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How do you feel about transgender people?

J. J. asks from Seattle

So there is a chance i might be a transgender women.. I thought about it a lot and realized one of the reasons why I might be like not happy with my life is because I'm not that comfortable with my current gender like i don't meet the expectations of being male what so ev...

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JFF: Funny Mom Hacks

H. W. asks from Portland

Kiddo is a monkey in our cherry tree. Coming down from picking, he scraped his stomach and so he wanted band-aids, which wouldn't work anyway. Plus, he needed a shower...but he was worried that the scrape would hurt in the water. After deciding he didn't want to put the s...

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Do you wish your parents were more strict?

M. C. asks from Hoboken

Yesterday I was thinking about my parents and education, mostly they did a very good job. Until I was a young adult I thought they were too much strict and I didn't like it. Then I spent years correcting some bad attitude and now I really appreciate their discipline, even...

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