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1 Year Old Keeps Getting Bitten at Daycare

I have a 1 year old son who is repeatedly getting bitten at daycare. I know that biting is a normal thing for this age group, but my son is coming home with accident reports for bites a MINIMUM of twice a week! Yesterday he was bitten on the arm and today he came home with a huge bit on his cheek! These bites are from different children in the classroom, not just one. The schools standpoint is that biting is a developemental stage and not to worry, yada yada yada. I can not keep sending him to school to get chewed on, the poor kid. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to handle this and, more importantly do you guys feel that this is normal? I think that this is happening too often, I just need some feedback on if you moms out there think this is an issue with the teachers/school and a serious lack of childcare. Thanks!

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Thanks for all of your input and advice. We have enrolled our son at a different daycare (he starts in 2 weeks) A few people have asked what school he is in-it happens to be Children's Lighthouse in Katy.. We were very happy with them, but this is too much! He will be attending the Primrose school now so we are quite happy with the change! Thanks very much for your help ladies!

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Find another daycare. Yes, accidents happen at that age, but this is not being addressed properly. My kids got bit a time or two when they were that age, but it was handled. Find another daycare. I would spread the word about this daycare. They are not acting responsibly.

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first of all, if you are expressing concerns to your provider about your child being habitually bitten, you should NOT be told "not to worry about it". While biting does happen in young children, it does not mean every child will and will do it often. It doesn't sound like the teachers are making a sufficient attempt to correct the biting problem--especially if there is more than one biter. (Perhaps the problem is not being corrected at home either.) If one kid bites, other kids may think it's okay and join in. Monkey see, monkey do. I run a daycare and do not take children that have a biting problem (or other issues with harmful aggressive behavior). It's bad for business and can be a liability. If you've talked to your provider and you are not satisfied with what they say they are doing about it, I would start looking around for another provider. Your child should not be getting that many accident reports, especially when it's the same issue over and over.

good luck!

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It is happening too often in my opinion. Move daycares if they cannot resolve it.

I believe this is an issue, with the teachers, School and child care. If it were me, i would change him to another daycare period. It is happening to much!! Yes children do bite, but not that many out of one daycare class. Sounds like these children are learning it from each other. Hope this helps you..

Ask the daycare to keep him away from who ever is biting him. My youngest was getting bit alot at that age in daycare and it was because he was taking this little girls doll away from her so she would bit him. I took a doll up there for him to play with and the whole thing stopped.

Find another daycare. Yes, accidents happen at that age, but this is not being addressed properly. My kids got bit a time or two when they were that age, but it was handled. Find another daycare. I would spread the word about this daycare. They are not acting responsibly.

I am so gald you moved day cares!! excuse my language but i would have been pissed and i wouldve came unglued-like no other mother hen!!! i was very mad at reading this- and i am so so sorry!!! i hate that- and the daycare doesnt back you up?? that is lack of control of the children (which you pay them a good amount of money to do) lack of communication between parents/staff, and just plain unnecessary!!! i had a problem with my son, except he was getting hit and scratched. He has scars on his cheeck! this is robin's nest in Pearland!! not friendswood- which i wasnt happy with either!! Turned out the little boy has autism, i felt really bad. Bu Ethan's face is scared!

It is one thing if your child is bit occasionally because it happens. Kids bite when they are teething and some bite when they become really frustrated. But if the teachers are properly supervising the children, the incidents should be few and far between. The number to the state office is required to be posted in your daycare. If it isn't, ask for the number. And consider finding another daycare.

That does seem like a lot. Do the children have adequate supervision? It does not seem like it. You can always file a complaint with the state board that governs child care. If you don'thave the info in the enrollment packet when you enrolled your child, call any daycare and ask for the phone number for the regulatory agency. It may also be posted in the lobby of the daycare.


Hi H.,
That seems like quite a lot of biting. I dont think they are properly supervising those kids. The kids that are biting need to be sent home if its that continuous. If I were you, I would
be removing my son from that daycare and find a new one. He is not those kids chew toy! Good luck.
T. N.

I agree with the children not being adequately supervised. I worked in childcare a while ago and this is not normal. If a child does go to bite in most cases, if the children are being watched, then the teacher can stop it before it happens. There is usually something that leads up to it like two kids wanting the same toy. While a lot of children do go through a biting stage your child should not be the chew toy that is getting this 2 times a week. Sounds like you need another daycare and they should be reported. An accident report should be few and far between. If it were my children I would not hesitate removing because your facility seems t have a look the other way attitude when it comes to having your child hurt.

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