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1 month old constipation: Frequency of poop or stool

any ideas on how to treat a one month old baby, breastfeeding has not done #2 in the last 28 hours, she appears to be constipated, how do you treat it.

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thank you all so very much for your advice, I read them to my daughter and she is much happier about the situation. At last the baby girl pooped and boy did she poop. Thank you all so very much. All you responses have been so valuable, I read them to my daughter.

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I wouldn't worry about it...my second didn't go for 4 days, I took her in and the dr said not to worry breastfed babies have little waste so it's not unusual for them not to go for several days at a time. Give it a few more days.

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My son, who was also breastfeed, would go days with out going #2. From what I have heard it is fine for a breastfeed baby to go as long as a week with out going poop (my son went 6 days when he was 9 weeks old). As far as constipation goes, when your baby does "go" is it soft or hard (gross I know)? If it is soft then I wouldn't say the baby was constipated. If you are still worried you can try suppositories (spelling?). But I really wouldn't worry- but I know how nerve wracking it can be. Thank God my 2nd child was a super-duper pooper!!!

I've been worried about this before too...but my ped said that it's normal for a breastfed baby to go for up to 5 days without moving his bowels. Remember that his system is still new and it will take some time to work the kinks out. Just be patient it will pass.. but look out when it does!!!!! Egads!

I wouldn't worry about it...my second didn't go for 4 days, I took her in and the dr said not to worry breastfed babies have little waste so it's not unusual for them not to go for several days at a time. Give it a few more days.

Hi J.,

It's not uncommon for a breastfed baby to not go #2 for days. I remember my son not going for 6 days and thinking the same thing. Breast milk is easily digested. If she does seem constipated try rubbing her belly while she is laying down. All of the intestines are on the left side of her body (as we look at them, our right). Apply a little pressure while stroking her belly in a downward motion. It usually does the trick. I hope that helps and she poops in no time!! :D

I'm a lactation educator with A Mother's Haven in Encino and a breastfeeding mom. First, the other posts are right. It is normal for a breastfeed baby to have a bowel movement every 1-5 days. I wouldn't worry at this point unless your baby has firm, dry, pebbly poop, cries during a bowel movement, bleeding from the anus, a reduced appetite or stomach pain. Without knowing more details like how old is your baby, is your baby solely breastfeed or have solids or formula been introduced it's hard to say exactly what you need to do or not do to help. Just know that it is normal for your little one's bowel habits to change around 2 to 6 weeks old. The frequency usually decreases (more obvious in breastfed babies) and they start to "strain". Most babies become more irritable around this age too so it's normal to think there's a link, but most of the time there isn't.

Just remember that the consistency of the poop is more important than the frequency. If you need more help you can reach me through A Mother's Haven at ###-###-####. Good luck!!!

When my baby got constipated I went to the store and got some fiber cookies. It helped me and helped her go. It worked within 12hrs. She also had not gone for two days.

J. - sounds like your granddaughter is VERY HEALTHY!! I have a 4 mo old and she only goes every 4 or 5 days. If her poo is soft and runny (mustard like) then it's fine. It just means that her little body is really efficient at using all of the nutrients in the breastmilk. If you're still concerned about it you can get some reassurance from your granddaughter's pediatrician. But like I said, it sounds like she's really healthy!!

Hi J.,
Breastfed babies often don't poop every day because most of the nutrients are absorbed leaving little waste. You might see stool in the diaper every 1 - 4 days. When the weather is especially hot, you might consider giving a 1 oz feeding of water a day, but make sure baby is nursing well for regular feedings. If it's been more than a couple to three days between poops, there are a couple of things you can try. One thing you can do is put a little pressure on the baby's anus. I'm sure you've noticed that when you wipe over the anus it loosens and tightens. This is called "the wink reflex" and is normal. Take a rectal thermometer with a bit of vasoline on the tip and just insert the tip into baby's rectum. This uses normal body reflexes and is usually enough stimulation for your baby to push a little "gift" out for your. Another thing you can try is used in hospitals is a glycerin chip. You can buy glycerin suppositories (They only come in adult size) at the drug store. Open one of the suppositories and pinch just a little "chip" off of it. Just the amount you can take off with a fingernail (Don't forget to wash your hands before and after handling the suppositories and diapering your baby). Insert the chip into the baby's rectum. It needs to get up there a little way, about 1/2" but no more. It works on the same principle as the thermometer method and the glycerin provides a little softening to the stool. But babies, especially breastfed ones, don't usually have hard stool.

Hope this helps.

dark karo syrup. Put a shot of that an expressed breast mild bottle and it works like a charm... plus it's not hard on a new babies stomache and doesn't give the runs... just a soft bowl movement. WORKS GREAT!!! Plus, make sure YOU are hydrated... because if your not, this could constipate your baby. No caffeine...

my son is almost 14 weeks and also suffers from constipation. his pediatrition has recommended that I give him 2 ounces of water or apple juice/day. this seems to be working.

Generally, all babies including breast fed babies go through a transition around 4-6 weeks where their body starts making them actually push to have a bowel movement. So they will start to have less frequent bowel movements and they may start to get a little thicker. Your baby may get upset when pooping because he or she doesn't like to push and it's something new. I asked this very same questions and that was the response I got from a nurse at my pediatrician's office.

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