 103 then give baby Motrin or Tylenol to bring it down. The fever stopped yesterday but now it has settled in her chest and she coughs. She still eats, drinks and plays so I am not too worried. All the advice helped. Thank you. It is so stressful to see your little one be sick.

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My kids went through that exact thing a month or so ago. The doctor said it was something that was going around.

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In addition to the other wonderful suggestions, (you want to feel safe, so make sure by getting her checked) you may want to just give this energy balancing technique a try.

You are going to use your body as a "jumper cable" for her. It's easy for an adult to do this for themselves, but you can't get a little one to do this long enough to correct the imbalance of flow of energy. Like someone else said, the little ones don't have an immune system built up yet. I like to look forward to the time when in the future none of us need an immune system because there is nothing to fight or flight from. Until then, there will be a transition period and we do the best we can with what we have.

If you want to try it out, here's what you do: put the finger tips of your left hand just above the elbow along the nerve where the funny bone is, there is a little indentation there between the tricep and the bicep on the side of the arm just above the elbow. Line your fingertips up along that with your left hand. With your right hand use the whole palm on the rib cage under the arm. Doesn't matter whether your facing the baby or behind the baby if someone else is holding her. Make sure you're comfortable and not bending in a contorted position to do this. You're going to hold it for 5 minutes if you can, if the baby will let you. While you're doing it, you're going to think "I am safe" These are words that are going to be transmitted not only into your energy system, but into the baby as well.

What this does is take energy out of the fight or flight program and put it into the spleen meridian where the body can then use that "wasted energy (spinning out of control feeling)" to metabolize what ever the body needs to metabolize, including emotion or any other toxin or allergy. In short, it brings balance.

For an adult to do this for the self, it looks like a self hug. Left palm or fingertips on your right elbow, Right hand under your left arm at the bottom of the rib cage. It's really easy to just sit and do this when you are at the movies or vegging on the couch.

Love, L.
Reconnective Healing Practitioner™

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The fever is not affecting her eating or sleeping - let it run its course. It is how a baby builds an immune system. Wipe her down with cool wash cloths to get the fever back down each time.

If you start treating every little fever or cold with drugs, over the counter or prescribed, her immune system will never develop.

Hang in there! No motrin or tylenol unless the fever gets higher - cool wash cloths or tepid bath water.

Blessings -

She could just have a viral infection in which the doctors will do nothing. Antibiotics will not treat viruses. These could last up to 7 days. I would just treat the fever as your doing with Motrin every 6-8 hours and Tylenol 4-6 hours. Keeping watch of her eating, drinking and sleeping patterns. If any of this does change then she "could" have an ear infection. Some people show no other signs of ear infections other than a fever. If it would make you more comfortable, take her in just to be on the safe side.

Good luck, it's never fun to have sick babies.

My then 20 month old seems to have had a similar thing happen to him a few months ago. We were vacationing in Hawaii and he had a cycling fever for 5 days. My pediatrician said it is not uncommon for fevers to cycle and that Tylenol, Motrin, fluids and rest is best. He was fine in the day and kind of got worse at night. By the end of the week, he was miserable and it turned out that the cold manifested into an ear infection rather quickly; but b/c the fever was cycling, we missed the tylical cues of an ear infection (which is fever several days AFTER a cold, trouble sleeping, discomfort when prone, etc.). Best of luck. Good idea to have her ped check her out just in case it's something else.

Hi, my 21 month old was doing that about 5 months ago, and like you I just associated it with teething, when her fever hit 104 I took her to the er and it turned out she had a bladder infection. Just something to keep in mind when you take her in. Hope she feels better soon. Have a good day.

I know it can be scary when your not really sure whats wrong or what to do. So hang in there, however I suggest you take her to be seen. I basically have the same story as Cindy M. I was not aware that you could alternate Motrin and Tylenol, I now keep big bottles of both in the house. My 2 year old son had no symptoms of anything except this strange fever(101-103) that would come and go. I even called the doc and they said to wait a few days..5 hours later he had a febrile seizure. If you don't keep the fever down and if it spikes too fast there little bodies can't handle it, and they seize. After taking an ambulance ride( because I was so freaked out I had called 911) to the ER, they found an ear infection,that he had showed NO signs of, and his temp was 105,and rising. It was after that I found out about the alternating of the medicine as well as a tepid bath can help keep fevers down. With my son it came on VERY sudden he turned delirious and lethargic and then started a full on tonic/clonic seizure. It is something you never want to witness. I don't mean to scare you either but it was very tramtic experience for both of us, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, so please get her looked at.
Side note: My doc said boys are more likley to get these kinds of seizures.

