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In need of moving advice

S. S. asks from Binghamton

I am hoping to move out of state with my currently 7 years old son. It won't happen for another year to year and a half. The thing is I have no idea how to approach the subject with my ex. His current visitation is every other weekend Saturday to Sunday. I'd be willing t...

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Big Sister Present

G. . asks from Springfield

Some very good friends of ours just had a baby, and they have almost 10 year old twins (girls). We'd like to get the older girls a present when we visit. My parents always encouraged this, as they said the older siblings often feel left out when there's a new baby. D...

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Red pimples/bumps on Babys legs?

E. S. asks from Edison

Last week I noticed my 8 mo old son developed 5 little red pimple type bumps on his upper thigh. They resemble bug bites but not from a mosquito. He also has 1 on the other leg too. They don't seem to bother or itch him at all. I applied some hydrocortisone but theyre not...

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16th birthday gift???????

s. S. asks from New York

Help. son is turning 16..and since you can't drive until your 16 and 6 months..a car is not going to happen(he is a little upset about that). So the question is what is a goodd way to spend a 16th birthday?..or a gift, etc We have a family dinner planned ...

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