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1 Year Old Milestones

My son isn't walking yet, he just turned 1. He dosn't like the sippy cup either, but I can get him to drink from a straw a little bit. Is all this normal? Can we be doing something wrong?

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Thanks for the comments. It seems like it's normal for him to not walk yet. I first believed when he is ready, then I hear about others my son's age that are walking already. My Goddaughter basically skipped crawling and her mother is use to being around kids I'm not (not until my son) so I feel that I'm doing something wrong. (I know girls will learn things faster than boys). But she alwasy says, "He's still on the bottle?" Or "He's not walking yet?" So I know it is normal I'll wait till he is ready. I'll just keep encouraging him. Today is the first time he made "kissies". :-)

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My oldest daughter didn't walk until after her first birthday, and she drank both bottle and sippy cup until she was about two. My younger daughter walked at her first birthday party so that she could get to one of her presents, and had been drinking both bottle and sippy cup. I don't remember when we actually stopped using the bottle for her, but it didn't seem to be long after her birthday. When they were sick, I would give their bottle back so that they would get enough fluids. Don't pay attention to what other people say is "normal". Babies are all different, just like we are.

My daughter didn't start walking until she was about 13 months old, and she didn't really stand and try to take steps til right after her 1 yr. birthday. She does not drink from sippy cups either, only from straws. It's all completely normal. :>

Don't worry about it. Babies develop at different rates. My oldest son didn't take his first steps until 2 weeks after his 1st birthday. With in a month he was running.

As far as the sippy cup is concerned have you tried the Nuby? they have softer tops and feel more like a bottle.
Good luck.

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My son is 18 months now, and he didnt like the sippy cup either. I think because we always fed him his bottle, and he never really held it up himself he just didnt understand the sippy cup. We started giving him the spill proof cups that have a straw and he caught on fast. Some of the spill proof cups are better then others though. At first we bought the ones that have the spill proof part at the top, which are slits in the top part of the straw, but eventually he just chewed on them until they broke and then they werent spill proof anymore. So now we buy the ones that have the spill proof part at the bottom and he cant mess those up. My son was walking when he turned one, however he was better at crawling and preferred that way. He would take a few steps, but then he would just fall, but they develop so fast after they turn one so i wouldnt worry to much about it. All kids develop differently and as long as your sons dr is happy with his progress, try not to stress to much. Soon hell be running and so will you. Hope this helped!

It is all perfectly normal. My daughter didn't start walking until she was almost 18 months and she is just fine being that she is now two. When I used to work at a daycare, I learned that all kids develop at a different rate. It will all work out just fine. No need to worry. :)

Don't worry about it. Babies develop at different rates. My oldest son didn't take his first steps until 2 weeks after his 1st birthday. With in a month he was running.

As far as the sippy cup is concerned have you tried the Nuby? they have softer tops and feel more like a bottle.
Good luck.

Hi S.,
In my opimion no it does not sound to me like you are doing anything wrong. He is barely a year old and that is still a baby. He will walk and all that good stuff when he is good and ready to do so. There are some things however that you can try to do with him to ease him into it. Walk with him hold onto his hands and let him go at his own pace or maybe let him push you along while he is holding onto your pants from the front. The more you help him on his feet the faster he will get the hang of it.As for the sippy cup just offer it to him more and more often and he will get used to having it. Put his favorite drinks in it and show him what is in the cup before you give it to him. Don't give up on it, just because he doesn't like it NOW does not meann he won't like it in a month or so.
I hope i was helpfull and Good Luck.

Sippy cups are a personal preference - not a milestone. If he can drink from a straw, you might look into the sippy cups with straws.

As for the walking, my son turned 1 on January 5 and just started pulling up. He's on the late side of average, but my pediatrician said not to worry unless and until he wasn't pulling up by 15 months. Assuming your son has no other developmental concerns, I wouldn't worry - but you can always talk to your pediatrician (or call ECI for an assessment) to be sure. :)


my son didn't start walking until about 2-3 weeks after his first birthday, some kids take even longer. if you are concerned talk to your pediatrician about it, but i think it is a little too early to worry. as far as the sippy cup, it takes a while for them to get used to it and the hang of it. just keep offering it to him, he will finally get it or skip it all together and go straight to the cup. good luck..

hey don't worry my one yr old son isn't walking yet too. as for a sippy cup try the softones they always worked for me....

Don't worry as long as he's trying. If it still bothers you go to the doctors and get his advise

My daughter didn't start walking until she was about 13 months old, and she didn't really stand and try to take steps til right after her 1 yr. birthday. She does not drink from sippy cups either, only from straws. It's all completely normal. :>


Every child develops at a different rate. Although those parenting and developmental books are good, they are by no means a bible. You can't compare you child to the "average" or someone elses child. He is different and will develop at his own rate. Boys also develop a little slower than girls. My son didn't walk until about 13 or 14 months, he never drank from a sippy cup because he just didn't like them, and started drinking from a straw at about 12 months. If you are still concerned, you can always contact your pedi.


