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Do my feelings make me an "evil" stepmom?

C. A. asks from Rock Springs

A little bit of background, I've been a stepmom for close to 3 years now, to two fantastic boys ages 7 and 11. I have greatly enjoyed being a stepmom to them. I never planned on having any of my own, but at 42, we both got a HUGE surprise when I got pregnant naturally. ...

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Red pimples/bumps on Babys legs?

E. S. asks from Edison

Last week I noticed my 8 mo old son developed 5 little red pimple type bumps on his upper thigh. They resemble bug bites but not from a mosquito. He also has 1 on the other leg too. They don't seem to bother or itch him at all. I applied some hydrocortisone but theyre not...

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7 Tips for Traveling with Other Families

My family had the opportunity to spend Father’s Day weekend in Suncadia in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Washington with two families with whom we are very close. There were 4 kids ages 2.5 and under and it was the first time we all traveled together. In fact, it was the first time we’d stayed in a house with other babies/toddlers on a vacation and we learned a lot.


16th birthday gift???????

s. S. asks from New York

Help. son is turning 16..and since you can't drive until your 16 and 6 months..a car is not going to happen(he is a little upset about that). So the question is what is a goodd way to spend a 16th birthday?..or a gift, etc We have a family dinner planned ...

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