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1 Month Old Won't Poop...

It has been 3 days since my 1 month old had a bowel movement. I took her to the doc and they gave her a supository in which she exploded mustard everwhere. Sorry for the detials but those with newborns know what I am talking about. :) He said if she isnt regular after that to give her Gerber prune/apple juice which I was a little concerned about, but she just took 2 ounces of that....now I am waiting to see what happens. Has anyone experienced this before?

I was also wondering if anyone knew anything about the Enfamil nursette bottles. They are fabulous, BUT it says that the nipples are not reusable but it is the only one my baby will take to. Does anyone know why they are not reusable?

What can I do next?

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dark karo syrup. Put some in the bottle if formula feeding. If breat feeding... you eat some prunes!

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Are you giving your child breast milk or formula? If breast milk you should try drinking more water or you could be eating something that doesn't agree with her. If you are doing formula try giving her more water or mixing 1 part water with 3 parts prune juice. My daughter had the same problems when I stoped breast feeding and I found that the prune juice worked if she was already constipated and the water helped to keep her from getting that way.

Good luck

If the massage and other stuff doesn't work 'First Cleanse' will. I took it and it helped the baby go too (I breastfeed). It has all natural herbs in it.

Hi C.,

I had the same problem w/my little boy. He's now 6 mos. There were several things I would do. First I would do gentle little bicycle movements with his legs while he was lying down. This would put create movement in his intestines. Then, I would massage his belly with oil. (I just used olive oil, it's actually really good for their skin) I would start from his right,my left if im in front of him, to his left side of his belly. This worked wonders! Sometimes gas would come out! Another option is a little bit of chamomille tea. Just about a teaspoon. These are all natural remedies that work and cause no harm. Finally the last thing I did, which is the best thing that I swear works, is taking him or her to the chiropractor. I took my boy, at 2 mos old, for 3 visits, and he exploded with major mustard bombs for 3 days straight! Chiropractor is safe and even adjusts the baby! I was surprised that his neck wasn't alligned. Chiropractor said most baby's aren't...

I wouldn't stress too much about it. Here is a link to read about this subject: http://www.google.com/search?q=how+often+do+infants+poop&...

Personally I really don't think a suppository or juice is needed and would question why they did that. But I"m not a doctor. After reading the articles on the link I provided, I'm sure you will not feel as stressed about it. What you are experiencing with your daughter not pooping for 3 days is not uncommon.

Regarding the Enfamil nursette bottle nipples... well, I have re-used it with no problem for a couple of times when I had to supplement my baby with formula a few times. Or, my doctor has given me extra nipples. Ask your Pediatrician. They probably have them.... they get them from the Pharmaceutical reps for free. However, at a certain point, your daughter will "outgrow" these nursette bottles... and then you will inevitably need to find another type of bottle/nipple. So think about that... don't become too dependent on these nursette bottle nipples. It's only useful in the beginning. Since your infant is still so young... you can probably make the transition to another one more easily. For me, I love the "MAM" brand bottles/nipples.... AND it does not contain the poisonous harmful plastic BPA's like other baby bottles. You can find it on Amazon.com. Here is the link:

Remember, your little one is only 1 month old....make sure her intake/feeding is adequate, in proportion to the number of wet/soiled diapers she is making everyday. 6-10 wet diapers per day is the guideline at this age. Pooping frequency can vary. http://www.babycenter.com/0_how-to-tell-how-much-formula-...

Good luck and take care,

hello, I have a 2 year old son and when he was little I had the same problem. I don't know if your child is breast fed or formula fed but my son had trouble pooping because I was not scooping the formula right. It says one unpacked level scoop and I wasn't making it level. It was too much formula for the amount of water and it was making him constipated, after I started scooping it right he had no problems after that. Hope this helps and good luck!

dark karo syrup. Put some in the bottle if formula feeding. If breat feeding... you eat some prunes!

Is she breast fed? This is very common in breast-fed babies. My daughter poops every 2-3 days and she never feels uncomfortable. Her doctor says some will go up to 10 days. I wouldn't worry. If I am going somewhere and I know she's due to poop and I don't want an explosion that will leak everywhere, I put a lubricated (vaseline) thermometer in her rectum which stimulates her bowels and she'll poop. I've only done this a couple of times. The nurse recommended this idea and it worked. But she said don't make a habit of it. The other thing that helps her if I think she wants to poop but is having trouble is to hold her feet so her legs are bent up against her tummy and push her feet up gently. I do this with her back against my tummy in an upright position, either sitting or standing. Then put her legs down and massage her tummy GENTLY. Alternate these two positions a few times. If she doesn't poop, then don't stress and just wait.

My cousin had the same problem with her son who wouldn't poop. Her problem was the iron in the formula.

Hi C.,

I had that problem with both of my children. I ended up having to switch their formulas to Isomil. The regular formula had too much iron in it and was making them constipated. You could try the soy formula (Isomil), which smells worse than regular formula when they spit up!! Hope this helps!! Good luck!

I can't remember exactly how old my daughter was but there were times as a little baby she didn't poop for about 6 days. The lactation consultant told me that was perfectly normal for a nursed baby.

She explained to me that if she's just not going, then she's most likely using all the calories to grow. However if she's struggling and uncomfortable, then that is constipation. But, she also said that things like apple juice are not good because they are straight sugar!

This is very common and both my kids had trouble pooping and eventually grew out of it. I would wait two days & if no poop happened, I would give 1/2 a suppository and after 30-45 min. they would poop. I was in this routine with them for about 2-3 months before they got in the habit of doing it on their own. Since your baby is only 1 month old, water down the prune juice to avoid her having stomach cramping.

I don't know about the Enfamil bottles - sorry.


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