Hi Stephanie, my son Brady will be 1 on March 28th and we are not walking yet either. He is pulling up and can walk/sidle along things like the couch etc, but no definitive walking. I have been told by numerous people that this is very normal. Most kids won't really walk until a little after their first birthday. As for the sippy cups and straws, we had to actually show Brady how to use the sippy cup. I used the Avent bottles and they have a transition sippy spout that fits onto the bottle. That's how Brady learned. I thought he'd never get it, but one day he just got it, like he'd always been doing it. Straws were harder...only in the last few weeks has he mastered them. We used the small Juicy Juice juice boxes to teach him, because the straws are so much smaller and he had better control of the sucking. Worked like a charm and now he is just about off the bottle completely, using sippy cups and straws for everything to drink. I wouldn't worry about your son, every kid develops at their own pace...we have a play buddy that is 3 weeks older than Brady and he still can't do solid foods (or even stage 3 foods)...but his doc said not to worry, he'll get it. Brady on the other hand is a pro at grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries...I'm sure you are doing everything right, so don't give up! Keep up the great mommy work!!!

K. Lahpor
(SAHM, 27 yrs old)

Oh sweetie, your not doing anything wrong. some kids mature faster than others. he will take the sippy cup soon. find him one with a straw. he'll like it, but call it a big boy cup, not a sippy cup.
Walking is easy. Its the getting up thats the hard part. ha ha. Keep holing those hands and letting him walk infront of you and let him know you wont let go till hes ready. Just like riding a bike and the training wheels.
Hope everything turns out ok.

As a home day care provider I have seen plenty of babies and they all do things at different times. They say they work mainly on the physical or the mental. If he is not walking then it is probably because he's spending his time taking in the sights and learning to use his words. I have seen an average start walking around their one year mark, but I have known several who didn't walk till they were 15mos and they look like they are doing it fine now. Talk to your doctor to compare his growth all along. Also the old fashioned walkers I would not suggest because it gives them too much support, but a good push along has worked for all my kids. Or if you have uncarpeted floors a little stool or chair work great. Good luck!


it is normal to walk a little later than one, and it is good for hand eye coordination. there have been links found between walking too early and learning disorders. it is also normal to worry. Every child grows at their own pace, but if it really concerns you bring it up at your next doctor visit.

I didn't walk until I was 15 months old, and I am currently just fine. The pediatrician told my mom that if I was crawling, I would walk when I was ready. The same brain function used to crawl is used for walking too. Maybe your child is just cautious. If you are worried, see the pediatrician to be sure. As for the sippy cup, that is definately normal. My daughter never really did like it. Keep trying and don't fret too much. All kids are individuals. Good Luck.

Hi S.!
I don't think you have anything to worry about.
Usually by 12 months your baby should just be trying to pull himself up and able to take steps, while holding your hand or fingers. Give him until around 15 months. That's when they start taking steps on their own and are more adventurous. After my kiddos turned 1 is when I noticed that every two weeks they were doing something different.
I think you are going to be very amazed with your son in the next three months. He is going to advance quickly in the next three months, so have your camera ready!!

And about the sippy cup. Mine NEVER liked sippy cups. I found a "sippy cup" that had a clear, spill proof, straw like silicone top. It looked more like a sports drink container. "Nuby" has a good one.

Enjoy and have fun!

Not to fret. I was afraid my daughter wouldn't walk either when she turned 1. I was pregnant with my second child and I so desperately wanted her to walk before he was born. They are 15 months apart and what do you know, she started walking 1 week before he was born. Each child develops differently and yours will learn to walk when he is ready. My kids love straws too because it's what mommy and daddy drink from. Good luck and have patience.

If he is drinking from a straw thats great! ahead of things, maybe try some juice boxes. However, it makes for some mess.....my kiddos were pickie about what cps they used we tried everything from gerber to avent. In the begining we used the Avent no spill and when Ryan ( our two year old) turned one, he picked up his brothers cup and now both are drinking form the Playtex sippie. The Playtex one comes iin two colors pink and aqua( sold at HEB),it does not have a spout rather just an opening like an adult lidded cup,but for the kiddos on the inside is a washer to keep it from spilling out. I love this cup becase Ryan gets to feel like a big boy,minus the spills

discuss it with your pedi. more than likely nothing is wrong he is just taking his time. if he is walking holding onto furniture try this trick... take a toy he likes and have him follow it walking holding on to a piece of furniture, then go to another piece of furniture that is just a little furrther away, so he might have to take a step or two on his own. this was what the theropist encouraged me to do with my son.

other than the walking and not liking sippy cups I am assuming that all his other mile stones have been pretty much on target?

