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little people and weebles toys

T. D. asks from Springfield

would you hold on and keep storing toys like little people and weebles or just pass them along to the next user? my kids will pull them out play with them for an hour then forget about them for another several months. (they are bad a picking up toys too which makes me wan...

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17 week old Nap Routine

a. h. asks from Livermore

What should his schedule look like? I hear of some people saying that their baby takes two naps for 2 hrs long. My baby definately does not do this. He barely naps for 30 mins. Occassionally he will nap for 45- 50 mins but very rare is it close to 2 hours. (I think he too...

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is this a potential credit problem?

E. B. asks from Aiea

Or am I just over-reacting? My daughter received one of those "you're pre-approved" letters from Capital One bank. Inside there is a personal reservation number and access code, with a website to go to, to apply online. Apparently you type in your reservation number ...

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Is it Strange That I'm This In Love With My Child?

by Joy Page Manuel of "Catharsis"

I am severely obsessed with my child.

There, I’ve put it out in the open and I admit that I’m quite on the defensive. As someone who’s active in the blogging and online world, I’m keenly aware of the fact that it’s far more popular to complain about one’s children, write about how difficult it is to raise these young creatures and celebrate the hours they spend away from us. Believe me, I understand all that. I have written a few of those too and don’t judge any parent who misses those carefree childless days…. More