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1-Year Shots

I'm taking my 1-year-old daughter into the pediatrician today for her 1-year well visit. She's scheduled to have shots--I forgot to ask which ones--and I'm having the usual hesitation about vaccinations. Do any of you have thoughts about shots? Are there any alternatives? Whenever I've tried doing research online I've found there are so many messages out there and it's hard to sort through and know which ones are trustworthy. Any advice?

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My 1 year old just had his vaccines a few weeks ago. He received the prevnar and hep A vaccines. My doctor said at 15 months he's due for the chicken pox vaccine and the MMR vaccine. The MMR is the one that causes the most concern for me, since it's the one in the news that people associate with autism. I expressed my concern to his doctor, and she said she had no problem delaying his MMR vaccine until he was two years old if I would feel better to do that. From what I've read, sometimes delaying the vaccines is suggested, so that's what we're planning to do. Hope this helps.


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I have 4 daughters and would like to say I had my 2 oldest vaccinated and my 2 youngest only had baby shots because I didnt know anybetter.I went to a class on vaccinations and decided not to get any more.It is a personal choice that you should read up on.As for the people who said its mandatory for school there are waivers for that...as for those who say discus it with your doctor be careful of that also.Most doctors are for it and will pressure you to do it because that is what they are paid to do.

mostly everything you do or don't do in life can cause something bad to happen. even on tylenol there are warnings. anytime you have even the most routine things done, it may end up disasterous. but thankfully i fully vaccinated both my kids 4 and 5 and have had no problems. i read all the responses here and most of the educated responses say the same thing....do what you feel is best and take full responsibility for your actions.....do as much research as possible to make your own educated decision. the whole thing is really scary and the more you read the more horrible things you find out about shots and vaccinations. no we didn't need so many when we were younger, but the average life span of a person was much younger than it is now. people are living longer and staying healthier now a days. good luck

I had doubts to but I talked with my doctor and she said that the shots are better than getting what they protect you from. It causes a little pain at the time but soon after you pick up the little one they soon forget and are ok. I was also told that you can give them some pain reliever right before the appointment to ease any pain and discomfort after the shots. Good luck at the pediatrician today.

Hello, Please check out this website it will give you the best info on shots. Generationrescue.com You are right to have hesitations, and please know that it is not the "law" that you have to have your children vaccinated!


There is an alternative schedule out there for immunizations. Look on the web for it. I was startled to find out via Jenny McCarthy on Larry King last week that in 1983 children only received 10 immunizations that is it....now there are 26. What is up with that? Which one are unnecesary and only give the drug companies a profit? Your pediatrician will try to tell you that there are no real findings that immunizations are harmful...but there was just a lawsuit settled where a little girl had her MMR immunization and got really sick and is now autistic. They called it vaccine injury and her parents won. Unfortunately, both of my boys have had all of there immunizations thus far(ages 21/2 & 5). I feel guilty that I did not question it more. If I had another baby, I would have them tested for immunity problems before they would get any vaccines and then I would use the alternate vaccine schedule and only do what I feel is necessary. Go with your gut instinct. You can always change your mind and do any immunizations later but once they have them...they have them. Also, make sure if you do have her get them...she is not sick at the time. If she is wait....

In response to J G's post...all kids with autism DO NOT have a genetic link....that is incorrect. There would not be the controversy that there now is if that was the case. It is a behavior-based diagnosis I believe many with no genetic disposition. And just to clarify, all I was saying about the girl who won her case was that she was diagnosed with VACCINE INJURY which did lead to Austistic behavior. It is better to listen to the parents from Austism Speaks(there is a website for this group) who this has happened to. The health care "Professionals" do not have an answer for why there is such a dramatic rise in Autism Spectrum Disorders. SCARY

I would get the shots done. I think they get 1-2 shots. I think my son got 2 shots. They help prevent so many things. If they werent needed I dont think the drs would give them. We received them when we were little and we turned out fine. Sometimes you cant always believe what you read. you have to go with your gut feeling. If the shots were harmful then the FDA would have stopped them from coming out. Good luck! Keep getting them done. From now on its just once a year tehy get shots.

If you are unsure, do not hesitate to delay until your next visit. It is much better to make an informed decision, than to be pressured into doing it and not having all the facts. The Vaccine Book -- by Robert Sears -- is a good resource. And by the way, the point about the autistic girl having a pre-existing condition made below -- it is my understanding that all kids with autism have a genetic disposition; however, there are environmental triggers that bring it on (one theory is vaccinations).

for me it has nothing to do with the reaction at the time of of getting a little prick in the office. It is the bigger picture. I have researched extensively. Between research & my childrens previous reations (along with my own & the death of my brother) I have decided against anymore.

