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1 Year Old Has No Teeth

My baby just turned 1 and still has no teeth. My other daughter had teeth way early. Whats the average age for getting teeth? Should I be worried. She was a premie...would that have anything to do with it?

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Thank you everyone! I feel much better...I'll be sure to tell you all when she gets teeth

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I would not be alarmed. My son had 4 teeth at his 1st birthday, but my nephew had none. Give it a little more time. My nephew's teeth came in late, but they also came in fast. He has a full set at 1 year and a half.

Don't panic. My 3 oldest children got their teeth late. the 1st and 2nd got their first tooth at 10 months, but #3 was 16 1/2 months old when hers finally popped through the gum. I knew 10 months was late, but nothing to be worried about. At 12 months I got a little concerned. The pediatrician wasn't concerned until 15 months. We saw a pediatric dentist at 16 months and 2 weeks later a tooth emerged. The pediatric dentist said that the teeth were there and might not appear until age 2!!!! Fortunately, my little one was eating plenty of solid foods--including chicken nuggets and pizza--with just her gums. I've heard it's better if they get them late. And, if you get them late you'll lose them late. While my oldest daughters friends were losing baby teeth BEFORE entering kindergarten, she didn't lose her first one until the week after first grade. Oh, and all of my children were full-term.

My first son didn't get any teeth until he was almost 15 months old. We just recently took him for his first dentist appointment right before his second birthday and according to the dentist the late teeth are perfectly normal and fine. He even said the later the better with baby teeth. Later teeth tend to be stronger and carry less risk of being chipped in early childhood. So don't worry. My son didn't let the late arrival of teeth prohibit him from eating anything. He was eating everything including steak and all kind of meat before any teeth came in. And by the way, my son was not a premie, he was two weeks late! So enjoy those toothless smiles while you can.

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my youngest of 3 was really late on getting her teeth in. i've heard that the longer it takes for their teeth to come in, the better teeth they have...and so far, thats turned out to be true. i'd give it another month at least, then if nothing, take and have a pediatric dentist do an x-ray..they should be able to tell where the teeth are at as far as coming in.

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All children and different and with all things they do and grow things differently. I have 6 children and none of them got hair, teeth, or walked at the same time. The oldest daughter didn't get teeth or hair till she was about 18 months. The Dr. said that the longer it takes for teeth to come in the longer they would keep their teeth and the healthier the teeth would be. My youngest son was born with two teeth. The Dr. said he would lose them, but he didn't and they fell out like all baby teeth and two regular teeth grew in like they were suppose to be. So don't worry! When your child's teeth do come in, try a soft piece of leather for them to chew on. If it is the summer, popsicles work great! Put them in a diaper and sit them in plastic pool!

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All my kids were different. The longer they take to get them the longer it takes to lose them and they're more healthy too. My daughter didn't start getting teeth till after her first year and I had to take her to the dentist to get them pulled because the permanent teeth would come in and they still didn't want to come out. No extra money just part of the copay for regular visit. Anyway she is 20 now and has straight beautiful teeth and has never had a cavity still. Kinda makes me jelous, not really I assure you. My son however started getting his teeth his second month and he is always having to get fillings. All my kids have straight teeth naturally from their dad's side lol. Plus my pedi told me if they must have a pacifier use orthodonic pacifier and I did. Good luck and no worries ps I'm sure the premi thing has alot to do with it because babies still develop according to their due date. My friend had her baby about a week after mine in her 6 month and the baby looked like a newborn and did as a newborn when they were 3 months old. Very interesting I thought.

Don't worry...each child is different. My dentist office, Drs Hyde, Bailey and Cremer has assured me of this many times. They also reccomend that a child begins seeing a pediatric dentist by the age of 18 months. I love my dentist office and I know they are always there when my kiddos have issues. They have offices in Hurst and Arlington. The web page is FUNDENTIST.COM Check them out !! I highly reccomend them for your children's dental needs !!! :) Sincerely, A. A

Hi A.,
Don't worry too much. My daughter was 5 week premature and she was way behind the 'average' time that babies are supposed to get their teeth. She was slow to get them and she's now slow to lose them too. We are in limbo in her orthodontic treatment right now because we're waiting for her to lose all the baby teeth she should have lost by now and gain the adult teeth. The good news is that her teeth are strong and healthy. At 11 1/2 she has not yet had a cavity!

If you are still worried, talk to your doctor the next time you are in for a well-baby check.


My girls (twins) got their first teeth right around their first birthday, then no more for another couple of months. They are now 18 mos. old and getting them all at once! I almost think this is better than spreading out the teething. Just be patient....they will come!

I wouldn't worry about it. My son only had two teeth when others had six and 8 at his age. My family doctor told me that he would just loose his baby teeth later than others, which has proven to be the case. He's in first grade and every other kid except is a snaggle tooth. :) At you baby's 1 year check up tou can ask the doctor if they think an xray at a pediatric dentist would be a good idea (just to make sure they are up there). Other than that, just start saving for the tooth fairy! :)

My son is 11 mo. old and also has no teeth. I'm a RN at a pediatricians office and I can assure you it's ok your 1yr old does not have teeth yet. My friend's baby was a premie and she did not get her first tooth until she was 15 mo. old.
Also, your pediatrician should check your baby's gums at her check-ups...and if he/she were concerned, they would refer you to a specialist.

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