Hi Mom of now 7 year old boy.

He hardly every used a sippy cup and used only straw cups. It is actually better for his teeth development to used a straw rather than a sippy cup. The hard ones are worse than the soft ones.

On the other hand he breast feed for 3 1/2 years and would never take a bottle when I pumped. We did use early on the Avent soft sippy spouts on Avent bottles when we gave him water. But went to staw cups pretty much right away when he was able to suck on them.

Don't worry about what other kids his age. Everyone develops at different rates. If there is something to worry about your pediatrician will tell you. My son did not talk at all at 21 months. At 24 months he started to talk one day in 5 word sentences and has not stopped since!

Good luck,

My son was my first also. He was walking at his first birthday, but he was not what I would call a "full time walker;" it was more of a party trick. He was also the first grandbaby on both sides, so he didn't need to walk all that much! The sippy cup comes with practice and the bottle is a habit we as parents are scared to break. Our son had a bottle at night until about 15 months when we decided to try his milk in a cup instead. No problem for him (but he was used to the cup by this time). Then he had a cup of milk until almost 2. So keep using both until he gets the hang of the cup and then ditch the bottle. Oh, and there might be something to that girls develop faster than boys thing because my niece walked at 9 months and my daughter (our 2nd) walked full-time at 10 months. She also was able to cold turkey the bottle at 12 months because she was already used to the sippy. We never even had to put milk in a bottle for her! And, she outgrew the milk at bedtime thing earlier too, like at 15 months - I realized/learned with my first that that really is a habit parents put upon the kids bc they are scared that they won't sleep through the night, but isn't necessary once they are on table foods! Live and learn. The second one will be so different and yet so the same that you'll be amazed! Best wishes for you and keep practicing!

The average age for walking is 13 months, so I wouldn't worry. None of my kids would drink from regular sippy cups but like the straw kind and they seem normal otherwise.

Try not to stress! Each baby develops at their own pace and what is normal for one may not be for another! Here are a few links to some sites that talk about the developmental milestones:

Also - sippy cups and straws take a lot of practice! Just keep giving your son the opportunities and he'll get it! I think you're doing a terrific job! It amazes me still when I look back at my daughter on her first birthday and then how she changed and blossomed by about 16 months - it is UNREAL! Get ready; your son is about to take off and learn all SORTS of new things! :)

Hi I am a young mother of 3. My oldest is almost 5. He didn't walk until he was 14 months old, and broke himself from the bottle 2 weeks after he began walking. He is a perfectly normal 4 and a half year old now!!! Don't worry!!! Positive encouragement and a stable, healthy environment will give him the security that he needs to walk away from the bottle.

Good luck!!!

I am also 28 and am the mother of 2.(a 4yr old and my baby just turned one last week.) He too refuses to walk, refuses to drink from a sippy cup, and refuses to eat most foods. I read your message and thought this is my story! My baby does love to drink out of a straw. My 4yr was walking at 10 mos. When 1yr rolled around for the baby, I started to worry. Since then, I have had so many other moms tell me that their kiddos didn't walk right away. Some even waiting til 14 mos.
Don't worry, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Oh yes, it's very normal. My son is 14 mo. old and he just got it down. I just kept giving it to him at meals & snack times and he eventually figured out that this is all he's going to get to drink so he better start drinking. Although he does make a mess, he dribbles a lot. Just keeping giving him the sippy cup or even the sport drink cups with the straws. You're lucky, he knows how to drink out of a straw already!

hey i just saw you message,my son is 14 months old and he still refusses to walk..so it's o.k at least thats what everyone keeps telling me!!! i think are sons are fine,look at it this way at least were not having to chase them just yet!! ahahah

Give him three days, if you can endure three days of fits He will change. As for the walking he needs a goal and to be worked with daily. Som kids just need a little bit of help.


Don't be scared that you aren't doing something. They will do things when they are ready. I have a 15 month old that doesn't walk...at least not alone/independently. He uses a sippy cup but he can't drink from a staw. When you child decides he wants to do it he will. Don't get worried they have minds and personalities of their own.

He'll do things when he is ready! The best that you can do is keep encouraging him. Continue to offer sippy cups and eventually he will take them. Buy him a toy that he can walk with to get him excited about walking. He's not behind. Kids do things when they are ready.
Good luck and God bless.

My niece didn't walk well until almost 15 months. She didn't even try until 13 mos. or so. Your son may be working on perfecting something else before he goes to walking. I think you have to just be patient and realize that you can't compare your child with someone else's. As for the sippy cup, my dentist says that I need to get my daughter to stop using them (along with the paci, which she uses at night). They can cause problems with her bite alignment. So I'd be happy if all she wanted was to drink from a straw. I see nothing wrong with that. I have seen a cup that has a straw that pops out when you twist the lid. I'm not sure what brand, but it would help keep spills to a minimum.