I frequently read the CDCs Pink Book on the dieases & frankly not much of it scares me......not enough to potentially inflict another brain surgery on my daughter anyway.


My kids all just got over the chicken pox a week ago (I searched it out). I am happy they all have natural immunity now & it was NO big deal.

There is so much more to it than what your ped tells you ....which is, 'they are perfectly safe'.

If your instinct is telling you not to do it...go with your gut. But I know I am the minority. You have to do what is best for your child & your family.

D.~ SAHM to b/g twins (5y/o) & a 2.5 y/o little girl

Do your research and make an informed decision, even if this means delaying the next set of shots. Several responders have mentioned the Dr. Sears "Vaccine Book" - this book is fantastic! I use the alternative schedule included in this book and talked to my doctor about it while I was still pregnant. Although she thinks my Autism/vaccine concerns are over the top she is supporting my request to vaccinate via the schedule recommended in the book (which is essentially the same as the American Academy of Peds, but spread out more so that your child doesn't get 7+ vaccines injected at one time) - I've found this approach to be a good "happy medium" instead of not vaccinating at all. Kudos to you for asking questions and making good decisions for your child - I believe the vaccine topic is only going to escalate over time as more of these new child "diseases" continue to crop up (Autism seems to be the new ADHD).

Chicken Pox is now required for Kindergarden. I would have him/her recieve them now vs. then. I always gave my duaghter tylonal 1 hr prior so that she would not be in so much pain.

C. R

You need to be very pro-active if you are thinking of not immunizing your child. Most parents who are not into immunization criticize other parents who do choose to immunize their children as being "brainwashed" by the medical community, and accepting any old thing the doctors say.
So with that mind set, those who do not immunize need to walk their talk and if you choose not to listen to the medical community, or if to challenge their conclusions (and questioning authority I believe is always healthy) then you need to do the research and know why you are choosing not to and what the consequences may be, and what lifestyle you want to practice without the intervention of medicine.

One of the reasons why unimmunized children do not contract some of these diseases anyway (thus rendering the shot null for that child) is because all the other children around him/her have been immunized. There's a term for that I can't remember, like environmental immunity. But my point, to say that the child won't get something is in reality relying other children inthe world to take the shot for you! And that's the medical community at work for you. (and not proof, as some believe, that the medical community is wrong.)

If we all wiped out immunizations, those diseases would come back. So shots do have a place in social environment.

I am not trying to be pro-shots, I just want to raise the awareness to what your personal responsibilities are in this society. There was a daycare in California for non-immunized kids (because you need shots to go to public school) and an outbreak of pertussin took out half the school, because there wasn't a circle of others to protect them. I believe if the parents are going to not immunize, can you really isolate your kid thru life, ? So what are you going to do to help them fight disease naturally? That's the question and job you will be expected to undertake.

I just want people to be aware of all the issues with this. Research is super enilightening, and you need to judge this with a fair mind. Too often people choose not to becuase they are afraid of statistics and an improbable coming true (unlikely,) or they are afraid of hurting their child, but then they fail to take on the crusade of teaching their child how to fight disease, or teach the world for that matter on how to fight disease. They only think about their child only. An unimmunized child can host bacteria too and infect others around them. So this is a quesiton where you need to look at a very very big picture.

Good luck, keep reading and learning!

(in response to Mary's post above: the parents did win in that case, but in light of the full case, the child also had a pre-existing medical condition that the vaccine triggered and resulted in autism-like symptoms. It wasn't concluded that the vaccine caused autism, but that it was involved in exasperating a genetic disposition the child had already, that the parents didn't know about prior to the vaccine. Just wanted o clarify bcause too often people are saying the vaccine causes autism in a direct one-to-one relationship and that simply isn't the case here.)

I would say talk to your doctor and try to explain your reservations. Maybe they can put your mind at ease. I was also nervous at the one year shots. I ended up waiting on the MMR. She ended up getting the chicken pox and the last of another one...so only 2.
Follow your instincts, you are the boss!

My 1 year old just had his vaccines a few weeks ago. He received the prevnar and hep A vaccines. My doctor said at 15 months he's due for the chicken pox vaccine and the MMR vaccine. The MMR is the one that causes the most concern for me, since it's the one in the news that people associate with autism. I expressed my concern to his doctor, and she said she had no problem delaying his MMR vaccine until he was two years old if I would feel better to do that. From what I've read, sometimes delaying the vaccines is suggested, so that's what we're planning to do. Hope this helps.


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