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Need to sort online photos!!

E. B. asks from Sour Lake

Let me start by saying I am "challenged" when it comes to computers. I can do the very basics but over the years, I have "saved" countless photos in various folders, just happy that somehow, somewhere, they were "saved". I am ready to sort/delete etc. I am interested i...

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schools chain of command

T. D. asks from Springfield

as many of you will remember i asked about dropoff procedures... and this goes along with that. many parents are angry about the unsafe dropoff procedure. and we have talked to the principal about it over the phone, via e-mails and in person. he fails to see the dangers ...

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where can l turn, having a breakdown

g. r. asks from West Palm Beach

hi everyone,well things did not turn out well by my moving my 14 year old to a different school,some of you were right the problem is my son not the school. he went down pretty fast has been at the new school for 6 weeks has had 2 detentions and he's grades went down comp...

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My 8 year won't sleep through the night

M. D. asks from Romeoville

My son has always slept through the night and been a good sleeper. The last 2 months have been the worst. It takes him a while to fall asleep and then he wakes up 2 or 3 times a night for an hour. If he sleeps in my bed then he is fine but I do not want him in my bed. He ...

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JFF: Is this our 'moderator Jillian'?

E. J. asks from Mokena

There is an article at the top of my screen called "Flynn's Birth Story" by a woman named Jillian who just gave birth. Kind of ironic that one of our moderators is named Jillian and just went on maternity leave. If this is she, I just want to say Congratulations and I'm...

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Tips for Getting Sleep With a New Baby

by Kathryn Walsh of "Mamapedia"

You used to daydream about winning the lottery. Now, you fantasize about getting six hours of uninterrupted sleep. Welcome to parenthood! Life with a new baby is exhilarating and exhausting, but stumbling around like a bleary-eyed zombie doesn’t have to become your new normal. We checked in with Adriana Lozada, a postpartum educator and child sleep consultant who runs Birthful in Rochester, NY, about how your newly expanded family can catch some z’s…. More


Flynn’s Birth Story

Well, it’s official. I’m a mom. I don’t think I ever realized how proud I would be to say that until having this baby. Flynn Stuart was born on Tuesday, November 22 at 12:32pm via a planned C-section (due to velamentous cord insertion). He weighed 7lbs 10oz and was 19 ¼ in long. We are very happy to report that he is very healthy and, in our humble opinion, absolutely perfect (hey, I know we’re biased)…. More


GoPro for teen?

N. R. asks from Chicago

My 13 yo has asked for a GoPro for Christmas. It sounds like a cool thing but I'm not sure it will really get used much and be worth the cost. Would love feedback - do any of your kids have one and do they continue to love it/use it? And if so - do you have a model you re...

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Help me handle this with better grace.

B. P. asks from Chicago

Our son has a learning disability. I had advocated a specialized LD high school for at least a year to help him build strategies for learning. DH and our son's psychologist advocated a mainstream school with a resource room. Now, 6 weeks into the school year, our son i...

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