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1 Week Old with Jaundice

Hello. A week ago this evening, my son was born. On the day we were being discharged from the hospital (thursday), we were told our son had some jaundice, but nothing severe so just keep an eye on it. We didn't notice any yellowing of the eyes until Friday morning (day 3). yesterday (day 6), we took him to the pediayrician and had blood drawn. the doc called us back and said the bilirubin was higher than expected. We have to keep track of his appetite, urine, poo. Tomorrow, we will call the pediatrician again and they may need to draw blood again from him. is there anything we can do to help our son and has anyone gone through this before? There hasn't been any conversation about treatment which concerns me...at this point, i just wanted it treated and gone...and not wait for things to get worse...

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Hello Everyone. We put our son in the sunlight and continued to monitor his feeding and diapers. We went to the doctor this past Tuesday, and our son is gaining weight and though there is still some yellowing of the skin, it has significantly improved. The doctor's not worried about it because of his weight gain, appetite and diapers. At this point, they think some of the yellowing remaining may be because of the breast milk. Thank you for all the advice and encouragement.

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M.: My sister-n-law's had children born with jaundice and they would put the kids sitting in the carseat/carrier in the window. Apparently they need the sun/light to reduce the yellowness...lacking vitamin D or E (can't remember). They said this helped speed up the recovery of the kids.

Good luck,

My son had the same thing they told me to keep him close to a window or at lest were there was a lot of sun light as much as posible, my was over it with in 2 or 3 weeks,he is 17yrs old and is fine just keep youer head up it will be over befor you know it and he to will be fine.

The same thing happened to my girl. We had to go back to the doctor the day after she was born cause she wouldn't eat. She was actually put in the hospital for 3 days. It was really painless. They do have a sugar water that they can put on their pacies that will help with the pain. It's like a tylenol for newborns. Works wonders. She was admitted at the St. Vincents in Carmel. The ped there was abosolutely amazing. If they catch it in time, it's easy to take care of. And they don't always have to be admitted in the hospital to take care of it. Hope this helps.

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My daughter was jaundice as well. She was our first child and I had not a clue what to do. We had to go back to the hospital every other day to have her foot poked and blood drawn, I was an emotional wreck, I think I cryed more than she did. We were told to lay her by a window at home and let the sunlight shine on her for ten minutes at a time about 10 times a day. The sunlight rays have the same effect and the lights at the hospital. Also, the more fluids you can filter through their body the faster the jaundice will clear up. I supplementated with formula for a few days and she ate much more and the jaundice went away. Those first few days, a new Mom just does not produce enough milk for some babies and if that is what they need to get better that is what I felt I needed to do. I went on to nurse my daughter until she was one years old so she was fine having a little formula And I relaxed more cause she wasn't yellow anymore.

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Hi M.-Natural sunlight will help. Even if you can just stand with him by the window when the sun is shining (if the sun is shining...)it should help

This is pretty common. Both my kids had jaundice when they were born... my son was worse... put your baby under sunlight... especially morning sunlight is the best... my son was also a winter baby.. I would turn up the heat and/or put a space heater nearby so he wouldn't be so cold and take off as all his clothes and let him be in the sunlight for a while. Both my kids usually fell asleep right there on the floor on the blanket that I lay them on...
Good luck. I know it seems scary but he will be alright.


Hello M.,, First of all Congrats on your new son!! But regarding the jaundice it normally is a harmless thing. It goes away faster when the baby is exposed to uv rays, frequent feeding... If you can lay him as naked as possible( diaper only or naked in a warm room) in the sun coming in the window. It is going to be sunny today so that helps. All three of my kids had it and also a grandson. They keep a close eye on it because it can cause problems. I think my daughter's ped said that the bilirubin #'s were ok til they went over 15?? Good Luck and give that baby a hug!

Hi M. my daughter had jaundice too except my sitution was different. She was a preemie so she was already in the hospital so she was treated with the "bili lights" right away. What i had over heard while in the nicu is that breast fed babies that have jaundice should be fed formaula for a couple of days. I dont know the reasoning for this. Good luck

When our daughter was first born, she developed jandice.
The doctor suggested that we put her under a billi-blanket for a few nights, which I think was harder on me than her (could have been hormones)and it cleared up within a few days.
The other thing was that we had to wake her up for feedings every three hours so that she could flush out the rest out of her system.

My son ended up with jandice too after he was born (it started on day 3 also). The main thing is to make sure he is eating enough. When he eats he will push out all the black tar-like stool (can't think of the name right now) which is in his system for being in utero.
My suggestion would be to feed him on demand (not every X number of hours) or try to get him to eat a little every hour. You want him to eat in order for his digestive tract to keep moving.
In my experience, I was nursing my son and he was not getting enough to eat. Because of this, his biliruben levels went up and he had to first be wraped in a biliblanket, then he had to stay over night at then hospital under the bililights in and incubator. I ended up having to supplement formula until my milk came in so my son could get more to eat.
Everything will turn out fine. Just make sure to follow the advice of your doctor. If your son does need to stay overnight under teh bililights, it will probably be upsetting for you but it will help him and his health. By the way, my son is now a healthy 2.5 year old!

I take a girl with jaundice, each month I’ll send some money for medical expenses, I did not know what that looked like jaundice was in a web page and a known resulted commented me and a Adamo'sgirl and every month we send photos.


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