My daughter (now 3 1/2) had similar symptoms at 17mo. We found out that she had a bladder infection. This led to the discovery that she had reflux in her ureters (tubes that connect the kidney to the bladder).This may not be the case for your daughter but it's worth checking into with the bladder infection. No other symptoms but being uncomfortable and the high fever.

My son had the same problem at 22 months, and turns out he had Roseola, (which is a virus). After he broke the fever (a week later) he broke out in a rash throughout his body. But by the next day, he was back to his old self. Hope your little one feels better soon!

I am not sure about the bug your little one may have...there are a few going around right now. My 3yo daughter was having evening fevers with headaches a couple of weeks ago.

Please be very careful to keep the fever down!! You may not be aware that it is okay to alternate giving Tylenol and Motrin every two hours to control the fever spikes. I only caution because my oldest boy (now 13) had a tendency to have fever spikes like you described and ended up having a febrile seizure. These are not harmful to the child unless they fall or choke, but are very scary to witness. The advice above about alternating the two types of fever reducing products is advice my Pediatrician gave me AFTER our ordeal. Luckily, my son never had another one before he outgrew them and my other two children don't have fever spikes...their temps raise slowly like they should.

Hope I didn't scare you...just want you to be able to avoid the experience.


Is her fever more prominent after naps/laying down? This sounds like my 2yolds last ear infection, along with the snotty nose, this could be the case. I would take her in anyhow since it will give you peace of mind. By the way, my ped. reccommended even seeing if we could wait a fever out a few days if she is otherwise doing okay, it may in fact be an infection, but it may go away on it's own w/o having to use antibiotics.

My kids went through that exact thing a month or so ago. The doctor said it was something that was going around.

Hi J.-
A fever is the body's natural defense to fighting off infections, particularly bacterial. Lowering a child's fever, unless it gets dangerously high (over 104'), will only suppress his/her immune system and prolong the illness.
The best thing you can do is to support her immune system using probiotics and immune herbs (found in glycerite formulas for kids).
Has she recently been vaccinated?

T. Fleck, ND
Santa Cruz

You may feel better getting her checked. But remember that a fever is the body's way of fighting off infection. My youngest son had a fever every month (lasted 1-4 days)for nearly a year. But he never had any other symptoms. To this day, he will have periodic fevers without other symptoms. This is his way of his little body fighting to stay healthy. He is 6. My other children did not do this.

Mom of 4 (4th due 10/1/08)

As a nurse I am going to tell you that you really need to get her to the doctor ASAP. She probably caught the cold from your husband and you really want to be able to catch any kind of bug early. You can alternate Motrin and Tylenol to help keep her fever down but it really needs to stay below 100.5. Please let me know what happens.
Good Luck,

Take her in.

My son had that same thing at that same age and I thought it was teething too. When I took him into the doctor the first time he has and ear infection which I had no idea, he had no other symptoms then those of teething. The second time he went in with his sister who had sores in her mouth and we found out that he had hand foot mouth disease. I am usually a mom who waits to take their child in as I work in the medical field and I dont want to be a worry wort mom, but now I take him in any time he has a fever. I would say better safe then sorry. Hope this helps good luck.

Sounds like my family. We were wiped out with this nasty cold. The fever came and went for 4 days on my 3 year old. It finally went away and turned into stuffy nose and nasty cough. I'd call the dr. first and talk to the advice nurse. We used to go to the dr. for everything right away and now they prefer, in most cases, that we wait it out to avoid antibiotics if it's a virus vs. an infection that can be treated without a prescription. So, if it doesn't seem like her ears are bothering her, call the doc and try and wait.

Ours has lasted about a month. I got sick just before Mother's Day (joy) and am finally feeling better.

Good luck - hope you don't get it too!

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