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Spotting during ovulation?

L. C. asks from San Clemente

2 months ago I had brown discharge during ovulation and some pretty good cramping. Now it's happening again, this time the spotting is brown with a little fresh looking blood too. Nothing to warrant putting a tampon in or even a panty liner, it's just when I wipe. I read ...

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Children's Zyrtec- major side effects????

J. C. asks from Glen Rock

My 2 yo son was having bad allergies last week and his pediatrician suggested Zyrtec. He's been taking it for 4 days. We noticed yesterday that his behavior was totally out of character. Super clingy, screaming, not drinking or eating as much, waking every hour crying,...

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7 year old boy's long term behavior issues

G. S. asks from New York

For a few years now (maybe ~2 years) our 7 year old boy (almost 8) has been consistently misbehaving. It is just exponentially irritating and I think would be less irritating to someone that does not deal with it day in and day out. Yet my family and friends do say he i...

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Deliver Me From Prom Queen Purgatory

Twenty some years later, and I still have trouble getting the words out of my mouth…

I was the prom queen.

Not that a lot of people are asking these days, but you know what I mean. Actually, there’s even more to the story, because at my school, the prom queen was also designated as the high school representative in a state-wide beauty pageant. And guess what…… More


Do you wish your parents were more strict?

M. C. asks from Hoboken

Yesterday I was thinking about my parents and education, mostly they did a very good job. Until I was a young adult I thought they were too much strict and I didn't like it. Then I spent years correcting some bad attitude and now I really appreciate their discipline, even...

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