The average age for boys to walk is 14.5 months.

Don't even worry about when he starts walking, there are a lot of kids that don't do it for awhile. Kids just have to do it when they are ready, once he picks it up, watch out though! I should say, enjoy it while you still can! ;)
Both of my boys started walking really early, but I have friends who have kids the same age as my oldest that didn't start walking until several months later, know what? They all walk the same now. :) If there is any reason for concern, your ped. will mention it at a well baby visit, but that wouldn't be for several months.

As for the sippy cup, you know neither one of my boys ever used a regular sippy cup. Both were weaned from a bottle just before turning one, they've always used a straw cup, if that is what he likes, there is no harm in using that. Its just one less thing you'll have to concern yourself with getting rid of later. My 2.5 year old could drink from a "big cup" without spilling it very young too.
I don't know for a fact, but I've heard from many people that its just as difficult to "wean" their children off of some types of sippy cups b/c they are so similar to bottles now w/ the soft spouts.

Anyway, unless you have a personal issue with it, why not just give him the straw cups? My (I tried to type 11m old, but his bday is Sat.) my 12m old really loves the new straw cups that have the handles ont he side, very colorful, made my Gerber I think?

Doctors will tell you that it is fine if your child isn't walking the day they turn 1, but that doesn't keep you from worrying. Especially if you see lots of kids his age or younger that are walking all over the place. My first child walked 'early', but my second didn't walk until she was 14 months. They are all different. My mom advice would be if he is developing just fine in all other areas, sit back and (try) to wait a bit before getting too worried, which can be difficult at times.

Also, with the sippy cups - you can find spill proof cups that straws. I can imagine some kids just don't want to have suck SO hard with a sippy cup. The only reason I used sippy cups with my kids is because they were spill proof. My older daughter never took to the cups with straws at her younger age. Again, all children are different.

I hope this helps.

Nope, not a thing wrong. I have 2 boys 1 year and 2.5 years old and they were both VERY different. The first walked at 10 months, drank out of a cup before a year, blah, blah, blah....the second is on HIS OWN schedule. He didn't even attempt to take a step until the day of his first birthday. He just started drinking out of a cup, doesn't recognize any words, JUST started babbling, etc... I was so worried about him I quizzed the doctor about his hearing, him being delayed, etc. at his 1 year appointment.

Be patient:) Oh, and if you are worried I would call his doctor and talk to him/her.

My son didn't walk until he was 15 months old, it just takes some kids longer than others. As for the bottle weening, the United States is the ONLY country that forces their babies off the bottle at a year old, most countries allow their babies the comfort of drinking a bottle until the age of 3-4, this does not hinder the children in any way. So, don't worry about it, stop stressing, and enjoy your baby boy...they don't stay little for long!

Neither of my kids walked until they were 14 1/2 months old. They talked late also. He will learn everything in his own time. I can now not get mine to sit still they are running everywhere. Of course they are 3 and 6 now. The sippy cup thing will come in its own time also. Once mine learned about the sippy cup they did not want the bottle anymore except at bed time.


Hey S.,

I have a 14 month old little boy. He's my first too. (The second is on the way!) They all reach those milestones at different times. Your son will walk when he's ready. My little boy walked at 11 months. My girlfriend's little boy who is 2 weeks younger just started walking 2 weeks ago. He was concentrating on learning other things. He has quite a vocabulary where my little one still is not forming words. He says dada and mama and we think he says dog.

As for the sippy cup... it took several tries to find the cup he liked. He prefers the ones with the straw. He still takes a bottle for milk and a bottle of water at night. Several other moms have told me they had to just go cold turkey and refuse to give a bottle. Eventually the babies give in and take the cup because they are thirsty. I am in no position to give advice but I can tell you that you aren't alone.

Don't worry. Easy to say but you're little boy will be just fine.


HI my name is N.. My daughter is alost 16 months old and she didn't even start walking till she turned 15 months. Also she just learned how to use sippy cups. So as i hear from other mothers its very normal that your son isn't walking yet. Some babies i hear do not walk till there like 18 months old. I hope i helped you out a little bit. Just remember your not doing anything wrong.


My oldest daughter didn't walk until after her first birthday, and she drank both bottle and sippy cup until she was about two. My younger daughter walked at her first birthday party so that she could get to one of her presents, and had been drinking both bottle and sippy cup. I don't remember when we actually stopped using the bottle for her, but it didn't seem to be long after her birthday. When they were sick, I would give their bottle back so that they would get enough fluids. Don't pay attention to what other people say is "normal". Babies are all different, just like we are.

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