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Am I spoiling my baby?

A. F. asks from New Holland

My son is now almost 6 months and unless I am constantly entertaining him, he kind of throws little tantrums... i.e. - crying, arching his back, long intense grunts, etc. Am I spoiling him by constantly pandering to him. Everything I've read said u cannot spoil a baby, ...

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12 year old son has a long, tight foreskin

C. M. asks from New York

Hi everyone! I'm a long time Mamapedia user but I made a new account specifically for this question (because it's very personal and I don't want it linked to my real name). So, today I took my son to the pediatrician for his yearly check-up today (his birthday was last...

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I'm Flying

It’s that uneasy feeling in my core that momentarily makes me shudder. I try not to sit over the wing, but this time I must have gotten too close. It’s grey outside LAX – an uncommonly rainy day in southern California, to be sure…. More